9 Most-Asked Lighting Queries For Festive Season Answered!


Lighting is a crucial component of India’s festive season. Traditionally, throughout the festive season, oil-filled lamps called diyas were used throughout Indian homes. Even now, scented candles, tea light candle holders and paper lanterns keep our houses smelling good and shining.

With most of the diwali decoration ideas revolving around lights, there can be many questions rising in one’s mind. Worry not, we are here to help. We have tried to answer the most-asked questions regarding lights and decor for the festive season.

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There are tons of lighting options to buy in the market and with the festive season around the corner, there are lots to choose from. There are tea light holders, candle holders, lanterns, paper lanterns, fairy lights, diyas, lamps and so much more. When buying keep in mind your needs and preferences that will suit your interior design and will not look mismatched with the decor.

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2. Which lights should I buy this festive season?

If you are looking for limited-time use then paper lanterns and diyas are a good option otherwise good candle holder ideas. Quality candle holders, tea light holders and lanterns come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all preferences. If you want to upgrade even further you can directly opt for intricate lamps and chandeliers that will provide a good source of lighting.

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3. What are the uses of candle holders?

Besides enhancing the home decor, candle stand have various uses like ensuring the molten wax does not fall on any surface which doesn’t ruin your precious furniture. Also, they help in dispersing the light of the candle to a large area and their different shapes, sizes and colour offer a unique candle-burning experience. They can be used in outdoor settings since the flame of the candle will not be extinguished due to wind.

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4. Where should the lights be placed so that it doesn’t become a fire hazard?

Each year with numerous lights adorning our houses, there comes a slight risk of a fire hazard that can be due to mismanagement and short circuits. These are a few things to remember when using lights:

  • Use candle holders since they will ensure that there is no spillage of the candle and the wind does not take the flame in flammable directions.
  • Use good quality curtain string lights to illuminate the exterior of your home and make sure to switch them off before sleeping so that they don’t overheat.
  • Don’t place tea lights or candles in areas which are prone to excess stepping so that they don’t tumble down or hurt someone. 
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5. What are the places where you can place festive lights at home?

You can place festive lights in strategic positions like in the living room, dining table, coffee table, entrance or balcony. You can place small diyas to make your rangolis gleam with light and make it even brighter. Plants on the balcony can also be utilised by placing fairy lights on them or candle sticks.

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6. Are tea light holders and candle holders long-lasting?

Buying high-quality products that are made from durable materials will ensure their longevity. You can use them all through the year and not just during the festive season as they can become a part of the home decor permanently. All you have to do is regularly wipe them with a dry cotton cloth for maintenance.

7. Are scented candles good for health?

Scented candles or any candle as a matter of fact have proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression in humans. They provide a calming and soothing effect on the mind which makes for a peaceful environment. Scented candles which have a mellow fragrance can trigger happy memories and nostalgia which boosts happiness.

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8. Which light will go well with my home decor?

If you have more wooden furniture at home which is of earthy tones then for contrast you can opt for golden or silver-dominated lighting options. For a more white interior, you can add more colour like rose gold or pale blue and even wood-based lighting. If you have a Moroccan or Bohemian-styled interior then intricate lace-like patterned lighting is a big yes. 

9. I want to buy led decorations for my home this Diwali. Can you suggest a good online store?

Arcedior Shop is a curated range of India’s most promising decor and interior brands showcased under one platform. It provides a diverse range of products to choose from that cater to all budgets. The platform has high quality, premium and innovative design options that stand out from the crowd and offer the latest and most loved decor by Indian brands and are mostly handcrafted by local artisans.

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