8 Ideas for Modern Dressing Table to Store or Display Valuables

jewelry stand on modern dressing table

A modern dressing table is an essential furniture item that is functional and decorative. It adds style to the room and gives extra space to store essentials. It is a spot where you check out yourself before heading out. 

But what’s up with the mess? Organizing, cleaning, messing, and repeating. Every day, it is a never-ending cycle.

So, it would be best to have storage boxes that keep your stuff organized and safe. It declutters the tabletop and keeps it clean. You may choose organizers that are sleek or ornate in design. 

The versatility of a modern dressing table is not unknown. Therefore, we’ve curated a list of ways to store your valuable items on a functional dressing table. 

Add A Decorative Storage Box With Lid

Decorative Storage Box With LidSource: Zenza
Decorative Storage Box With Lid

Agate boxes are decorative boxes that are eye catchy and minimal in style. The lid is made of natural agate stone and is a piece of ornamentation in itself. The boxes are decorative as well as functional in purpose. 

  • You may keep jewelry, earphones, or wristwatches in it. 

Opt Classic Wooden Trinket Box

Wooden Trinket BoxSource: Studio Saswata
Wooden Trinket Box

This classic Trinket Box (W) is made of teak wood and stainless steel. It is spacious enough to store invaluable small ornaments or objects. You may also serve dry fruits or candies in this box. The removable lid has a mirror steel finish and a knob for easy opening of the box. 

Invest In Elegant Jewelry Tray Or Dishes

Jewelry TraySource: Studio Indigene
Jewelry Trays

Circle Quad Organiser is made of 4 trays in varied styles and sizes to place jewelry, stationary, or knick-knacks. It can be arranged in one tray. It is made of birch plywood and cork. It is a durable and sustainable jewelry tray. It is 9ʺ in dia and 0.75ʺ high. 

A Yin Jewellery Dish is made of stainless steel in a rose gold finish and polished black marble. With the material chosen, it is stylish and attractive. The product is handmade and unique in its way. As marble is a natural material, every item is unique in its texture, color, and veining.

Put Earrings In a Mirror Jewelry Box Organizer

Mirror Jewelry Box Organizer
Mirror Jewelry Box Organizer

Add this Accessorie Box to your modern dressing table and have quick access to your jewelry or makeup. It comes with a pre-installed mirror in the lid to check out yourself before heading out. You may safely close the box with the aid of a magnetic clasp. 

The base box incorporates smart grooves that serve as a stand for the lid. It provides hands-free access to the mirror. It is 10″ long, 6.5″ wide, 2.75″ high, and rectangular. 

Set Quirky Ring Holder Dish

ring holder dishSource: Serein Decor
Ring Holder Dish

This quirky Antler Ring Dish is a unique addition to your modern dressing table. The horns act as a ring stand, whereas the dish can hold chains and earrings. You can gift it to your friends or relatives and be used as an engagement ring dish. You should overlook the imperfections because this item is handmade. 

Hold Regular Pieces on The Jewelry Stand

Jewelry StandSource: Umbra
Jewelry Stand

Tesora is an industrial-inspired jewelry stand that gives you various heights to hang your jewelry. It is made of architectural materials such as concrete and metal. It is designed with three posts to accommodate varying lengths of chains, chokers, and earrings. The double-wire design on each post can safely display your cufflinks or ear studs. The base is an extra storage space for bracelets, broaches, and bangles. 

Acro is an adjustable jewelry stand with four posts in varied lengths. This stylish jewelry tree is made with white metal and ash wood that can suit any decor style. The perforated posts keep the earrings secured. The base serves as a tray and holds rings, chains, bracelets, or other accessories. 

Choose A Portable Jewelry Case

Jewelry CaseSource: Courtyard
Wooden Jewelry Case

Pavitra Box With 4 Partitions is a classic jewelry case made of wood. The intricate design is made of brass and sandwiched between glass. The sleek box is ideal for storing rings, earrings, or cufflinks. It is a perfect present for festivities and celebrations.  

Organize Perfumes And Lotions In A Marble Vanity Tray

Marble vanity traySource: The Decor Remedy
Marble Vanity Tray

This beautiful Polka Dot Marble & Brass Bath Set of 3 is ivory in color with golden polka dots. The marble tray has four brass legs that keep the tray raised from the table. It enables the proper cleaning of the table. The tray is large enough to accommodate perfumes and lotions that are used daily. 


