8 Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas to Make Your Space a Dreamy Haven

Kitchen wallpaper

A kitchen in the home is considered of immense importance because, ultimately, it is the soul of any house. The whole family unites at the dining table due to the food cooked in the kitchen. No matter where ever you live, food is one such item that keeps the different cultures and countries tied together. 

To have lip-smacking food cooked in the kitchen, it is equally essential to have finely curated decor there that gives positive vibes. For this, nothing can beat the charm of wallpapers in distinctive styles and patterns. We have compiled a collection of quick picks for kitchen wallpaper ideas to assist you in making the best wallpaper selection.

Black And White Wallpaper For The Kitchen

This incredible combination has topped our list of kitchen wallpaper ideas. Of course, we have a vast number of colors with us today, but the enchanting beauty of monochrome, white, and black can never get old. 

On the contrary, it gets more beautiful as it ages. The black and white together gives a tasteful decor that looks classy and elegant.

Black And White Wallpaper For The KitchenSource: Texturae
Black And White Wallpaper For The Kitchen

Chalk is a beautiful black and white wallpaper that will make your kitchen appear more spacious. It is made with fiberglass, vinyl, and cellulose and features chalky fruits and veggies in white color on a black background to give a dynamic pattern.


  • Resists mold and bacteria
  • Humidity resistant

Serene Floral Wallpaper

We know that flowers have the charm to bring softness even in areas full of stones and bricks. Floral Wallpaper has been a classical choice whenever we talk about wallpapers. 

Their soft texture in petals makes the environment more relaxing and soothing. Spruce up your kitchen with the light-shaded floral wallpaper. 

Floral WallpaperSource: Skinwall
Floral Wallpaper

If you love floral patterns in softer shades, then Imago is the wallpaper for you. The adorable pink-colored flower creepers covering the three sides are an absolute treat for the eyes of someone cooking for long hours to prepare heavy meals.


  • Washable
  • Long-Lasting

Modern Geometric Wallpaper

Geometrical wallpaper is best repetitively known for its transformable patterns. If you are opting for a modern style of decor in your home, then adding the geometric wallpaper would be a cherry on top. 

On the other hand, if you are a subtle decor lover, choose neutral-shaded wallpaper wisely; otherwise, elevate the vibrancy in your kitchen with colorful patterned wallpaper.

Geometric WallpaperSource: Texturae
Geometric Wallpaper

Vault wallpaper features a majestic staircase that gives you an illusion of multiple curved shapes put after one another. These are made in numerous dark and soft shades that make your place appear more significant.


  • Resistant to scratches
  • Fire-Retardant

Make A Bold Choice: 3d Wallpaper

For kitchen wallpaper ideas, we know making a bold choice feels overwhelming. This you can do easily by placing the 3D wallpaper in your cooking space. These are known to create an illusion in the place and add depth to the kitchen.

3d WallpaperSource: Creativespace
3d Wallpaper

Over Wallpaper is a fantastic wallpaper featuring a grand room with four giant arched windows. In addition, this wallpaper makes your kitchen appear more spacious with its featured print.


  • Washable
  • Shock resistant

Exciting Mural Wallpaper

Mural wallpaper is a fun and exciting way to add a tone of style and pop of color to the kitchen. These are digital prints or illustrations enlarged in size. The pattern printed on these mural wallpapers is not repetitive like that in the wallpaper.

Mural WallpaperSource: Creativespace
Mural Wallpaper

Butterflies is a mural wallpaper featuring a girl lying against a wall with her back on the floor and legs on one another standing on the wall. The girl featured on the wall has covered her body with a butterfly-shaped item.


  • Flame retardants
  • Washable 

Tiled Effect Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers have made their way among other types of wallpapers due to their unique qualities. This is the most durable and splashproof wallpaper. So, the other time when you are cooking in the kitchen, you do not need to worry about the oil splatters messing up your beautiful wall. These wallpapers can be washed easily with a quick swish of cloth.

