10 Must-Have Pieces of Modern Bedroom Furniture

‘Furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful.’ – Rose Tarlow (interior designer)

Rightly said by Rose Tarlow, modern bedroom furniture should be more than just a piece of furniture. When you walk into your bedroom, every piece of furniture should reflect your personality, faith, beliefs, and ideas. 

What distinguishes modern bedroom furniture from other types? The flexibility and elegance at once are well reflected in modern style. Moreover, with the increase in contemporary demands, modern furniture fulfills the requirements of the people. 

We will show you different modern bedroom furniture that can completely transform your bedroom into a chic and smart bedroom. 

Sleep Comfortably On a Modern Bed

Do you know a modern bed is different from a traditional bed? Modern beds are functional and decorative, enhancing the bedroom decor. They have minimal moving parts, a streamlined design, and plenty of storage capacity. They are commonly upholstered in microfiber, linen, faux leather, and cotton.

Modern Upholstered BedSource: Gual
Modern Upholstered Bed

Amazon is a modern upholstered bed. The MDF structure is coated with two layers: foam and fabric. The walnut MDF veneered and acrylic varnish finish material makes it a show-stopper among modern bedroom furniture. 


  • Integrated side table
  • Padded upholstered headboard

Modern Nightstands For Owl Readers

Isn’t it comforting to have a palace beside your arm’s reach, where you keep your items before sleeping? Fortunately, nightstands are for this purpose only. Modern nightstands add charm to the bedroom settings. 

There are floating nightstands that are mounted on a wall. Modern nightstands can be free-standing or linked to the headboard. Nowadays, lights, switchboards, and upholstery are provided on the nightstands. 

Modern Nightstand with DrawersSource: Colunex
Modern Nightstand with Drawers

Cosmopolitan is a timeless modern nightstand that is ideal for luxury bedrooms. The quilted leather drawer and natural finish at the top give a uniquely comfortable vibe. The lower space is open to keep long or big items, water bottles, or magazines.


  • Upper drawer
  • Water-resistant leather upholstery

Dress With A Modern Dresser 

Mirror, mirror on the wall..‘ Well, now it is on the dresser. A modern dresser is now adorned with mirrors, lights, and shelves to meet the demands of modern needs. These features give you space, a grooming area, and illumination for dressing comfortably. 

Modern DresserSource: Carpanese Home
Modern Dresser

You will see a beautiful relationship between ash wood and marble in this bedroom dresser, Trio. The sleek design, drawers, and shelves make this modern bedroom furniture iconic. The four drawers are well-equipped with a soft locking system. This designer bedroom dresser is 160 cm wide, 55 cm deep, and 80 cm high.  


  • Soft locking system in drawers
  • Stable due to three legs 

Modern Accent Chairs

Gone are the days when chairs served the only purpose of seating. Instead, modern accent chairs accentuate the rooms where it is placed, thus the name ‘accent.’ The primary purpose of these chairs is to highlight the seating area and create an inviting ambiance. 

Modern ArmchairsSource: Siwa Soft Style Home
Modern Armchairs

Call it a day, and enjoy your book on one of the most modern accent chairs: Vert. It tempts you, and you can’t resist the adorable charm that it radiates in the bedroom. In addition, it features a low back to rest your arms above it. This is one of the best upholstered modern accent chairs. 


  • Chromed metal decors on arms, base, and back
  • Goose feather seat

Spacious: Modern Closets

The global wardrobe market size in 2023 is approx $62.97 billion. The data indicates the huge market for storage furniture that will grow in the upcoming years. Modern closets have drawers, shelves, doors, and hangers to organize your stuff. 

modern wardrobe designs for bedroomSource: Mois
Modern Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Pablo is more than a closet. It epitomizes decorative and functional modern closets and adds modernity to any interior decor. The open compartments and drawers inside the closet ensure the placement of items in an organized way. It has sliding doors in a glossy mirror finish. Of course, you can have a matte finish too. Modern wardrobe designs for bedrooms can improve your space and offer a useful piece of furniture.


  • It is spacious
  • It features drawers, shelves, and rods to hang clothes

Little Chit-Chat At The End Of Bed Bench

The extra seating area in the bedroom is met with the end of the bed bench, which is modern bedroom furniture. They may have a storage space in the name of a box, drawers, or shelves. You will get various options ranging from armrests to upholstery. It is a perfect addition to an interactive and intimate conversation. 

