5 Exciting Home Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

Home Decor Ideas

Owning a home is a dream for many, and you have ticked that dream now. Congratulations! Now that your home has been built, you want to decorate it to reflect your personal taste. However, there are so many home decor ideas and ornamental things available that it can be confusing to know where to begin and what to choose. 

There are many different home decor items on the market, from light fixtures to furniture, so let us now deep dive more and explore together the various home decor ideas that will make your space better to live in with a beautiful ambiance. 

Lighting: Brighten Your Space

One of the essential elements to survive through the night is light. We look for light, whether to find a lost item at home or go to the kitchen to catch a glass of water at midnight. In addition to serving its primary function, it is a decorative element to embellish and radiate the ambiance with its ornamental and distinctive designs.

Abida Table LightSource: Courtyard
Sarava Floor LampSource: Studio Indigene
Olivia Wall Art Wall SconeSource: Logam
LampSource: Mianzi
Hakka Rattan Pendant LightSource: Logam
AtomicSource: Circu
Luna Desk LampSource: Studio Saswata
Bamboo Lotus Table LampSource: MIANZI
Table lampSource: Almerich

Table Lamps

Table lamps inside a room are the ideal source of providing soft light. These are the small-sized lamps placed on the tables.

One of the best places to keep these lamps is the nightstands, which will also add a decorative element to the entire room.

Floor Lamps

If you find the corners of your home dull and drab, then the perfect decor item you can add is the floor lamp. These are the tall and standing lamps that accentuate the ambiance of the room.

Also, they can be placed behind the seating area to provide enough lighting for reading magazines and enjoying the evening.

Hanging Lights

The hanging lights are a unique way of adding warmth to your home by hanging down the ceilings. Whether you want to style or glow, this light is sure to provide you with both. These lights are hung from the ceiling, varying in height as per their designs and uniqueness.

These lights are often made from materials like brass, copper, glass, or bamboo. The styles may include globe hanging lights, cylindrical hanging lights over the dining table, or even lantern hanging lights that are perfect for the kitchen. 


Chandeliers are ornamental lighting fixtures that are usually mounted on the ceilings. These are the lights that add aesthetic appeal to the rooms apart from illuminating them.

Chandeliers should be ideally suspended from the ceilings of big rooms like living areas or grand entryways. Place them in the middle of the room’s ceilings and get their beautiful shade illuminating your space.

Ceiling Lights

As the name suggests, ceiling lights are one of the excellent home decor ideas for illuminating the home. These are mounted directly into the ceilings and add light to the rooms.

These kinds of lights mainly include LEDs, spotlights, flush lights, and recessed ceiling lights.

Wall Lamps

Wall lights add a decorative element to the rooms with their unique aesthetic appeal. These are mounted directly into the walls, making the room appear brighter and more inviting. Place them on the backside of your bed or in the stairway, and they will make the place appear more beautiful with their soft light.

Candle Holder: Create A Soothing Ambience

When it comes to the perfect dinner definition, we always look for candlelight dinners. Candles are indeed the charm of the place, and to adore it even more, candle holders are its ideal partner. So glow up your home with the stylish candle holder and inculcate sophisticated radiance.

Candle HolderSource: Vanchai
Candle Holders 1
Nysa Candle HolderSource: Logam
Naga Taper Candle HolderSource: Anantaya
Romantic Candle HolderSource: Half Dot
Shahi Rose Glass CandleSource: Rustic Horse

Votive Candle Holders

These are the candle holders used to hold the votive candles. They are short in length and smaller in size. These candle holders allow the wax to burn inside them entirely and are great for putting them on the dining table and in the drawing rooms.

Taper Sticks

Taper Sticks are elegant candle holders that are ideal for home decor ideas. It has a thin and ornate stand to carry the narrow and elongated candles with a broad base giving support to them. These are mainly found on the dining tables while enjoying a meal at night.


For an aesthetically pleasing environment, add lanterns to your home. These have candles enclosed in brass, wrought iron, and nickel structures in beautiful styles and shapes. They are portable and can also be hung on the walls of the home to offer ambient lighting. 


