6 Bold And Beautiful Modern Bed Designs To Transform Your Room

Modern bed design

Design is moving from an existing condition to a preferred one. -Milton Glaser, the graphic designer who designed the famous  ‘I love NY’ logo

A bed is a focal point in a bedroom. Therefore, the bed plays an essential role in bedroom decor. Bed transforms the house into a home. It is where you sleep, talk, and work with your loved ones. It is an intimate place that holds a special area in the home. 

Meeting the demands and needs of the modern age, below are described six bold modern bed designs that can completely transform your modern bedroom

Functional: Storage Bed

Small room + Modern bed designs = Storage bed

You may have beds that open up completely from the top for storing items. Some beds open up halfway too. Drawers are also storage places attached to either one or both sides of the bed. 

modern bed designSource: Milano Bedding
Modern Storage Bed

Naxos is a modern bed with storage space. This modern bed is rectangular and upholstered in fabric. It features Komodo storage that elevates the bedstead along with a mattress. It eases the making up of the bed and removes or stores items. The covers are completely removable and washable. 

Pros and Cons of Storage Bed

It is a functional modern bed. The main advantage of owning a storage bed is that it utilizes the space underneath it. It also helps in storing seasonally used items. It also saves floor space that you may use to place other furniture. One major downside of a storage bed is that it is difficult to transfer the whole bed frequently. 

How to take care of a storage bed? 

  1. Oil the hardware (nails, springs, metallic fittings) 
  2. Do not place too heavy items in the storage bed. It might crack the bed. 

Organic and Clean: Rattan Bed

Missing home? Bring a rattan bed that gives a rustic touch to your bedroom. It is a natural material that involves a complicated procedure to build a rattan bed. Rattan is not a waterproof material, thus used only for indoor furniture. It has a natural tone that varies with every piece. 

Modern Rattan BedSource: Kennethcobonpue
Modern Rattan Bed

Yin and Yang is a modern bed with an open weave design. It is solidly built with an airy and transparent design, making it one of the advanced forms of a traditional rattan bed.

Pros and Cons of Rattan Bed

Rattan beds require adequate maintenance, but if done correctly, they are sturdy. Also, they are known for their elegance and simplicity. Moreover, the extraction of raw material does not hamper the tree itself. Thus, it is an eco-friendly bed. 

How to take care of a rattan bed? 

  1. Polish the surface with linseed oil once a year.
  2. Wipe with a soft cloth often.

Couple’s Nest: Canopy Bed

In medieval Europe, sharing a bedroom with servants or maids was common. Thus, canopies or fabric were used to create a division. It was also used to distinguish between living space and sleeping space. 

Modern Canopy BedSource: Naula
Modern Canopy Bed

Plaza is the pinnacle of modern bed design with a canopy. It is a perfect combination of sophistication and elegance. 

Pros and Cons of Canopy Bed

Canopy makes the bed warmer and shields the bed from foreign particles. 

However, one downside of a canopy bed is that it accumulates dust and thus is not preferred if you’re allergic to dust. 

How to take care of a canopy bed? 

  1. Regularly clean the top of the canopy.
  2. Use mild chemicals while washing the bed curtains. Don’t agitate them.

High-end Choice: Upholstered Bed

Furniture wrapped with a fabric is called upholstery. Similarly, when a bed frame is tightly covered with fabric and supporting materials, it is called an upholstered bed. These are grandeur pieces of furniture and protect the furniture from insect attacks. 

Upholstered BedSource: IL Loft
Upholstered Bed

Nightside is a modern bed with fabric upholstery. The flared shape of the bed and uneven headboard adds a sense of comfort in a bedroom. The beautiful outlook of this bed is an impressive combination of serenity and calmness. 

Pros and Cons of an Upholstered Bed

It is the ultimate source of relaxation and comfortable sleep. Because of the upholstery’s distinctive bounce, you feel like you’re in a cradle. It is the only type of bed you may experiment with in terms of fabric- cotton, linen, leather, wool, silk, and velvet. A downside is that it needs vacuuming, as it accumulates dirt (pet hair, dust, or insects).

How to take care of an upholstered bed? 

  1. Vacuum your upholstered headboard and bed frame.
  2. With a damp cloth, clean the stains on the headboard and use an aromatic spray to keep the smell fresh.

