10 Ideas to Decorate and Style a Sideboard


What is a sideboard? 

Sideboards were utilized initially in dining areas as serving surfaces and laying buffets. As designs evolved, they became versatile and made a great addition to every room of the house. A sideboard is an ideal place to display artwork, place indoor plants, ceramics, books, and other collected trinkets in the living room. In the bedroom, a sideboard becomes multi-functional. It doubles as a dressing table, which can be further decorated with a decorative mirror or other collectibles like jewelry, photos, or perfumes.

Styling a Sideboard 

Sideboards are ideal for both display and storage. They are used to store crockery or dinnerware as they were used traditionally, but perfect furniture for storage without trading off with the room’s design. Sideboards are a home furnishing must-have. Here are some tips on how to style a sideboard to create an effortlessly stylish look.

1. Create symmetry
The simplest way to create symmetry on the sideboard is by placing two lamps on each end. This is the most traditional way to create symmetry and works well if the sideboard is long. While showcasing any display to create symmetry on a sideboard, view it from the front to check if there is an equal visual weight on each side.

2. Maximize midcentury tones
Mid-century modern sideboards and buffets have the attributes of clean lines, gorgeous woods, and modern design. Mid-century modern influenced design sideboards are an excellent addition for stylish but cozy spaces. The use of natural wood finishes and organic woven textures makes the space inviting.

3. Practical and well organized
A sideboard can also be practical for entertaining. Keep it clear of accents, and it can double as a buffet, a bar, or storage for plates and glassware. Even in the evenings, when you’re just cooking for the family, a sideboard can be useful for holding your everyday dinnerware. Other elements like wine bottles, teacups, or napkin holders, can also be placed. The key is to be practical and well organized while displaying items.

4. Keep an eclectic collection tidy
Sturdy, rustic, and vintage sideboards support an eclectic display. Eclectic collection demands symmetry differently. An assortment of tastefully picked decor with matching table lamps on either end of the side table does the trick and makes the display look cohesive than chaotic.

5. Hang artworks
Sideboards are ideal to be utilized as mini-stages by installing large artwork on the wall along with delicate pieces of decor like stylish lamps, little potted plants, or books to accessorize the sideboard’s surface.

6. Showstopper Vases
The sideboard is excellent to place a statement vase with fresh flowers. A variety of flower holders in different colors and sizes work well. Displaying various flowers will create different moods and complement other elements like statement decor pieces, artwork, or photo frames.

7. Books galore
Books are a great way to style a sideboard. They’re also an easy yet effective way to tie your design into your room’s color scheme. Use the books to create varying heights and place decorative ornaments like bottle vases, flowers, or candles on top.

8. Cluster decor
A great idea to decorate sideboards on the hallways is to place cluster decor on the surface. Place a ceramic bowl to dump keys and purses. A sideboard is high functioning and can be an excellent substitute for a side table or a table end. You can make it attractive by placing decorative bowls of candy, colorful flowers, or a fancy lamp.

9. Team with shelves
Placing sideboards with shelves is a super simple way to give your place a chic look. Adorning the sideboard with some candles or eye-catching decor on the shelves will complement the sideboard above. The shelves can also be used to store excess ornaments or accessories, thus keeping the sideboard clutter-free and functional at the same time.

10. Bookend with lamps
Lamps and sideboards perfectly complement each other. This combination effectively hides clutter while making the room look modern and tasteful. Adding photographic art to the wall will add just the right finishing touches to the sideboard.

Styling your sideboard is a great way to add extra detail into the room without overpowering it. Each of these tips is a creative way to add interest to your sideboard while also showcasing your style and personality. Sideboards provide you with desirable surface space.

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