Best Modern Office Furniture Design for a Productive Workspace

Office desk plants

Office furniture is the first step in creating a place that can make or break the productivity and comfort of your team. The world has moved beyond a basic chair and table as style and functionality have emerged. With ever-changing design innovations and new technology making modern office furniture more adaptable, it is time to harness that power. 

In this article, essential modern office furniture is explored as its impact on the overall well-being and creativity of the workforce. Arcedior’s new office has channelized many modern office decors and used them to elevate their space to the next level. In this way, you can create a trendy office that will make it the talk of the town with the most sought-after and functional furniture. 

Office Chair

YD500 07 Office ChairSource: Yasmin Decor
201H Office ChairSource: ChairWay
Arcedior office plants
Vela office chairs
Charla Office ChairSource: Luxxu
Vela desk chairsSource: Tecno

One of the most important items in office furniture is the office chair. It is specially designed for daily sitting in front of the desk or workstation. These chairs provide comfort and support, essential for daily tasks.

 A good chair that can be made with the ergonomic perspective in mind can help improve posture and reduce the chances of musculoskeletal problems. These office chairs have several features, like adjustable height and armrests. Some even have a footrest, neck support, and adjustable tilt and recline mechanisms. 

This office chair, Arcedior selected, has the best features for making the work day a joyous one. This ergonomic chair supports the back and provides comfort, adjustability, durability, and style. 

Office Table

Shruti Madams Cabin
BreraSource: CUF Milano
DeckSource: Estel

An office table is one of the most important aspects of modern office furniture as it is where daily tasks occur. An office table should have a few criteria: sturdiness, storage, space, and stability. Its flat surface helps work, write, and use the laptop or computer, and drawers and compartments for storing files and daily essentials. 

Many office tables have overhead storage, and some even have storage below. Nowadays, many office tables come with adjustable height that helps maintain a good posture as each day calls for different use. 

Arcedior had selected this adjustable office table which is sleek, modern, and practical. This is used for the executive office and comes equipped with sideboard drawers that can even be used to categorize the space. 

Phone Booth

Collaborative Free StandingSource: Estel
Collaborative MultipleSource: Estel
KiteSource: Estel
CollaborativeSource: Estel

Many modern offices have one or multiple phone booths enclosed for phone calls or private conversations. It is usually soundproof and can provide a quiet place to make important calls that would be otherwise disturbed in an open space. 

It also has the features of a ventilation system, lighting, and a seat or bench. Since many offices have collaborative or open working spaces, it becomes difficult to have a private call. Also, calls in the open area can make the surrounding employees uncomfortable and reduce productivity. 

Office Sofa

QA9641Source: Qumun
KaySource: Onlead
AuraSource: Tunaofis

Office sofas are used for comfortable sitting and are generally placed in reception areas, waiting rooms, and other places where guests and visitors usually sit. They are generally very cushiony and have armrests, cushions, and even built-in storage. 

Unlike a chair, a sofa can accommodate many people depending on size. If you are looking for a couch for your office, it is vital to consider the space and its texture to complement the room’s decor. Also, a sofa should be durable and easy to clean so that it looks spick and spans always. 

Office Storage

Vivek Sirs Cabin 2
Cabinet Collage
Doria CubeSource: CUF Milano
OS 1902GSource: My Idea

Office storage comes in extra handy to keep the office or workplace organized. With this, one can quickly improve productivity by reducing clutter and making important things more accessible. Several types of storage are scattered around the office for different purposes, like organizing office supplies, documents, files, and other materials. Some office storage includes:

  • Filing cabinets are large enough to keep multiple files or other such items. They have a lot of space and can easily accommodate many office items. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing and mounted on the wall shelves free up any floor space. 
  • Bookshelves are designed to hold books, documents, binders, and other items. They are usually taller and very similar to shelves. 
  • Credenzas are placed on the floor; these are low-profile storage cabinets. They are usually placed in conference rooms and executive offices.
  •  You can keep stationery, items of daily need, and office equipment in a storage cabinet.

At Arcedior, beautiful office storage is placed in the executive offices where sculptures, artwork, and planters are displayed to create a cohesive decor. They are practical and create character and depth in the office.