Candelabras is the term translated into candle tree. These are the widely used candle holders used since a very long time. They have a broad handle to hold them from beneath, with various candle-holding branches designed in an ornamental manner. They are perfect for enjoying a cozy candlelight dinner on the dining tables.

Decorative Items: Add Personality To Your Home

Decorating the corners and little spaces on tables is the work of minute detailing, and it needs to be unique to speak your bold taste in home decor ideas. So give your room an elegant touch with our plethora of decorative items.

Kealan Sea Green Glass VaseSource: Home Artisan
White Atlas World GlobeSource: Casa Decor
Victorian Curve TraySource: The Decor Remedy
World map wall artSource: The Map Store
Colossals BookendSource: Casa Decor
Book ReadingSource: Moira sculptures
Wooden World Map ClockSource: The Map Store
Coco Marble and Brass Dachshund BookendsSource: Home Artisan
horse globe bikeSource: Moira sculptures, Casa Decor

Flower Vase

The charm of the vibrant flowers to brighten the room space is irreplaceable. So, for a better floral arrangement, a flower vase is the decor item to take into account. 

The vases can be made of wood, glass, ceramic, or stone. Whether you want to spruce up the corners or embellish the central tables, a flower vase is what you need to choose.


The pile of books here and there needs to be fixed, so you should choose the bookends to arrange them. 

Bookends are functional pieces that also serve decorative purposes. These supports on both ends keep the books intact inside them. 


Globes placed on your working desk at home are a sophisticated addition to the home decor. These provide the topographical and political information on a single round ball. They are also available with the light embedded inside them, which you can see even in the dark.

Decorative Trays

The decorative trays in the kitchen cabinets or placed on the side tables and living areas add a beautiful touch to the space. These are embellished with motifs and adorned with patterns in vibrant and subtle hues. 


A sculpture or figurine on the tables becomes one of the centers of attraction for the people. So, while considering the best home decor ideas, the sculptures of animals, people, and other blended art on the cabinets make the room look more interesting. These are made from ceramics, wood, glass, stone, or metals.


Planters inside the home ensure the coolness that ultimately reduces stress, tension, and anxiety while promoting harmony. In addition to this, the presence of unique planters makes the space more pretty.

Wall Decor: Make A Statement

Now, it’s time to add a dash of patterns with a pinch of style and transform your drab cemented structure called walls. Yes, they need to be given the most eclectic look. It feels beautiful, surrounded by unique textures and subtle and vibrant hues. 

Japanese Fish Wall PaintingSource: Lagu
Japanese Fish Wall Painting


Mirrors inside your home become the focal point and provide functionality and utility. These are the most eye-catching decor items that allow the space to appear grand and elevated. 

There are many options you can consider while choosing the best ones for your rooms, including hanging mirrors, full-length wall mirrors, mirror tiles, and framed mirrors.


Paintings are the creative prints on the frames or canvas that are hung on the wall. These are among the excellent home decor ideas for those who love imagination and creativity.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are digital prints by high-quality photography that are directly applied to the walls to give a beautiful view. These are mainly used on one wall of the room to enhance the appearance of the room. They include various techniques such as mosaic, graffiti, and fresco.

Home Furnishing: Add Comfort And Style

Indeed, the comfort in a home is found nowhere in the world. How about we can add a style to your convenience? Yes, that’s possible. Make your comfort space cozier and make the magic happen.

Home furnishingsSource: Houmn
Home Furnishings


Rugs are a plush way of adding softness to the floor so that you won’t hit barefoot on the hardwood floors and also keep the floors away from stains and spills. Along with serving their primary purpose, rugs are the best decor items to beautify rooms and accentuate the furniture of the home.

These come in various vivid patterns with vibrant hues that can be placed in any area of your home, including the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and drawing room. With several types available, like Persian, Moroccan, Boho, Modern, and Contemporary, you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Decorative Pillows

The beds are incomplete without pillows. These are the pillows that have a cushion-like plushness embellished with distinctive patterns and colors. So, to add a decorative touch to your bedroom, you can place decorative pillows that serve the dual purpose of adding aesthetics and comfort into your life. In addition, they help in giving support to your back and neck while you are sitting or lying on the sofa or bed. 


