How to do Eclectic the Right way

Plan, placement, and layout are the first thing you need to understand about eclectic décor. When you design a space, it’s always about the planning. But when it comes to an eclectic design, it’s all the more important that you stick to the plan to prevent a mess.

Be conscious of function versus form. The form is the style of the piece, against the function of the space. Function looks at whether it’s a living room, a dining room or a kitchen. When you are doing an eclectic design, let the function be your designer. Choose pieces that the function of the room needs. For instance in a living room you obviously need seating, a coffee table, perhaps even a side chair.

Taking inspiration from Pablo Escobar’s home turned hotel, we notice that eclectic homes incorporate a lot of wood into their space. Perhaps a weighted coffee table with sculptured, well-traveled elements sitting on it is how you could decorate it. This is a really cool idea since there is a real mix of cultures. And that’s what we are striving to achieve!

You don’t really need that candy coated perfection for your home. And there’s also an opportunity for a bit of luxe energy when you use a chesterfield sofa. Eclectic styles are all about trusting your eye. If it looks right, it feels right.

1. Group Items To Create a Collection

group items for your home

Notice the seamless effort to bring in three different patterns together? We love how this living room has incorporated three styles to create a collection. We encourage you to put those items together instead of randomly placing them around the room. The most common collection includes vases, but you can always get extra creative. This living room has incorporated a unified color scheme, white! So even though there’s a use of different styles, the use of white really helps to bring the entire space together.

2. Curate

Curated design ideas for your home

When creating an eclectic space, you should resist the urge to add too much furniture. Stuffing too many styles into a room can often result in a visual chaos. Try to look for a unified color scheme when bringing eclectic elements together. In this living room, the furniture pieces are unified with the help of a black-and-white scheme. Mismatched modern and vintage chairs wed French toile fabric, while the striped ottomans bring in a dash of color to liven up the space. Let’s not forget the contribution of the gray walls and curtains. They blend in so well with the accessories to establish a sense of cohesiveness.

3. Add Unexpected Forms

Unexpected design ideas for your home

In need to set up a bachelor pad? Make a bold statement by displaying sentimental items around for a personalized eclectic space. Inspired by land, sea, and modern forms, these individual statements bring life to the room. The striped wall helps to bring some order to your space. And because stripes have been paired with solids, they add a crisp, polished element. The use of rugs and neutral upholstered pieces bring some warmth to the space.

Be adventurous with your décor picks. A lot of people would make a judgment and say that eclectic design is not their style. Live with it for a while, because it’s a little bit of everything. So you have to live in the space a little bit, see how you feel with it and you’re good to go!

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