What to Consider When Buying a Double Bed for Your Room

Double bed

The pride of a bedroom is the bed; that is why it is known as bed + room. Landing on this magic haven called the double bed gives a person immense pleasure and eternal peace of mind. In this soft and comfy wonderland, you share secrets with pillows, pour your heart out and laugh without care.

So, let us also care for the one that cares so much for us – the double bed. If you have been thinking of replacing your bed or finding an ideal one for your newly constructed bedroom, then the below guide will help you find your perfect one. 

Whether you have been stuck on choosing the size of your room or finding a suitable design, this guide is here to solve all your queries regarding this focal point of your bedroom.

Suitable Double Bed Size

Elysian Upholstered Double BedSource: Praddy
Elysian Upholstered Double Bed

Choosing a perfect size for a double bed requires you to assess a few aspects, as only then will you be able to find a perfect match for your dreamland.

Size of Bedroom

Firstly you need to consider the size of your bedroom. If you have a great and spacious room, then the bigger double bed is all you need, but if your room is small, you must choose the smaller one.

If you try to add a big bed in the small room, it will make your space appear clumsy and make anyone who arrives there feel like a mess. Similarly, if you put a small bed in the big room, then it will look inappropriate there.

Generally, having a 1:3 ratio of the double bed to the bedroom is wise. So, measure the size of your bedroom and take up the calculator and find the ratio accordingly.

Space for walking 

The occupied room gives a feeling of claustrophobia, so there remains a need for space around the bed to walk and move around easily. 

Remember that it is ideal to have 24 to 30 inches of space between the bed and the room wall, as it will make your room appear neat and sophisticated.

Other Furniture

How can we forget that the bed is not the sole piece of furniture in the bedroom? There exists various other furniture that serves us in day-to-day life. So here, ensure the bed does not occupy the whole space. Rather, the distance between your double bed and other furniture items should be good.

Size of the occupants

Buying a bed that does not occupy the whole of us will be a waste of money and time. You need to know the height of the people sleeping on them and then choose the bed. If you don’t find an already manufactured bed that accommodates you, go for the custom-sized beds.

Double Bed Frame Size

For the perfect fit of your mattress, it becomes important to determine the size of the double bed frame. If the bed frame is smaller than the mattress, your mattress will stoop out of the frame, becoming saggy.

Make a harmonious balance between your space utilization and comfort while choosing the bed frame. Let’s now see the common frame sizes that determine the dimensions of the bed and create a visually striking atmosphere in the room.

Queen Size Double BedSource: Oliver B
Queen Size Bed

Standard Double Bed Frame

This is also known as a full-size bed frame with approximately 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. It utilizes the space effectively while leaving enough space around to move freely. It is perfect for accommodating two average-sized people.

Queen Bed Frame

If you and your partner stretch around a lot, then this frame is what you should take. It is 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. It is slightly bigger than the standard double bed frame, giving you extra space to sleep comfortably.

King Bed Frame

This bed is quite spacious and easily accommodates people with greater heights. Its dimensions measure around 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. If you have a small kiddo who loves to sleep with his/her parents, this frame will accommodate all three of you without any adjustments.

California King Bed Frame

This bed frame is longer than the king-size bed and has dimensions of 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. It is perfect for a person who loves spacious beds that enhance the visual appeal of the bedroom space.

Choose Appropriate Headboard 

Having a headboard on a bed depends on individual choice and style. Here we are presenting some of the reasons you can consider before you finalize to have a headboard on the bed. 

Appealing aesthetics

Having a headboard made of wood, metal, or upholstered fabric enhances the grandeur of your room and brings life to your monotonous room.

Support for head and neck

Resting your head and neck on sore walls will hurt them and hamper your daily tasks. By having a headboard on the bed, you can make your head rest comfortably on it, which also supports your neck while you watch TV or work on the laptop.

Noise Reduction

Headboards are known for absorbing the noise caused by the bed squeaking against the wall.

Space issues

If you have a good space, then choose the headboard to place in your bedroom, and if you have a small room, then choose to have a small headboard there because a bed with a headboard in a compact room would give it a sophisticated and clean look.

