Lit up! Contemporary lighting ideas for your living area!

Lights are undoubtedly the unsung heroes of a living room. They add a whole lot of character along with warmth, atmosphere, style, and color. So, there’s something to suit every style, budget, and taste. Lighting works at every level, form, and function, thus transforming the living area. Whether your living room is utilized for entertaining loved ones or indulge in Netflix, the right lighting can elevate your space. To help you pick the right option for you, we’ve put together our favorite lighting ideas.

From sophisticated chandeliers to overwhelming table lamps, sculptural lighting is an instant hit once installed in the living area. They are sleek, minimal, and impressive; these lights embrace the infinite possibilities of creating art and light unanimously. They rightfully catch your eye and charm your heart. Their functional nature brings art into the modern living area without creating unnecessary clutter.

Brands: SELETTI &Kenneth Cobonpue

2. Add glam to your living area with a chandelier:

Chandeliers flawlessly create a beautiful focal point while adding light to your living room. They effortlessly add a touch of savoir-faire and elegance that can remarkably elevate your home’s style. Chandeliers offer a fantastic choice to add ambient lighting and a wow factor to your space. Adding a chandelier to your living area is probably one of the easiest ways to upgrade your decor without a complete makeover conveniently.

Brands: K-Lighting & LUXXU

3. Go Big with Oversize Statement Lights:

Over recent years, the oversize lighting trend has become a favorite amongst interior designers.  Whether chosen to compliment the scale of a similarly oversized room or to create a bold statement in smaller spaces, these are designed to make an impact.

Brands: Cameron Design House, Karpa & VG

4. The magic of built-in/ LED strip lighting:

Although often condoned, strip lighting is a versatile way to add a warm glow in the living space, moreover, in places where traditional light can’t fit. LED strip lights are thin, flexible, and customizable, which means they can practically work anywhere, even over the bookracks or behind shelves. They can also be used to amplify your existing lighting, to highlight a feature, accentuate wall art, and much more.

5. Wall Light That Doubles As Art:

If you want to create a disruptive look for your living room, let wall lights serve as your wall art. Certain wall lights offer unique designs and create the perfect playful atmosphere you’re looking for in your living room. The aesthetic effect comes from the unexpected texture of the projecting elements and, especially, the customised and variable play of light and shadow.

Brands: Ciani Atelier, Schuller & MURANTI

6. Amp your lampshade game:

Table lamps help you add ambient lighting to your living space. It is the quickest way to upgrade and complement your existing décor and accent setup. A paired table lamp brings symmetry and, of course, illumination. Smartly positioned lamps help to create seamless designated zones in your living room, giving it a multi-functional purpose, like lighting up an area of your favorite couch while reading or illuminating nooks and dark corners. Inspiration for lampshades can be drawn from elements that share the same color palettes like upholstery, wallpaper, accent rugs, and throw pillows.

Brands: Creativemary, Roll & Holl, & DelightFULL

7. Focus on Mix – and – match:

Picking print and patterned light shades can instantly transform any space’s look. Place a pair of matching lamps at either end of a console table or on end tables for a formal look. For a more coordinated look, reflect the same colors in combination elsewhere, like on upholstery or cushions.

Brands: Jetclass, Colunex & Wood Tailors Club

8. Choosing designs with mixed materials:

Choosing designs with mixed materials such as metal and glass enhance the texture and give a contemporary look to the space. Although there is no written rule to match a light’s materials to other elements n the room, it’s beneficial opting for styles that adjunct together for a cohesive outcome.

Brands: Creativemary, Schuller

9. Use the walls to allow more focused lighting:

Right arrangement is everything when it comes to lighting. Since living rooms are almost used throughout the day, impersonating natural light with well-placed lighting options is ideal. Bright, spacious, and airy living room space usually have wall lights placed directly above the skylight, filling the room with downlight during the day. The wall lights give the room a conventional ambient feel to the living space. Another tip to brighten the room is to bounce light off the ceiling and thus dodge the shadows of recessed lights

Brands: Zenza & Wood Tailors Club

10. Living Rooms With Skylights:

Introduce natural light with skylights bring the beauty of the outdoors inside while providing natural light throughout the home. Skylights allow uninhibited daylight to enter your living room from above. The concept of skylights shines by adding a whole new dimension to your home, and unlike popular perception, they are not just the excessive indulgence of the rich.

Brands: PLUST, Kenneth Cobonpue & Yoav Shavit

11. Minimal but dramatic:

Create a dramatic effect in your living room with LED pendant lights in the most effortless and budget-friendly way. Clustering many similar fixtures at variable heights transforms the look of the room in an instant. This setting may be minimalistic, but this type of grouping can still add to the existing aesthetic while rendering a warm, diffuse illumination which is relaxing and screams attention

Brands: Kenneth Cobonpue, Schuller & Cinq Etoiles

12. Multi-Tiered Pendant:

Multi-tiered pendant lighting has become quite popular, particularly for living areas with high ceilings. Cluster pendants allow you to transform the lighting in a new, fresh way. When grouped with several charms together, these modern, distinctive lights create a stylish and fashionable statement. They are adventurous and offer a modish update that comes in various materials and finishes to choose from.

Brands: Schuller, Sergey Makhno & Jetclass

13. Paper Shade Pendant:

If you have high ceilings, hang a cluster of paper lanterns in the entryway for a sculptural and grand entrance. They are timeless, beautiful, and versatile. Paper shade pendant light make your living area look magical, glamorous, and futuristic. By installing these, you can get away with putting in minimal effort while the lighting looks like a work of art and is functional too.

Brands: Kenneth Cobonpue, Ciani Atelier & SELETTI

14. Sculptural Sconce:

Whether you’re looking for lush fixtures to complement your decor or need something chic to illuminate a specific corner or your most loved reading chair, decorative wall sconces are your one-stop solution. Irrespective of your space or aesthetic, you will find a sconce to transform it. Sculptural wall sconces are versatile and can achieve as much aesthetic appeal as a framed piece of art.

Brands: Mineheart, Schuller & Emotional Projects

To conclude, this multi-use, everyday living space needs carefully planned lighting. Picking the right kind of light is the key to setting the right mood and creating an atmosphere with a flick of a switch. This will indeed transform your living room from somber to luminous in an instant.

Don’t these fixtures idea want you to cast your living room in a new light? Tell us how inspired you are to revamp your living space with these ideas?

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