White Upholstered BenchSource: ALEXNADRA
White Upholstered Bench

Lucia is a versatile 2-seater end of bed bench. Four wooden feet are available in different finishes. The upholstered end of the bed bench is accentuated with piping around the body, cushion, and detailed central buttons. 


  • Backless bed bench
  • Leather upholstery

Modern Coffee Table

Freshly brewed coffee is everybody’s cup of tea. And what place better than a bedroom is there to enjoy it? Just sit around the modern coffee table and chit-chat with your partner while sipping the coffee. The table can have drawers, two or three legs, or be made of metal, glass, or wood. 

Modern Coffee TableSource: Luxxu
Modern Coffee Table

Empire is the coffee table that appeals to modernity and functional character. It is made with brass and marble, ensuring its durability and longevity. The round shape enables swift and safe movement of pets and children around the coffee table. The gold-plated and neo Marquina marble finish adds a touch of luxury and charm to the coffee table. 


  • Metallic shiny body
  • Round shape

Combo: Modern Sofa Bed

A perfect combination of sofa and bed uniquely creates modern bedroom furniture- sofa bed. Sofa for seating and bed for sleeping. It serves extra space when you have surprised guest visits or sleepovers in your home. They are easy to fold and movable. 

Modern Sofa BedSource: Doimo Salotti
Modern Sofa Bed

Kevin blends with modern and contemporary home styles perfectly. It is a fixed modern sofa bed equipped with an electro-welded base and polyurethane mattress. While unfolding it for the bed, the cushions remain attached to the structure. It has removable covers and available upholstery in fabric, microfiber, and synthetic leather.


  • Storage 
  • Armrest available 

Modern Dressing Table

Want to sit while grooming yourself? A modern dressing table with drawers and a mirror is a modern bedroom furniture that is a must addition for comfortable grooming. This furniture is intended to be placed in a bedroom or boudoir. 

Modern Dressing TableSource: DAAZ
Modern Dressing Table

H003 is a modern-styled dressing table for the bedroom. It suits a minimal decor style and is made of ash wood styled with a circular mirror at the top. A drawer is attached to the table for storing useful items.


  • Unconventional three legs
  • A round platform below the table for storage

Extra Storage: Bedroom Chest Of Drawers

Modern Bedroom furniture Chest of DrawersSource: Centro
Bedroom Chest of Drawers

Anna is a  wooden chest of drawers in a walnut veneer finish that gives you ample storage space to keep your belongings. The sleek design and drawers make this modern bedroom furniture iconic. The four drawers are well-equipped with a soft locking system. This designer bedroom chest of drawers is 39.5 cm wide, 59.5 cm long, and 120.3cm high.  


  • Soft locking system in drawers


To sum it up, you can modernize every piece of furniture in your bedroom. From bed to bench, every piece of furniture serves the purpose of decoration and has function too. In the modern age, people have different needs and requirements that can only be fulfilled by customization or modern designs. Arcedior presents a well-curated collection of modern bedroom furniture for your personal space. With our expert help and global network, click here to get high-end and designer furniture for your bedroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular styles of modern dressers?

Dressers that are in modern and mid-century styles are popular. Mid-century dressers have clean lines and minimal design, adding a rustic touch to the bedroom. Modern dressers are made of durable and sturdy material and are adorned with mirrors and lights. They are elegant in style and easy to maintain.  

What are some features to look for in a modern closet?

Doors, drawers, shelves, or hangers are the features that should be considered when purchasing a modern closet. Sliding doors will save floor space, whereas hangers will keep your stuff organized. Modern closets have LED lights for extra illumination, mirrors on the doors, collapsible doors, and drawers with a soft locking system. 

What are some popular modern bed designs?

Bed with storage, headboard, or minimal details are popular modern bed designs. Popular modern bedroom furniture includes upholstered headboards, bunk beds, trundle beds, and canopy bed designs. Choose the bed designs that match the interiors and aesthetics of the bedroom. From natural wood to durable metal, you can customize your modern bed as you desire.

Are modern bed designs more expensive than traditional designs?

The cost of modern bed designs depends upon the bed’s features, material, and size. The cost of transporting beds from the production site to the destination also counts in the total cost. Beds are produced in large quantities to fulfill modern-age demands, which finally brings down the purchase price.


(n.d.). The global wardrobe market size was valued at $59.97 billion in 2022 & is projected to grow from $62.97 billion in 2023 to $94.59 billion by 2030. Read More at:- https://www.Fortunebusinessinsights.Com/wardrobe-market-104634. Fortune Business Insights.

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