Which Bowl Material is Good for You – Glass, Wooden, or Ceramic?

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Fan of Ramyeon? 
Want to eat how BTS enjoys ramyeon?

We’ve got you covered. You need a bowl that will help you slurp noodles without any hassle. There are uncountable options available in it. But the primary dilemma is which material to choose for safe eating. 

You can eat your ramyeon, thukpa, or salad in a fancy and healthy way by selecting the correct material for bowls. To select, you need to know the advantages of different types of bowl materials such as wood, glass, ceramic, etc. 

Scroll down and read the whole blog to get insights about your dilemma. The advantages of different materials are written down that will help you in your shopping. 

Traditional X Modern: Wooden Bowl

Wood is a natural raw material used to make crockery since prehistoric times. It is considered auspicious and symbolic in many cultures. In addition, people prefer wood for serving and eating purposes because it is hygienic and healthy. 

Wooden TablewareSource: Half Dot
Wooden Bowl

Into the bowl is an aesthetically appealing wooden bowl with a subtle flair. The unconventional shape is attractive and adds a minimalist touch to the kitchen decor. With this item, you can beautify your center table, dining table, kitchen counter, or side table. 

Why prefer?

  • Wood is resistant to microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. 
  • You can wash them with soap.
  • Hot food and soups can be served in it.
  • Wood is a renewable material and can be renewed into other products. 
  • Wood is a biodegradable material. Therefore, they are eco-friendly. 

Regal Glass Bowl

Glass has been a popular material in tableware for ages. However, due to their hygienic and clean characteristics, they are preferred for daily use too. 

Glass bowls are also used to hold objects such as keys, chains, candies, or rings. Due to their attractiveness and ability to draw attention to the space, you may use them for decorative purposes.

Glass servewareSource: Courtyard
Glass Tableware

Majuli is a musty green bowl with a slumped chevron pattern. It is a statement serveware for almonds, cashews, appetizers, salads, or kebabs. You may gift them at parties, anniversaries, housewarmings, and corporate souvenirs. 

Why prefer? 

  • Glass is a bad heat conductor. Therefore, you can use them in microwaves and ovens. 
  • Glasswares are hygienic and clean and devoid of any toxic elements. 
  • They can take colors and designs readily.
  • With glass, it’s possible to create any desired shape and size through sculpting.

Gift From Potter’s Hands: Ceramic Bowl

Pottery is one of the oldest inventions of humankind and makes ceramic wares. Ceramic bowls are healthy and eco-friendly choices as dinnerware. Ceramic wares include earthenware, porcelain, stoneware, and bone china. 

Ceramic Serving bowlSource: The Table Fable
Ceramic Serving Bowl

Daisy ceramic bowl adorned with intricate multi-color detailing, not only elevates your dining experience but also adds a touch of joy to your table. From vibrant salads to soul-warming soups and delightful one-pot wonders, make your food as beautiful as it is delicious.

Why prefer?

  • They are chemically inert, thus, do not react with the food items.
  • They are resistant to heat, pressure, and chemicals.
  • You can use ceramic ware in both the microwave and oven. 
  • You may also use them for serving, mixing, or eating.

Versatile Plastic Bowls

plastic bowlsSource: Until
Versatile Plastic Bowls

Plastic has taken the world under its cover, and dinnerwares are no exception. From disposable to durable items, plastic wares are highly popular and preferred nowadays. 

There are variations in plastic bowls, such as compartments, lids, a separate section for placing cutlery, or a base for balancing it. 

Why prefer?

  • Inexpensive, thus you can buy as many as you want.
  • Lightweight, therefore easy to carry around. 
  • From mini to large sizes, they are available in all sizes. 
  • Durable and can also be used in refrigerators. 
  • Easy to clean.

Shiny Crystal Bowl

The crystal bowl is harder and more durable than the glass one. Lead oxide is mixed with the Glass to make the crystals. The added material makes the crystal wares porous, which helps refract the light and makes the crystal shine. 

Crystal BowlSource: Vista Alegre
Shiny Crystal Serveware

Ensemble is a timeless piece that is exquisite crystal ware. The deep cuts and hand-painted golden rim make this product elegant for festive occasions or celebrations.

Why prefer?

  • It is clearer than glass bowls, that’s why it is preferred for high-end glassware. 
  • It disperses the light in a rainbow hue.
  • Due to its malleability, crystals can be decorated with elaborate patterns.
  • Tapping a crystal bowl will create a bell-like ringing sound, making it suitable for decorations.

3S: Sturdy Stainless Steel Bowls

Have you seen chefs mixing their ingredients in large bowls? They are made of stainless steel, which is sturdy, durable, and strong enough to store heavy items. These are rust-resistant. These are practically indestructible. 

Stainless Steel Serveware
Stainless Steel Serveware

Para is an elegantly shaped serveware that is made of fine stainless steel polished white marble as its base. Such a unique piece is a perfect option for serveware that announces its presence since they provide a richness that displays a lovely mirror finish. 

Why prefer?

  • They do not corrode readily.
  • Comparatively, stainless steel lasts longer than glass, ceramic, or plastic. 
  • You may use it in a refrigerator for storing purposes.
  • It does not react to chemicals readily. 
  • It retains its shine for an extended period. 


Here, we’ll take you on a brief tour of different materials. So, wood is a natural material. Whereas stainless steel, glass, crystals, and ceramic are alloy and artificial materials. Glass and crystals are highly delicate, whereas stainless steel and wood are sturdy and robust. 

So, prioritize your requirements before selecting the bowls. It could be its brittleness, breakability, or durability. For this, you can choose the ones from our vast and beautiful collection of bowls. Click here to shop. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some unique uses for a wooden bowl?

You may use them to keep mouth fresheners. It eases the serving of mouth fresheners or candies to the guests. These are also a perfect haven for keeping small items that get easily misplaced. You may place pins, rings, earrings, ear pods, and many other things. The unique idea is to fill a wooden bowl with water and decorate it with flowers. 

Can you use a glass bowl for hot food?

Yes, they are preferred for their high resistance to heat. This is the reason that Glass is used for warming or cooking food in ovens and microwaves. Also, Glass is an insulator, so it does not get heated up when you put hot food in it. They are durable too. 

Are wooden bowls better than ceramic?

Ceramic and wooden bowls each have benefits and drawbacks. Wood is a natural material, thus free of toxins and unwanted chemicals. Ceramic wares are brittle and easily break if mishandled. Wood is carved and polished with food-grade polish to make it suitable for eating or everyday use. The same is done with ceramic ones in different colors. 

Is eating in a wooden bowl healthy?

Yes, wood is a natural organic material safe for eating. Wood is naturally anti-bacterial and resistant to many microorganisms. For safe use, you need to look for its finishes by completely sealing the material so that it won’t deteriorate with water or chemicals. In some cultures, wood is considered auspicious and healthy for dining. 

Are ceramic bowls safe?

Yes, ceramic is made from clay, which is a natural material. Pottery is the technique that is used to make ceramic wares. Most of them are safe to use if they are not contaminated with lead or other toxins. It is safe to use if ceramic wares are heated for long periods at high temperatures. Otherwise, toxins can leach into the drinks or beverages and be inappropriate for use. 

Why do people use stainless steel bowls?

Stainless steel has proven itself sturdy, nonreactive, and durable, among other materials, which is why people use them. Stainless steel is an alloy with an optimum amount of chromium oxide and is corrosion-resistant. These are easy to clean and maintain hygiene around the kitchen or dining area. These are the reasons for continuous manufacturing and preference for stainless steel dinnerware. 

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