So, we’ve covered unique ideas for storing your valuable items on a modern dressing table carefully. The modern dressing table is an elegant piece of furniture that gets easily messed up and needs items to declutter. From a trinket box to a jewelry stand, we discussed the items that will protect and display your personal items in detail. Here at Arcedior, we’ve plenty of items that will take care of your stuff and organize them for proper usage. Click here to add such things to your modern dressing table. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things kept on the dressing table?

A dressing table has a space to keep many relevant and useful items. The following items can be placed on a dressing table:
1. Jewelry: A modern dressing table is needed to check out ourselves when wearing jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets. 
2. Makeup: A dressing table is needed to store makeup products, such as lipstick, kajal, or brushes. 
3. Hair accessories: These include items for maintaining and caring for hair. Hair clips, hair spray, hair bands, and curlers are kept on the dressing table. 
4. Skincare products: Lotions, body sprays, moisturizers, and cleansers are some of the products that are placed on a dressing table. These are everyday used items; thus, a modern dressing table is an easy piece of furniture to access. 
5. Perfumes and deodorants: The perfumes are kept on the table for quick spray before heading out. Some people keep them in drawers or shelves too. 
Thus, you may keep the above-mentioned things on the modern dressing table.

How to decorate a dressing table top?

Decorating a dressing table with decorative and functional items reflects your style and personality. Add a mirror to the modern dressing table as it is an essential item. Choose the style, size, and color of the mirror according to the theme of the interior. Install lights on the periphery of the mirror as it helps while applying makeup or trying hair accessories. Add storage boxes and decorative trays on the table that keep the clutter out of sight and are purposefully decorative. Place artifacts on the table and beautify the tabletop. u003cbru003eTherefore, these items are decorative items that are kept on a tabletop.

What is the best way to store jewelry?

The best way to store jewelry is to keep them in jewelry boxes or hang them in a jewelry tree. The jewelry boxes are safe and secure boxes that are equipped with a lock system. 
1. You may also opt for boxes with drawers and shelves. The compartments are an easy way to get jewelry out of the box. It is a perfect way to organize your jewelry of different sizes. 
2. A jewelry tree is ideal for hanging jewelry for the small dressing table. It is an adjustable and space-friendly item too. 
Thus, the best way to store your jewelry is to select the items that suit your preferences and comfort. 

What is the purpose of a jewelry organizer?

A jewelry organizer is an item where the compartments, hooks, and sections segregate the jewelry based on size, variety, or type. 
1. The jewelry organizer on a dressing table prevents damage to jewelry and keeps them in a safe place. It keeps the jewelry in good condition and thus increases its longevity. 
2. An organizer can be a tray, a box, or just a case for rings, bracelets, earrings, and chains. It can be a decorative item, thus accentuating the overall look of the bedroom. 

What are trinket boxes made of?

Trinket boxes are small boxes used to store small items such as rings, coins, etc. These are made of plastic, metal, wood, and glass. 
1. The wooden trinket boxes are classic, natural, and durable. It does not damage easily and protects the items inside. The intricacies of wooden carvings make the trinket box attractive and classy. 
2. Glass is a delicate material that makes impressive trinket boxes. The main advantage of glass boxes is that items are easily identifiable from the outside. 
3. There are lightweight trinket boxes that are made of fabric or plastic. Trinket boxes made of ceramic and metal are heavily weighted. So, choose the trinket box as per your usage requirements.

How do I choose a jewelry organizer?

The following criteria should be considered while choosing a jewelry organizer:
1. Size: You need a big trinket box for a large jewelry collection. In contrast, a small box with a compartment goes well for a small number of items.
2. Type: You may prefer a jewelry tree for long chains. Whereas earrings, rings, or bracelets can be safely stored in boxes with compartments. 
3. Material: Wood and metal are durable, whereas glass and porcelain are delicate materials. 
4. Style: Portable jewelry organizers can be packed and carried to other places. And stationary jewelry organizers are fixed on the dressing table, such as drawers with compartments. 
Therefore, you should consider the jewelry organizer’s size, type, material, and style while choosing one. 

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