Throws are lightweight fabric that keeps you warm when you are snug while watching movies or while traveling. These are much smaller than the regular blanket but cover the entire body of the person who drapes it. They can be made of wool, cotton, silk velvet, and cashmere. These can also be used to cover furniture, including sofas or couches.

Room-Specific Home Decor Items

The rooms together make up the home. Be it the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, or bedroom, we cannot live peacefully without them because every room has its own story. So, why not decorate them distinctly as well? 

Living Room Decor Ideas

Decorative Items for Living RoomSource: Boca Do Lobo
Living Room Decor

For decorating a living room, there are various items that you can use to beautify it. For example, cover the floors with area rugs to accentuate the furniture, adorn the top of the central table with flower vases and candle holders, walls with murals and paintings, and for the corners, the ceilings with chandeliers and LED lights, add the length and standing lamps. 

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Simba bedroom rug placementSource: Rug Society
Bedroom Decor Ideas

The bedroom is the place where we feel relaxed and unwind ourselves. So, firstly, choose a wallpaper that best suits your taste. Then, add the aesthetically charming rugs on the floors and linen bedding to feel the plushness for the soft landing of your feet. 

Adore the sides of the bed with the stylish nightstands and their tops with planters and bookends. To keep your head and neck flexible, take the help of an upholstered headboard. The couches are best to be draped with throws, and the ceilings must be adorned with LED lighting, and your cozy bedroom is ready.

Kitchen Decor Items

Kitchen decorSource: Silk Avenue
Kitchen Decor

The kitchen is the soul of the home. The ceiling above the slab can be embellished with hanging lamps to provide an incredible look. The walls can be covered with stain-resistant wallpaper in beautiful designs and styles to keep spills and stains at bay. The floors and slabs can be covered with rugs to prevent them from getting dirty with the spills of water and curry.


With all the home decor ideas stated above, we are sure that you have got something new to add flair to your personal space. Decorate it with lights, soothe your ambiance with the scented candles on the candle holder, or add comfort with the super soft furnishings and make a style statement in your home. If you still wish to explore more, then visit Arcedior and choose the incredible charm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are home decor mistakes to avoid?

There are several mistakes that you should avoid while considering home decor ideas. Here they are listed:
1. You should always choose lighting that will glow up your whole space. In addition, always strive for adequate lighting, as that will create a good ambiance.
2. Choose the furniture in accordance with the space of your room. For example, if the furniture is too big in a small room, the area will look congested.
3. Keep in mind to only decorate some nooks and corners of the room as that will make you feel the space cramped.

How decor is important in a home?

The decor is vital in a home because it creates an environment where you can feel the personal touch with a cozy and comfortable feeling. There are a lot of home decor ideas available. Decorating the homes with lighting will glow up the space. For this, you can choose floor lamps or hanging lights. To add personality to the house, choose various unique decor items like bookends, candle holders, wall art, and a lot more.

Why are decor items important?

Decor items are important in the home because they add an aesthetic touch and make it feel more personalized. There are several decor items to consider, including wallpaper, lighting fixtures, bookends, throws, rugs, decorative pillows, wall art, and various kinds of paintings. These items play a crucial role while decorating the home in your way. 

What is the rule of wall decor?

The general thumb rule of wall decor states that only 60% of the wall should be decorated with the wall decor items, while 40% of the wall must be left blank. It will feel overwhelming if the wall is decorated 100% with several decor items. You can use Wall art, paintings, mirrors, and wallpapers to decorate the wall. 

How much decor to put on the walls?

The decor on the wall must not cover the entire wall because the general thumb rule states that the decor on the wall must cover only 60% of the total given wall area, and the remaining 40% should be left blank as that will make the room appear excellent. Placing the wall hangings, along with the photo frames of the entire family members, is a great idea.

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