Futon Bed: Stylish and Comfort 

Futon is a Japanese term for bedding that gets folded. The futon is folded during the day to provide room for other uses and used at night for sleeping. There are armless futon beds and traditional futons. 

Modern bed designs in futons are bed- cum- sofa. When you need to sleep, unfold the futon as a bed. Otherwise, it acts as a sofa. 

Pros and Cons of Futon Bed

These are highly functional beds. The significant advantage of a futon bed is that it is a space saver. It serves two purposes: sofa and bed, saving you a lot of floor space. These are beneficial for small living areas. One downside of a futon bed is that it attracts moisture and dirt. So, you have to air them frequently. 

How to take care of a futon bed? 

  1. Cover your futon with fabric and wash the cover a couple of times a month.
  2. Bask the futon to prevent the growth of mold or fungus.

Minimalist Floor Bed

Minimalist Floor BedSource: Skinwall
Minimalist Floor Bed

What’s a minimal alternative for beds? Floor bed. These are functional as well as decorative modern beds. Floor bed suit in the kids’ room, as it matches the height of their play area: Floor. A floor bed can make your bedroom cozier and more intimate if you choose to keep a low profile.

Pros and Cons of Floor Bed

Floor beds are safe for babies and toddlers. It prevents the fall of babies from a height. In addition, there are many physiotherapeutic effects, as floor beds relax the body muscles and induce deep sleep. It also improves blood circulation and reduces neck and back pain. The downside of this modern bed design is that it takes up floor space, and there is no provision for storing items. 

How to take care of a floor bed? 

  1. Use a rug below the floor bed to protect the mattress from wear and tear.
  2. To avoid hitting on furniture with your toes, place the floor bed far from it.


To summarize, we’ve shown six beautiful modern bed designs that can completely transform your dull bedroom into a bold one. We’ve discussed from comfortable upholstery and rustic rattan to convertible futons and space-saving storage beds. Modern beds are meeting the demand and needs of modern people, which is why Arcedior has come up with an enormous collection of modern beds that will indeed go with your style. So click here to select your dreamy bed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are modern bed designs costlier than traditional bed designs?

That is not necessarily true. Modern bed designs are sometimes less expensive than traditional ones. Mostly, modern bed designs are lightweight and machine-made, which makes the cost of production less. Also, adding modern features makes the bed favorable for modern use. Therefore, it is preferred by early- adopters- of- technology kind of people. 

Are beds with a headboard considered modern?

Yes, beds with headboards are considered modern. The headboards provide support and stability to you and your bed. Headboard is a decorative piece of furniture that is functional too. As functionality in furniture is preferred nowadays, modern bed designs with functional headboards are considered modern. 
In addition, the availability of storage space, installing lights on the headboard, and using straps to hold pillows are modern bed features that are considered modern. 

What are some popular modern bed designs?

Futon, storage, upholstered, and floor beds are popular modern bed designs. People nowadays want functional as well as aesthetically pleasing modern bed designs. 
Therefore, a storage bed acts as a storage place to keep mattresses and pillows. A Futon bed is a convertible bed that saves huge floor space. An upholstered bed is a luxurious bed and protects the bed frame. 

How to choose a comfy yet modern bed design?

The upholstered bed is the pinnacle for a comfy yet modern bed design. The fabric and cushiony foam is wrapped around the bed frame to give extra bounce. You have to check the fabric or material used to build a bed. 
Cotton is a breathable fabric and provides the bed with an airy look. Leather is quite a stain and water-resistant material. The velvet has a soft and shiny texture and gives a luxe vibe. 

What are the materials used in a modern bed design?

Wood, metal, and leather are used in modern bed designs. The wood gives durability to the bed. Leather has been used since time immemorial to stay warm and cozy. Faux leather is used highly nowadays and gives shine and texture exactly like leather. Metal is a sturdy material and keeps the bed strong and shockproof.

Are modern bed designs only available in contemporary styles?

No, modern bed designs are available in traditional, minimalist, and contemporary styles. Wooden beds add a rustic touch to a bedroom which is highly recommended in a minimalist bedroom. Traditional, grand, extravagant beds with headboards make the room look luxurious and classy. Contemporary beds are functional, like having storage space or converted into closets or sofas. 

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