Home Office Ideas: Build a Super Functional, Smart Home Office Space

Working from home has become a common phenomenon, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a surge of unplanned requirements for many office-going individuals to make room for a home office space. Integrating a home office in an existing space means selecting versatile elements that aren’t necessarily designed for the workplace.

Our environment impacts productivity, and so, designing a home office should be given due consideration. Here are some inspiring ideas to assemble a super functional and smart home office space:

1. Choose the perfect location

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Choose a location that best suits your working style and nature of work. A dedicated workspace in your home helps you set aside distractions at home and consistently focus on work. Factors like comfortable accommodation, clutter-free surroundings, natural light, and a little open space are key layout components of a home office.

2. Add a Pop of color

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Amplifying your workplace by adding splashes of your favorite color can be welcoming and joyful to your home office space. A pop of color can be added to walls through quirky artwork, workstation through colorful stationery, or bright colored furniture. The ideal color combination will make your office desirable and not look dull and boring.

3. Make it look spacious

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While planning your home office space, you need to look out to utilize a spare corner, a great window view, a stretch of wall, or space under the stairs. Brieflyreorganizing rooms to allow for better workspaces is a useful exercise to transition into work mode, increase focus, wellbeing, and give a sense of much-needed control.

4. Picking the right furniture

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Always choose a chair that suits your height and body requirements. Adjustable standing desks are becoming more and more popular with the realization that sitting for too long can lead to health issues. If you plan to create a space for more than one person, investing in ergonomic chairs and standing desks is a good option. Though not always aesthetically appealing, they are highly functional and will encourage you to sit up straighter & move more instead of just drooping over the computer screens all day.

5. Select the right shelves for smart storage

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Smart shelving is an absolute must in a home office, regardless of its size and the task that it is used for. Open, spacious shelves make the home office look more organized, elegant, and sophisticated without disturbing the ‘visual space.’You can also use desks with open shelves when you need space to arrange books, files, or other office essentials.

6. Throw some ‘natural’ light

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Collateral light or indirect light is always a better lighting choice while planning a home office. Indirect lights can be enhanced with lampshades or diffusers that soften the light, creating less glare and not stressing the eyes. Natural light also improves your mood and helps keep you energized and productive throughout the day. Keep in mind that to arrange your desk to face the window or in a direction where your computer screen will not be affected.

7. Decorate with some greenery

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Adding a little greenery to your home office can help you bring the outdoors inside. A few plants around will help feel more connected to nature as we are continuously glued to our screens. Select easy to maintain plants, which will help in improving air quality.

8. Declutter the wires

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Declutter the cords from multiple devices in your office space by investing in some kind of cord organizers like twist ties or hooks. Avoid making your workspace look like a tech jungle, with unappealing cords snaking across all surfaces. Another way of reducing clutter is by positioning equipment close to power outlets tucking all cords within a desk grommet, and camouflaging them.

9.Express your décor flair via paint and wallpaper

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Unless you’re going for a contemporary look, choose bold paints or quirky wallpapers to enhance your home office. Choosing the right wallpaper can have an enormous effect on you or your work environment’s general vibe. There’s no dissent from the wow-factor of a great wallpaper. From abstract to geometrics, wild and fun wallpapers are a great way to decorate your home workspace without adding unnecessary decor and clutter.

10. Set up a mini-shrine

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Another trend while designing a home office is of assembling mini-shrines. Mini-shrines are perfect for those who despise a sterile work environment. Another element is of installing a corkboard to keep important memos, notes, or personal vision boards. Elements like pretty mugs, holder, trendy notepads, or a decorative wastebasket is another way to amp up the mini shrine and get inspired. Hanging inspirational prints on walls, whether that’s simply framed artwork or a classic painting, is a great option.

Create an office space that compliments your job and personality while providing maximum comfort and satisfaction. If you are confused about figuring out where to begin, hopefully, these recommendations will provide you with some inspiration. Pick a theme or color and make space your own. With the work from home trend on the rise, your home office may just become the most important space in your house.

Tell us, what does your home office looks like? Share your setup below!

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