10 Insta-Worthy Bowls to Make Your Dishes Stand Out


A party- starts with the hot and savory soup and finishes with the coolness of ice cream. We do enjoy the flavors and aromas of the food throughout the party, but little do we pay attention to the crockery that holds these flavorsome and sumptuous food items. 

If you guessed it right – we are talking about bowls. Yes, sometimes deep and sometimes shallow, these round-shaped containers are the ones that hold the food items properly for a long time. If these bowls were not there, how would parties and everyday dinners have survived without them? 

You will also be surprised to know that these bowls also serve the purpose of decorating a home with their unique styles, designs, and patterns. Also, the Himalayan singing bowls are used for meditation to reduce anxiety, tension, and depression. 

Now that we have an idea of what the bowls can do, let us dig deeper to know them better. Like their several uses, we will be unfolding several types of bowls. So, keep reading the blog till the end, and you will indeed have more knowledge about bowls than that now.

Round and Deep: Rice Bowl

Whether to serve as an assortment mixed with roasted veggies or to pair up with any curry, rice is the perfect ingredient that blends well with other food items. The rice bowl is round-shaped, deep in height, and mainly sold with chopsticks to enjoy the fluffy texture and mild flavor of rice. 

rice bowlSource: The Table Fable
Rice Bowl

This Malé rice bowl seamlessly complements any dinnerware collection, offering a touch of coastal tranquility to your table setting. This product is a true embodiment of artisanal craftsmanship as it is lovingly handmade and meticulously hand-painted.

Highlight: Microwave, Oven, & Dishwasher Safe

Full of Sweetness: Sugar Bowl

“Tea or Coffee, with or without sugar?” is a question we mostly ask our guests first. A sugar bowl is a round-shaped container that often comes with a lid and spoon to hold loose sugar or sugar cubes inside it and is placed along with the tea and coffee to the guests so that they can add sweetness to their taste. 

Yang Sugar BowlSource: Studio Saswata
Yang Sugar Bowl

Yang bowl is a conversation starter that’s destined to captivate your guests. Be it delectable munchies or a sugar bowl, this bowl redefines how you present your culinary delights.

Highlight: A versatile piece

Add the Colors: Fruit Bowl

Fruits are the perfect nutritious gift that we have received from nature. Balanced with proteins and locked with nutrients, all love these juicy food items. A fruit bowl is used to accommodate the big and small-sized fruits. It is a large bowl with a broader surface, ideal for serving the fruits during a random chit-chat or an evening get-together. The perfect bowls come with holes, making it easy for the air to circulate and keeping the fruits fresh.

Fruit BowlSource: Houmn
Fruit Bowl

A Tureen Hammer Bowl is an ideal fruit bowl made of mango wood that can be used at casual parties or for daily munching. This fruit bowl is a masterpiece that exudes vintage charm.

Highlight: Adds a touch of aesthetic allure

Present in Elegance: Pasta Bowl

Pasta has been an irreplaceable delicacy at parties and casual get-togethers, so presenting them gracefully becomes of more importance. It would help if you chose the pasta bowl with wide round edges and shallow depth for this. This pasta bowl is perfect for an ideal serving, whether spaghetti, fusilli, or farfalle.

Pasta BowlSource: Koyo Studios
Pasta Bowl

This chic pasta bowl adds a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Crafted from food-safe aluminum and enhanced with nickel plating, these bowls extend their versatility to accommodate your fresh fruits or delightful dry snacks safely.

Highlight: Can be used as a statement centerpiece

Sip in Style: Soup Bowl

Can you ever think of sipping the hot soup from a plate? Probably not. The soup bowl is the perfect container that holds this liquidy item hot until you finish it. For a denser and creamier soup with chunks of roasted crumbs or veggies, a shallow soup bowl with a wider surface is ideal, whereas if you are serving a pureed soup, then consider opting for a soup bowl that is deep with lessen surface area so that it remains hot for an extended period.

Soup BowlSource: Vigneto
Soup Bowl

Embossed Vines Soup Bowls Set is a set of 18 pcs adorned with intricate gold borders and elegantly embossed vines, and each piece is a testament to brilliant craftsmanship. This bowl is ideal for elevating the charm in your parties and get-togethers. 

Highlight: Lightweight and chip resistant.

Break the Fast with Cereal Bowl

A perfectly balanced breakfast comes in the form of cereals. A cereal bowl is a round-shaped container that is intended to hold breakfast cereals inside it. As the cereal bowl has milk, it is intended to be made deep and small so that the milk does not spill out while enjoying breakfast.

Cereal BowlSource: White Hill Studio
Cereal Bowl

Scarlet Bowls is a stunning addition that effortlessly becomes the centerpiece of your well-curated pottery shelf. From morning breakfasts to a comforting bowl of cereal, indulgent ramen, or even elegantly serving flavorful curries – these bowls are the ultimate multi-functional assets.

