10 Full Length Mirror Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

full length mirror

Dressing up and getting ready without a mirror is a daunting task. What if I need to look this way, or how would I hairdo without looking into the mirror? These are the specific questions about to be in your brain if your home lacks the presence of a practical as well as decorative piece called a mirror. Indeed, the mirror has made its importance to such an extent that now the homes look void without them. 

To your surprise, we will talk about more than just a standard mirror but a full length mirror. Yes, this kind of mirror has an advantage over the general mirrors. Not only will they give you your full-length look, but they will also add depth inside your home while giving an illusion of more space in your home by reflecting the lights.

Full Length Wall Mirror

A full-length wall mirror is easily mounted on the wall while providing you with the entire look of how you appear from head to toe. This can be placed opposite the windows on the wall to maximize the lighting in the room.

Full Length Wall MirrorSource: Luxxu
Full Length Wall Mirror

Mount this beautiful Orbis mirror into your room and catch your look. This is a decorative mirror in a rectangular shape that will add grace to your room. Made of gold-plated brass, it brings a modern touch to this timeless design.


  • Stylish and glamorous
  • Hung vertically or horizontallySteel prolific edges

Full Length Floor Mirror

If you want to adorn the corners of your room, then nothing can beat the charm of a full length floor mirror. While enhancing the light in the room, it will also beautify the corners of your room. 

Full Length Floor MirrorSource: Pacini Cappellini
Full Length Floor Mirror

Destiny is the perfect definition of a full length floor mirror. This free-form-shaped mirror is available in wall-mounted and freestanding forms and has wooden edges around the mirror. This mirror will go well with contemporary home-style decor.


  • Wider base
  • Wooden edges

Arch Full Length Mirror

Arched Full Length MirrorSource: Lagu
Arched Full Length Mirror

Definitely! Curves have their own charm. You can also add that splendid charm by placing this mirror in an arched style in the home. These will grace up and add softness to the room in your angular spaces. These have arches at one or both ends.

Gold Full Length Mirror

Gold has the capacity to turn any place chic and regal. The ornate gold-colored edges create magic in the air when combined with glass. The combination of gold with glass is a classical choice and leads to eternal beauty. 

Arched Full Length MirrorSource: Brabbu
Gold Full Length Mirror for Bedroom

Add a gold-colored Cay Rectangle Mirror that gleams and shines to make your space appear more luxurious. It is heavily adorned with ornate edges that add a decorative element to the room.


  • Brass edges
  • Floor-mounted, wall mounted

Full Length Mirror With Lights

Full Length Mirror With LightsSource: Tonelli Design
Full Length Mirror With Lights

Although a mirror full in length provides an entire view of yours while you dress up, it makes no sense if there is no ample light in the room. For this problem, the solution comes with a full length mirror with lights. With this mirror, LED lights are added on the edges, which provides a halo effect around the mirror and also brightens up the front enough so that you get to see yourself clearly and get ready quickly.

Large Full Length Mirror

This is the one that is larger in dimensions than the standard mirror of this kind. This mirror is ideal for putting in rooms that are big enough. Otherwise, it will only create congestion in the home.

Large Full Length MirrorSource: Carpanelli
Large Full Length Mirror

Place this large full length mirror called Morfeo big mirror that will bring the exciting touch to your room with its Canaletta walnut wooden frame. You can place it against the wall and enjoy its attractive allure.


  • Wooden frame
  • Decorative

Full Length Mirror With Stand

Full Length Mirror With StandSource: Fiam
Full Length Mirror With Stand

This mirror with stand is the one that perfectly blends and complements well with the corners. When you are leaving for your office or casual parties, then this freestanding mirror will aid you in getting the perfect makeover. Also, moving it from one place to another in the home is easy.

Vintage Full Length Mirror

As the name suggests, the vintage styled mirror speaks of the vintage charm with heavy edges, classical designs in darker shades, and sometimes distressed patterns. They are heavier in weight than modern mirrors and thick in width.

Black Full Length Mirror

Black is known for exuding a modern look with a sleek and stylish design. The love for black is a trend that can be seen in furniture, decorative items, and even kitchenware.

Black Full Length MirrorSource: Lagu
Black Full Length Mirror

Add the magic of black with this astonishing piece of decor and practical mirror called Gatsby Full Length Mirror. Made with round edges painted in black color, this mirror is perfect for giving you a flawless look.


  • Floor mounted
  • Round-shaped metallic edges 

Full Length Mirror With Storage 

Full Length Mirror With StorageSource: Studio Indigene
Full Length Mirror With Storage

Mirrors are of vital importance as they give us our full look and give the illusion of more space in the room. But they create more sense when provided with additional facilities like storage. A full length mirror with storage gives extra space to keep the cosmetics and various other items inside so that you can easily grab whatever you want quickly. 


Concluding it all, mirrors are the perfect decorative element that creates the illusion of more space in the room. Place them anywhere in the home, but they will go well inside the bedroom. They are ideal for putting in the corners where you can fully glance at your entire look before going to any event. Yes, they are the perfect definition of an item that is decorative as well as practical in usage. Catch the best full length mirror here at Arcedior and glam up your space now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a full-length mirror?

A full-length mirror is needed because it allows you to see yourself fully. In addition to this, it also makes your room appear brighter and more spacious by reflecting the light into the room. With its practical usage, the full-length mirror in a room adds a decorative element that enhances the room’s visual appeal.

How long should full-length mirror be?

An ideal size for a full length mirror is 43 by 13 inches to 68 by 32 inches. It would be best if you placed these mirrors where there is enough space to accommodate this. This kind of mirror in your home brings the illusion of more space and makes it easier for you to catch your full glance when you get ready. 

What to look for when buying a full-length mirror?

It is important to evaluate several aspects when buying a full-length mirror. Firstly, look for the proper place in your home where you want to place the mirror because a full-length mirror definitely takes up a good amount of space. Next, look for the width of the mirror, whether you want a thick mirror or an older one, and then the whole dimensions. Finally, choose the shape you want at your place and go for it.

Can you hang a full-length mirror?

Yes, you can hang a full-length mirror inside your home. Hang the mirror on the wall until you have enough space on your wall and a big enough room. Adding a full-length mirror on the stairway and behind the sofa is a great idea, as it will accentuate the room while adding aesthetic flair.

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