Acoustic Panels

Source: CUF Milano
Satellite Acoutic panelSource: STUA
Wall by vankSource: Vank

Acoustic panels absorb sound in the office, reducing noise levels and making it easier to communicate. They can be made with fiberglass, foam, and other materials and are known for absorbing sound. Hearing speech and music, lowering echoes and reverberation is also helpful. 

Acoustic panels can be installed on the walls, ceilings, and floors. They can be placed in the phone booth and conference room where more verbal communication is initiated. This will create an environment of reduced noise that can increase productivity. 


Conclusively, the right office furniture design can have a major impact on employees’ productivity. It can also positively impact visitors, clients, and guests who can admire the beautiful workspace. Investing in ergonomic chairs, adjustable height desks, space-saving units, and noise-canceling dividers can be extremely useful in the long-term benefits for the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is furniture important in an office?

Furniture is very important in an office as it creates a comfortable and productive workspace. Here are some of the factors: 
1. Comfort: A suitable chair that is comfortable to sit for long hours reduces the risk of back pain and other health issues. A desk or workstation that is at a comfortable height is also crucial.
2. Productivity: Proper and ideal office furniture with ergonomic design can help employees to work in a positive area which is also beneficial for reducing distractions. 
3. Health and safety: Good modern office furniture can help in the prevention of injuries and also help in reducing the risk of neck strains, back pain, and musculoskeletal problems.
4. Professionalism: High-quality office furniture looks elegant and sophisticated, enhancing the positive impression on clients and visitors. 
5. Functionality: The right office plan can create a functional and practical space. It can also help in being more organized and efficient.

What are the requirements for office furniture?

Office furniture has many requirements like comfort, aesthetics, practicality, etc. Ergonomics has become one of the most important criteria for employees’ good posture. Thus, chairs compatible with this and have adjustable height, lumbar support, and armrest become decisive. This promotes comfort, which can lead to more productivity. 
Office furniture is a pricey commodity that cannot be changed frequently. That’s why it should be durable and withstand heavy usage. So make sure the office furniture has a non-slip surface and secure attachments. The modern office furniture should also be functional and aesthetically pleasing so that the office’s look can be enhanced and beautified. With this comes another crucial aspect of safety to reduce the risk of unforeseen injuries.

Which are the most important factor when selecting office furniture?

Safety, comfort, and functionality are the most important factors when selecting office furniture. One of the most crucial factors contributing to the employees’ upright posture is now ergonomics. Hence, choosing seats that can be adjusted for height, have lumbar support, and have armrests is crucial. 
This encourages comfort, which may increase productivity. Because office furniture is an expensive item that cannot be replaced frequently, it must be strong and able to resist severe use. To enhance and beautify the workplace’s appearance, office furniture should also be practical and visually acceptable. 

How do you organize office furniture?

You can easily organize your office furniture in a planned and systematic manner with the help of these tips: 
1. You can plan the layout before organizing the furniture to clarify the desired result better. You can create a floor plan according to the flow of foot traffic. 
2. Group furniture by function so that you can easily distinguish collaborative spaces. You can also have areas where all the employees work together. 
3. Arrangement for easy movement allows for the best utilization of the office space so that there is comfortable space for moving. 
4. Storage space can be well utilized, and you can choose furniture with built-in storage. 
5. One issue is that chords and cables can get messy, cluttering the office space. So you can have organizers for them to be out of sight and manage. 
6. You can also arrange your furniture according to the lighting with natural and artificial lighting. 

What are the four types of office furniture?

The four types of office furniture are:
1. Seating: Any seating like chairs, sofas, and stools on which the employees work may include several hours. Chairs are significant when it comes to improving productivity as well as ensuring proper posture. 
2. Desks and workstations: A proper desk should be at a good height, preferably at eye level. This may include storage space for files, equipment, and other materials. This helps in better comfort at the workstation.
3. Storage: Storage includes cabinets, bookcases, filing systems, and other types of storage furniture. This way, people can organize their files, documents, and other stuff more functionally. This makes an office more efficient while making it clutter-free.
4. Tables and conference room furniture: Tables and conference rooms are meant for collaborative work. This includes large tables and chairs, which allow more comfort for prolonged and continuous sitting.  

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