Highlight: Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

Stylish and Unique: Serving Bowl

A serving bowl is a deep, wide, round-shaped container used to serve the curries or vegetables in individual bowls on a dining table. People often pour the delicacies from the serving bowls with the help of a serving spoon into their small individual bowls. These serving bowls can be passed from one person to another on the dining table.

Serving BowlSource: Nestroots
Serving Bowl

Add Wooden Tyre Serving Bowl Set to your crockery to make it stand out. These premium bowls give a rich look to your home decor. Allow our Acacia wood serving bowls to shine, bridging the gap between style and practicality. 

Highlight: Ensures durability & food-safe for both hot and cold appetizers.

Enhance the Cool Sweetness: Ice Cream Bowl

The ice cream bowl has various designs, including cones, round, and flower shapes. These bowls are small, wider from the edges, and narrower at the bottom, which keeps the ice cream cool. These bowls can also be used to serve the custard and fruit salad in a presentable manner. They come with a spoon with which the ice cream is eaten.

Ice Cream BowlSource: The Table Fable
Ice Cream Bowl

Immerse yourself in the charm of handcrafted elegance with our exquisite Roseate glass bowl set skillfully crafted in the heart of India. Transform your special evenings into memorable experiences as this stunning piece becomes the perfect vessel for serving delectable ice creams and desserts.

Highlight: This product is handmade.

Toss the Flavors: Salad Bowl

A salad bowl is round from the edges with a wider mouth and shallow depth. These bowls are typically used to toss the salad and then serve them on individual plates after getting tossed fully. These come in various materials like ceramic, stoneware, wood, or other bowls.

Salad BowlSource: A Vintage Affair
Salad Bowl

Tropical Flamingo Wood Salad Bowl Set is designed with a keen eye for trendsetting style, and these bowls are more than just dining essentials – they are statements of elegance that will transform your dining table. Immerse yourself in the world of tasteful dining aesthetics with our meticulously crafted salad bowls and servers.

Highlight: This bowl is eco-friendly in nature.

Embellish the Space: Decorative Bowl

A decorative bowl is a crockery purposely adorned with vibrant colors, patterns, and designs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a place. You can keep these bowls anywhere from kitchen cabinets to the tables in the living area. 

Decorative BowlSource: Mason Home
Decorative Bowl

The Hibiscus Wooden Twin Bowl is a captivating addition to your home décor and dining collection. This bowl is set to redefine your culinary and visual experiences.

Highlight: Makes every dining an experience of visual delight.


Wrapping it up, bowls are round-shaped, deep, and shallow containers that have been used for ages for serving and holding delicious food items inside them, but their use has not been limited to tableware. Yes, besides having practical usage, the bowls have also served as a home decor piece. These containers add aesthetic flair to home decor styles with their vibrant shades and subtle patterns. If you are wondering which bowl is perfect for you, visit Arcedior, where we have every bowl for your needs, whether holding the soup or mixing the salad. So, choose your unique styled bowls now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a soup bowl and a cereal bowl?

The difference between a soup bowl and a cereal bowl is their size. The soup bowl is shallow with upturned edges and relatively more comprehensive, whereas the cereal bowl is more profound and smaller. The cereal bowl has much more capacity than the soup bowl to hold more cereal. A cereal bowl has a size width between 5 and 6 inches with a height of 3 inches, whereas a soup bowl has a width of around 9 inches and a height of approximately 2 inches.

Can you use a decorative bowl for serving food?

Yes, but only if it is food safe. Various bowls are available in different materials like wood, ceramic, and glass, decorated with several colors; some are food safe. So, the bowls with food-safe dyes are ideal to use for serving. A decorative bowl with various finishes and patterns is adorned in several vibrant or subtle colors. Placing them in the kitchen cabinets or dining table can be enchanting. You can put them anywhere from your living room to study tables as home decor items. Also, to make them more appealing, you can place floating lamps inside them by filling the water in the bowl. 

What size is a standard cereal bowl?

A cereal bowl has a standard width between 5 to 6 inches and a height of 3 inches. These are round from the edges and deep in height so that there remains a lot of cereal capacity for breakfast. These bowls come in various styles and patterns with subdued hues and vibrant colors that add aesthetic charm to the dining table. 

How do I choose the best soup bowl?

To choose the best soup bowl, you must consider the quality of the material used. The material used in making the soup bowl must be food safe and not melt with the hot soup poured inside. Then, it would be best if you also kept the density of the soup in mind while choosing a soup bowl. For the creamier soup, choose a shallow bowl with a wider surface so that heat is released more efficiently, and for dense soup, a taller bowl with a lessened area is perfect for keeping the soup hot for an extended period.

What are bowls, and how do they differ in size and style?

Bowls are round-shaped containers that serve as an essential part of the crockery. These can be shallow or deep containers depending on the food they are holding. For example, a shallow bowl with a 5.5″ diameter height of 2″ is ideal for serving vegetables and curry-based dishes. 
The bowls are also used for decorating purposes. These bowls can enhance the top of the table with their unique styles, patterns, and designs. Different types of bowls are available for cereals, soups, curries, and ice creams.


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