Double Bed Design

Canopy BedSource: Naula
Canopy Bed

Now comes the interesting part of being considered while selecting the double bed – the design. There are a plethora of options that you should consider before buying one for your bedroom. Let us explore the captivating world of double bed designs.

Platform bed

This is the most common type of low-profile bed with a solid or grid base to support the mattress and prevent it from sagging.

Bed with storage 

If you are worried about the mess in your room, you should choose this one because it provides storage in the form of a box where you can keep unused pillows and blankets.

Upholstered bed

The upholstered bed enhances the room’s visual interest while providing comfortable support to the head and neck as a barrier between the wall and the human body.

Canopy bed 

A canopy bed exudes charm and grandeur. It has four frames on each corner that are draped with a canopy giving a sense of luxury.

Bunk beds

These are exciting beds mainly intended for kids. It has two or three tiers that are connected by stairs. Kids love to climb up to the upper bunk while chasing and playing with each other.

Double Bed Price 

The price of a double bed ranges differently on distinctive platforms. If you want a budget-friendly bed, it will have simple designs and basic materials used in the manufacturing while still providing all the comfort. 

If you want something of mid-range, these beds are the optimal affordable option and provide good quality materials with additional features. 

Lastly, if you have no financial issues, go for the luxury class beds that offer super comfort with fine details and superior manufacturing techniques.


At the end of this blog, we are sure your queries have their well-knitted answers. Be it the size of your bed with your bedroom, the distinctive styles and unique designs of the beds. When you go to bed this evening, embrace its beauty and functionality while lying and resting on this comfy and luxurious platform. Now, you just have to go and grab the ideal double bed for your bedroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some features to consider when selecting double bed designs?

While selecting the double bed design, you should consider some features:
1. Bed size: It is important to look for the size of bed you want in your room. It should be appropriate in accordance with your bedroom. The small room should not have big beds and vice versa. 
2. Material: You should look for the perfect material that you want to place in your bedroom. If you want a warm and natural look choose wood material. If you like the modern and minimalistic style, opt for the metal bed, and if you love a luxurious look. 
3. Headboard: It acts as a barrier between the wall and the head, providing comfortable support to your head and neck. 
4. Space in the room: Consider your room size before choosing a particular bed size. If it’s big, choose a big bed; if it’s small, choose the one with less width and length.
5. Box in bed: The storage option has several beds, so if you want space to keep your belongings, take the bed with space inside it.

What are the benefits of choosing a double bed with a headboard?

There are several benefits of choosing a double bed with a headboard that is as follows:
1. It acts as a barrier between the wall and your head.
2. It gives your neck support and heads a comfortable base to rest on it.
3. It helps reduce the noise of a squeaking bed against the wall inside the room.
4. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bedroom with its unique designs and distinctive styles.
5. Also, it prevents pillows and blankets from falling on the floor.

How do I know if a double bed with storage is right for me?

Having a double bed with storage depends on your preferences and requirements. If you have extra stuff like pillows, blankets, and quilts falling here and there in the room, creating a mess, then yes, there is a need for you to have a storage box attached to the bed. 
Putting your essential but non-required stuff in the bed will give you an uncluttered look into your personal space. This is perfect if you have a small room and the least extra space in your bedroom. These are more expensive than regular beds, so do not choose this option if you have budget constraints.

What are the different types of double beds available in the market?

The different types of double beds available in the market are:
1. Double bed: These are great for two people but will not give them extra space to stretch themselves. It is perfect for a single person who loves to have a great space on the bed.
2. Queen-size bed: This is the common size of bed used by most people in their bedrooms that can easily accommodate two people. 
3. King-size bed: This is larger than a queen-size bed and is ideal for two people, and it also provides extra space for both people to relax.
4. California King size bed: This is by far the largest of all manufactured beds and is ideal for the couple who wants their baby to sleep on the same bed and between them.

How do I choose the right size for my double bed?

You should first check your bedroom’s dimensions to choose the right size for the double bed. Never go for a bed that overly occupies your entire room. Also, remember that the bed size should not hamper other furniture in the room. There must be enough space between the bed, the furniture, and the wall and the bed.

image sources

  • Elysian_: Praddy
  • Camilla-1: Oliver B
  • Plaza-bed: Naula
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