11 Amazing Kids Wallpaper Ideas to Spark Imagination

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The kid’s room is where you need to take care of decor and interiors. As a child’s age increases, their hobbies, choices, and likings also change. That’s why you need to take care of their gradual changes in choices and redecorate their living spaces accordingly. 

There are many options in kids wallpaper that you might get confused about. From educational to cartoons and from a wide range of colors, you may choose the one that suits your kid’s room.

We have curated a fantastic list of kids wallpapers that will give you ideas and help you to narrow down the choices among the available options in wallpapers.

Cycle Theme Wallpaper For Kids Room

Cycle Theme Wallpaper for Kids RoomSource: Texturae
Cycle Theme Wallpaper for Kids Room

A perfect kids wallpaper for your little cyclist, Cycle Race is a must-include in your kids’ room. Colorful cycles are displayed on the rustic white background, both with and without baskets. 

It is a multicolor wallpaper for kids’ rooms available in three variants in material: fiberglass, vinyl, and cellulose. 

Wonderful And Wild Animal Wallpaper

Wild Animal WallpaperSource: Creativespace
Wonderful And Wild Animal Wallpaper for Kids Room

Do you want to go on an affordable trip? Enjoy it here in the kids’ room. No more delay to a fantastic trip to the zoo or safari as we bring Happy Trip Wallpaper for your kids. 

Wild animals are seated in their seats, whereas birds fly across the seats and aisle. The 3D image of flight interiors makes this animal wallpaper realistic for kids’ rooms. 

This kids wallpaper is a waterproof, washable wallpaper. This is available in different finishes. 

Exploring The World Map Wallpaper

World Map WallpaperSource: Tecnografica
World Map Wallpaper

Let’s go on a Worldwide trip without stepping a foot out. A complete world map with a splash of watercolors is well depicted in this colorful kids wallpaper. 

It is a soundproof, waterproof, and fire-resistant wallpaper. It cancels the noise and is suitable for kids’ rooms. Brush strokes and different hues of a single color are a perfect amalgamation of graphic and natural designs. 

It will remind your kids of the paintball game! 

Scientific Wallpaper For Kids Room

Scientific Wallpaper For Kids RoomSource: Creativespace
Scientific Wallpaper For Kids

Phisyc Wallpaper is a black and white wallpaper for kids’ rooms. Mathematical figures and equations are shown in this wallpaper which is decorative and educational. 

Wallpaper is printed using environmentally friendly inks on innovative, tried-and-tested materials to withstand daily use and wear.

It is a washable kids wallpaper and thus lasts longer than other materials. 

Play With Dots Wallpaper For Walls

Polka Dots Wallpaper for WallSource: Skinwall
Polka Dots Wallpaper for Wall

Fan of polka dots? Then Vintage Pois is the one that you should choose. With different available supports for this wallpaper, it is customizable for any wall dimension.  

Time travel to the 50s era for a quiet and elegant ambiance. The polka dots in muted colors suit the walls of infant baby rooms. Muted colors are preferred because they are calming, nurturing, and relaxing to kids. 

Cool Graffiti Wallpaper

graffiti wallpaper for kidsSource: Texturae
Cool Graffiti Wallpaper

Scribbles is a graffiti kids wallpaper inspired by the pop art movement in America. It is a collection of real objects in nursery prints with striking visual impact. 

From animals to stars, all objects are shown in a hand-drawn style. Undoubtedly a game, but it has significant symbolic elements. 

It is a multicolor wallpaper with varied options in materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, and cellulose. 

Into The Jungle Wallpaper

Jungle Theme WallpaperSource: Tecnografica
Jungle Theme Wallpaper

Is your kid a fan of Mowgli from The Jungle Book? Then you should install jungle theme wallpapers on kids rooms. 

Jungle Club is a jungle wallpaper that is available in four variants: black, blue, gold, and green. In addition, you can choose from various materials in kids wallpapers, such as fabric, H2O, TNT, fiberglass, and metal.  

It is a vibrant wallpaper with colored animals. It is resistant to water, fire, and noise. 

Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper Murals

Hot Air Balloons WallpaperSource: Skinwall
Hot Air Balloons Wallpaper

Ballons D’Antan is a wall covering from the early 1900s with a melancholy sea and sky pattern that produces a distinctive blue impression.

There are options for available support for this mural wallpaper, such as smooth nonwoven material, vinyl, and embossed vinyl surfaces on nonwoven material. 

The structure of hot air balloons is vintage and excites your kid for a ballooning ride on an upcoming vacation. 

Underwater Ocean Wallpaper

Marina Ocean WallpaperSource: Tecnografica
Marina Ocean Wallpaper

Let’s go this holiday for scuba diving and explore flora and fauna underwater. Marina is an ocean wallpaper that gives your kids’ room an overview of ocean habitat. 

There are many organisms, such as octopus, angelfish, jellyfish, sea horses, turtles, clownfish, blue tang, butterfly fish, and many more. The wallpaper’s lower portion beautifully represents the aquatic plants that support the ocean ecosystem. 

It is a waterproof, soundproof, and fire-resistant material. 

Cute Cartoon Wallpaper

Cartoon wallpaperSource: Profhome
Cartoon Wallpaper

The cute prints of animals (here rabbits and mouse) is cutely shown in patterned wallpaper Versailles.

This wallpaper stands out with good color fastness to light. It is easy to install by peeling the wallpaper from its wrapper. It is completely removable wallpaper. 

It is a waterproof and washable kids wallpaper, as you need wallpaper that resists frequent spilling of water or juices by kids. 

Educational Wallpaper Designs

Educational wallpaper designsSource: Wallpepper
Educational Wallpaper Design

Have you ever played Pictionary? If not, then Pictionary is a fun educational wallpaper that will encourage learning in your children.

In this wallpaper design, you will see multiple images of plants and animals that are helpful for kids. 

It is a fabric kids wallpaper that is fire retardant and hypoallergenic. 


Here we are, taking you to many wonderful wallpapers, and we showed you examples that suit the theme. Scratch-resistant and washable wallpapers should be a priority for kids’ rooms. You may also use a neutral theme with eco-friendly materials that will last long. 

You will get complete assistance from our experts in choosing the best-suited wallpapers for your kid’s room. To get more options, visit Arcedior and turn your kid’s room into a dreamland. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wallpaper safe for kids?

Yes, wallpapers are entirely safe for kids. It would be best if you chose wallpapers with non-toxic materials. Some wallpapers contain harmful inks and volatile organic compounds. These make the wallpapers harmful for kids. Many wallpapers are recyclable, have water-based ink, and have low volatile organic compounds. The peel-and-stick wallpaper is removable, repositionable, and some are washable too. 

How do I choose a wallpaper for my child’s room?

Choose the wallpaper according to the interest of your kids. The kids wallpaper should reflect the personality and beliefs of your children. For example, choose scientific, geographic, or educational wallpapers if they are into education. If they are infants, then choose wallpapers in muted colors. Jungle wallpapers are evergreen wallpapers that you can install without any hesitation. 

Why use wallpapers for kids’ rooms? 

Wallpapers are used to add texture to the kids’ room. It would be best to have scratch-resistant wallpapers for the kids’ room. Wallpapers reflect the hobbies and likings of your children. You may select 3D wallpapers to make a realistic background. Choose the colors and shapes that your kid likes and reflect them in the wallpaper. 

What should you not do when choosing wallpaper?

Following things you should not do when choosing a wallpaper:
1. You should not think that pattern is everything. Consider colors and texture too. 
2. Not giving weightage to a washable and waterproof feature of the wallpaper. 
3. You may avoid matching wallpapers with your interiors. 
4. Do not avoid the ceilings that you may cover with wallpaper.

How to install and maintain kids wallpapers?

Following are the steps to install and maintain the kids’ wallpapers:
1. Prepare your wall and its edges by cleaning it and filling any holes with cement. 
2. Then prepare the wall accordingly with the type of wallpaper, either adhesive or peel-and-stick.
3. Install the wallpapers with the help of tools, and you can also take help of assistance.  
4. Look out for air bubbles and gently scrape them away. 

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