Vinyl WallpaperSource: Texturae
Vinyl Wallpaper

Mama wallpaper in multicolor can be good to go with if you want to experience the application of tiles in your kitchen without using them explicitly. These are adorned in red and green colors that add grace to the boring kitchen walls.


  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to install

Bring The Outdoors In Green Wallpaper

Green color has the power to diffuse anxiety and promotes balance and harmony. With green plants by our side in the garden, we know how comforting it is to look at the green color. You can also incorporate green wallpaper in your kitchen to experience the peace of nature.

green kitchen wallpaperSource: Creativespace
Green Wallpaper for Kitchen

If you love green, you can give this taste to your kitchen’s home decor with this wallpaper called Grass. The beautiful shade of green grass exudes positivity and vibrance.


  • Shock resistant
  • Flame retardant

Quirky Pattern Wallpaper

The wallpaper featuring patterns all over the wallpaper looks cool and funky in the kitchen. The whole wallpaper is covered with repetitive structures in a symmetrical manner in one or another direction. 

Suppose fun structures in vibrant colors excite you. In that case, we recommend you have a quirky pattern wallpaper, among other kitchen wallpaper ideas, to enhance the visual appeal of your cooking place.

Pattern WallpaperSource: The Vintage Collection
Pattern Wallpaper

Wild Flower Bouquet wallpaper is the epitome of beauty. It has beautiful patterns of bouquets of colorful flowers that will amaze you with their attractive appearance. It is made with parchment uncoated non-woven paper with added natural fibers.


  • Prevents mold growth
  • Hard to tear


Wrapping it up, we can now say that you are prepared to enhance your kitchen decor using the suggested kitchen wallpaper ideas. Whether you are an expert in home decor or a novice, we are sure that this list has undoubtedly opened your mind to new possibilities. You can visit our website and feel in awe if you still want to browse more to have a look at lovely wallpapers. Have a beautiful kitchen set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wallpaper in the kitchen in style?

Yes, the wallpaper in the kitchen is in style. Unfortunately, the oil splatters in the backsplash often make the wall untidy. So, the kitchen wallpaper ideas, including moisture-resistant coating and one that is washable, are perfect for adding to the kitchen area. These wallpapers not only keep the walls tidy but also enhance the allure of the kitchen.

Is wallpaper suitable for the kitchen?

Yes, the wallpaper is suitable for the kitchen. They elevate the kitchen look while protecting the walls from oil splatters and moisture. Apart from the walls of the kitchen, the kitchen wallpaper ideas, including vibrant or subtle wallpapers, can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, like a backsplash, above the sink, a small dining area in the kitchen, and the ceilings. The ceilings covered with wallpaper complemented well with the pendant lamps. 

How long does kitchen wallpaper last?

Sustainable and reliable wallpapers can last up to 15 years. If taken care of properly and not mismanaged, the wallpapers offer great durability, even greater than the paint. Including vinyl wallpapers in the kitchen wallpaper ideas is the most durable option when choosing the particular one for the kitchen. These are waterproof, fire retardant, and easily washable. The wallpapers are quick to wash with detergent and damp cloth. 

How do I protect my kitchen wallpaper?

You can protect your kitchen wallpaper by applying glass, acrylic, or lacquered panel on it, especially for areas that are highly vulnerable to splatters and moisture, like the backsplash, the area behind the cooking stove, and the area above the sink. For these areas, you can cover the wallpapers with the panels and relax so that your wallpaper will not get stripped or chipped anyway.

What material is best for the kitchen wall?

Ceramic porcelain is the best material for kitchen walls these days. These can be different in styles and textures, like that of natural stone and wood materials, along with the patterns and 3d effects on the wall. To cover the walls, wallpapers are the best choice to cover and protect them from splatters and droplets. These kitchen wallpaper ideas include various styles like patterns, stripes, floral prints, and mimics of natural elements like stone, bricks, and wood textures.

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