Office Decor Ideas for Your Workspace: From Drab to Fab

Office open shelf

Imagine waking up and getting ready for the office excitedly and without any Monday blues that last all week. Some people might feel that this feeling is almost impossible because a typical office can look like a place with just white walls. These services are mundane things you must see daily that no longer spark joy or creativity. 

This feeling can become a thing of the past with the right decor, which can be done with a few simple upgrades. Since an office is a person’s second home where they spend almost 8 to 9 hours daily, it should resonate with productivity, good vibes, and happiness to work. Let’s explore creative office decor ideas to create a haven for productivity and learning. 

Go Green With Desk Plants

Office desk plants
Desk Plants for Office

When you think about plants, a sense of calm washes over the mind, and you are reminded of freshness, purity, and nature. Many studies have shown that office plants can be a way of reducing stress and improving air quality. This improves the focus, and productivity rises and significantly increases. 

Picture Perfect Picture Frames

picture frames
Office Picture Frames

Picture frames on the office desk can create a personalization that can make the employee feel at home. Besides this, picture frames also help in adding color to the desk. This is one of the best office decor ideas to create a colorful atmosphere around. You can even use photo frames in office decor since they can create a more welcoming look. 

You can hang pictures of fun events or festivities that were celebrated by you and your team. This can make the office environment more of a work family. Motivational quotes in a photo frame can also be very inspiring. 

Declutter With Desk Organizers

Circle desk organizerSource: Studio Indigene
Desk Organizers

A clustered space paves the way to a cluttered mind, so piling up layers and layers of stationery, gadgets, and files will only add to more stress and less useful work. Desk organizers are a stylish way to organize all the important items you require daily. 

Each day, take 10 minutes after work to sit down at your desk and sort everything out in their respective place and discard items that are not in use. The following day you will have a refreshed desk and refreshed mind. 

Beautify The Office With Wall Art

Office Wall Art
Office Wall Art

Wall art is a beautiful addition to the office that can instantly upgrade any bland wall. This will make the whole look and decor of the office form a collected and connected space. 

Wall art can provide visual stimulation that can break the monotony of any mundane space. Among the creative office decor ideas, wall art can disclose a lot about the company’s aesthetics and creative side which can resonate well with clients and visitors. 

Light It Up With Desk Lamps

desk lampSource: Logam
Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are great office decoratives that are very functional and user-friendly. Desk lamps are task lights that direct all the light in one particular area. This helps create more illumination, can help reduce eye strain, and even improves visibility. 

This, in turn, helps create a better workflow and a high level of productivity. The best part is that most desk lamps have adjustable brightness that helps cater to the employees’ personal lighting needs. Desk lamps also save a lot of space due to their compact design. 

Aesthetically Pleasing Sculptures

Decorative Sculptures
Decorative Sculptures

Sculptures are especially useful for creating visual interest in the office. They can make the workspace more unique, fun, and creative. This fosters more team creativity and promotes a positive work environment. 

Sculptures can also be used to promote the company’s ethos, values, and culture, which can resonate with the employees. The added detailing of the sculpture can capture the eye of the client or visitor, which can create a positive impression of the company. 

Be Right On Track With Wall Clock

wall clock for officeSource: Beyond Object
Wall Clock for Office

A wall clock can be aptly described as practical, stylish, and functional. Wall clocks are aesthetically pleasing and keep the person on track with their schedule, work management, and other commitments. 

A large wall clock in the reception will ensure that all the team comes to the office on time. Even small desk clocks can show good professionalism and also foster good time management skills. 


There is an immense possibility of having different office decor ideas in everybody’s minds. What matters the most is how you are implementing these office decor ideas to create an aesthetic and creative space. Arcedior has a huge collection of items that will surely transform your ideas into reality. So get on board with us and decorate your office wall with these amazing ideas. Click here to get a sneak peek of decor items. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my office look more professional?

There are tons of office decor ideas to make your office look more professional by doing the following: 
1. Organization and Decluttering: A professional office setup is always a neat one. You can store loose files in the cabinet and only keep essential items on the desk. This makes everyone in the office more productive and efficient. 
2. Correct Furniture: Using good quality furniture can go a long way in ensuring the office’s professionalism. A correct desk and chair can not only improve posture but also get more tasks accomplished. Make sure no chairs or sofas have holes in them or even cracks. 
3. Good lighting: A dimly lit office doesn’t look professional at all besides being a hindrance in the daily workings. Good lighting, which includes a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting, is essential. 
4. Personal Touch: To make your office more professional, add decorative items like artwork, sculptures, platers, and more. This will make your office look unique and more appealing. 
5. Use of neutral color: Very bright-colored walls and other fixtures can be distracting and not make the office look cohesive.

What are some cost-effective office decoration options?

Here are some cost-effective office decor ideas :
1. Plants: Plants are an inexpensive way of adding lots of greenery and fresh air to the office. You can find many plants suited for indoor use in local nurseries and other such places.
  2. Posters: Posters can be easily printed on good quality paper, which can look excellent when framed and create a nice appeal. 
3. Easy Decoration: You can use your creativity by doing DIYs to create unique and fun office decors that are personalized. 
4. Good storage: To make your space clean and neat, you can use shelves, beautiful baskets, and general organizers. 
Use of color: To add brightness to the office decor, you can opt for colorful stationery, which can be in the same color or a particular color’s shades. 
5. Reusing old items: You can use thrift stores and things already in your home or old office to save money and time. 

How can I incorporate my company’s branding into office decor?

Company branding is a professional way to incorporate a sense of unity and togetherness in the company. You can do this easily by incorporating the following office decor ideas:
1. You can use your company’s colors by buying the same colors for your furniture, soft furnishings, or even wall paint.
2. You can add your company’s logos to mugs, stationery, notebooks, computer wallpaper, and more.
3. At the entrance of your office, you can have a large signboard with your company’s name. 
4. You can also incorporate your company’s logos in the artwork or products placed in the office.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when decorating an office?

Some common mistakes while decorating an office are: 
1. Overcrowding with lots of items can create unnecessary clutter, and the focus can be shifted to those items rather than on work. 
2. Correct lighting, comfortable chairs, and optimal space are the keystones in making an office experience a hundred times better. 
3. Appropriate desk height is also essential; otherwise, this can cause undue strain on the neck and back.
4. Besides electric lighting, sunlight also makes the office space bright and positive. 

How can I create a welcoming reception area for clients and guests?

You can create a warm and welcoming reception area for clients and guests with a few easy steps:
1. Comfortable seating: If the seating in the waiting area is not comfortable, then your clients and guests will leave soon.
2. Inviting decor: Using specially curated decorative items that match the office’s aesthetic can ensure a good welcome.
3. Smiling face: When a guest or client is greeted with a smile at the reception, it leaves a lasting impact.
4. Refreshments: Some refreshments like tea, coffee, water, or green tea, along with something to bite on, like energy bars, dry fruits, and chips, can be a great option.
5. Information: Brochures or flyers about the company can help the client understand the company better while waiting. 
6. Cleanliness: A neat and clean reception is always inviting and creates peaceful surroundings where people can relax. 

image sources

  • Circle Organiser: Studio Indigene
  • Hard-Rock-Table-Lamp: Logam
  • Silo Wall: Beyond Object
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