17 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories That are Truly Unique!

Kitchen Accessories

The perfect kitchen accessories are the ones that add the finishing touches of perfection to your kitchen. Not only do these items add class and beauty to the space, but they also have practical usage. This makes them as efficient as they are charming. 

If you’ve been on the lookout for unique kitchen accessories to add to your space, look no further. We at Arcedior have listed all the best accessories that you need in your kitchen. What’s more, we’ve even added links to some chic options that’ll help you level up your cooking and decor game in no time. Bon appetit! 

Spice Bliss Masala Box 

Masala BoxSource: Nestroots

A masala box is the perfect example of a kitchen accessory that is a must-have. The box will help you stay organized while maintaining aesthetics.

This Modish Masala Box will keep your spices fresh and your decor fresher. 


  • Helps keep your spices organized
  • Made with stainless steel to optimize durability

Ultimate Roti Box 

roti boxSource: Mason Home

A roti box will make for another great addition to your kitchen. The accessory will keep your rotis warm and soft till you have to eat them, making it a crucial detail for those with a hectic schedule.

This Vienna Chapati Box is an exquisite choice for your home.


  • Bring a rustic charm
  • Keeps the rotis hot and hygienic 

Grinding Magic Mortar and Pestle 

Mortar and PestleSource: Byora Homes

A mortar and pestle is the way to go if you want to add a retro touch to your kitchen. The Concentric Mortar and Pestle set are ideal for this.

Moreover, the matte marble finish of this piece helps it balance a traditional and modern look. 


  • Helps you stay connected to your roots 
  • Brings out the real flavor of spices 

Dessert Delights Cake Stand 

wooden cake standSource: Objectry

A cake stand is one of the most unique kitchen accessories to add to your home. The Rustic Cone Cake Stand is bound to make your next celebration more elegant and fun! 


  • Ideal as a centerpiece
  • Can be used for multiple purposes

Spoonfuls of Style Cutlery Stand 

Wooden Cutlery HolderSource: Nestroots

A cutlery stand is what you need to make your life easier. Simply add one to your dining table and forget the woes of getting up repeatedly because you forgot a utensil.

The Mini Me Cutlery Holder will hold all your utensils, and it’ll look good doing it. 


  • Stainless steel handle makes it easy to carry
  • Unique gold and brown color combination for aesthetics

Chop, Serve, Delight Chopping Board 

Wooden chopping boardSource: The Table Fable

A chopping board in your kitchen is bound to make you look like a professional, regardless of your actual skills. This Wooden chopping board will make your kitchen classier in a pocket-friendly manner. 


  • Sustainable
  • Can double as a tray 

Jug Journeys

Glass pitcher setSource: The Table Fable

A jug is another addition to your kitchen that will help create a more timeless vibe. The Verdure Jug allows you to showcase the beauty of your beverages, whether it’s a refreshing pitcher of iced tea or a colorful sangria. A great choice for every home. 


  • Timeless design
  • Handmade 

Beyond Ordinary Tray 

wooden traySource: The Table Fable

A tray can be a commonplace item in your household, but if chosen correctly, it can add immense grace to a dining table or kitchen. The Etched Wooden Tray will do exactly this for your home! 


  • Eco-friendly
  • Handmade and hand-painted

Fruit Basket Beauties

black fruit basketSource: Nestroots

A fruit basket is not only pretty to look at, but it’ll also help you stay healthier. Having your assortment of fruits visible instead of hidden in the fridge will help remind you to eat them.

The Classic Wired Black Fruit Basket is an exceptional option for your home. 


  • Made with durable iron
  • Easy to clean 

Chic Tissue Holder


An easily accessible tissue holder on your kitchen platform or dining table helps keep things neat and clean.

The delicate design of the Gleam Tissue Holder makes it ideal for storage and decor purposes! 


  • Electroplated for a glossy finish
  • Coated with food-grade lacquer to ensure hygiene

Revolving Delights Lazy Susan 

wooden lazy susanSource: Houmn

Lazy Susan is an organizational masterpiece for your platform. It’ll help you cook faster and easier!

This Aster lazy susan will keep your kitchen looking classy as it holds your spices and condiments. 


  • Eye-catching
  • Handmade 

Coasters Charm

tea coastersSource: Koyo Studios

Coasters are not only charming by themselves, but they also help protect your other decor from scratches and spills. These Perola Coasters will liven up your kitchen and infuse it with positive energy. 


  • Luxurious
  • Handcrafted

Napkin Rings Enchantment 

napkin rings

Napkin rings are the easiest way to infuse your next dinner party with a touch of class and elegance.

These Natural Napkin Rings combined the power of agate and the grace of brass for a timeless look. 


  • Made with brass for durability
  • Feature a polished finish 

Seasoning Statements Salt and Pepper Shakers 

Salt and pepper shaker

Salt and pepper shakers are another way to add luxury to your dining table. The Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Shaker set is an exceptional choice for your home. 


  • Shaped like a pomegranate
  • Finished with gleaming gold 

Cloche Charms Revealed

glass clocheSource: Anantaya

A cloche is an underrated kitchen accessory. Not only does it help you improve your plating game, but it will also protect your food from unwanted germs and bacteria. This elegant Glass Cloche does the job perfectly. 


  • Hand-blown glass 
  • Clear finish for an elegant look

Platter Panache Unleashed

Serving platterSource: Byora Homes

A platter is another way to refine your plating game. Whether you use it to serve starters or plate it up like a cheeseboard, a platter will never go unused.

The Oblique Platter is ideal for both lazy Sunday afternoons and a busy evening party! 


  • Food-safe
  • Easy to clean

Artful Oil Dispenser 

oil dispenserSource: Rustic Horse

An oil dispenser is a good idea for multiple reasons, including the fact that it makes measuring oil easier when cooking in a rush.

This Maya Decanter will help you become a better cook and will also help elevate your decor. 


  • Customizable upon request
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe


At the end of the day, there are a lot of accessories you can add to your kitchen. Each of these items will add more value to your kitchen and help it become a space that speaks to you. The priority for your kitchen should always be optimizing the place so that you enjoy working there while keeping it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We hope our blog helped you find some unique pieces to add to your home!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What 3 things should every kitchen have?

While there are a lot of essential items you need in a kitchen, things like a masala box, cutting board, and cutlery holder top the list. These accessories have a practical usage that will make cooking easier for you. They will also help in keeping your kitchen neatly organized without much effort. 

Why are kitchen accessories important? 

The primary importance of a kitchen accessory is the practical purpose it serves. It will help you keep your kitchen nicely organized. Alongside this, many kitchen accessories also have an aesthetic advantage. For example, a dainty coaster will add beauty to your home while keeping your table safe from stains and scratches.

What is the safest material for mortar and pestle? 

The safest material for mortar and pestle is usually granite or marble. These stones have a heavy weight which helps crush spices to their desired size. Granite and marble are also extremely durable and will withstand long-term use without any degradation. Since these materials don’t chip easily, you also reduce the risk of unwanted debris mixing with your food. 

Which material is best for a masala box? 

Materials like wood, glass, and brass are the best choices when it comes to a masala box. Wooden boxes keep your spices nice and fresh for a long duration. Glass boxes are easy to clean, and their transparent color helps you identify spices without having to open lids. Last but not least, brass masala boxes help preserve the antioxidant properties of a lot of spices. 

Are coasters necessary? 

Yes, coasters are a very necessary decision for your dining or coffee table. A coaster will help protect your table from any spills or stains. It will protect your furniture from the extreme temperatures of a hot tea or cold drink.  And lastly, an elegantly designed coaster can add a lot of charm to any space.

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