8 Best DIY Headboard Alternatives to Style up Your Bedroom

DIY headboard alternatives

Bored with a traditional headboard? We’ve curated a list of DIY headboard alternatives that are affordable, chic, and functional too. They will definitely give an aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. 

We’ve got you covered, from adding a cozy headboard cushion to adding a barn door to lend a rustic flair. From building to knotting, we’ve covered the possible DIY headboard alternatives only for you. 

Whether you want a minimalist item or to bring a boho touch to your personal space, we’ve elaborated on the economical DIY headboard alternatives to spruce up your bedroom decor. Let’s explore the best substitutes for your traditional headboard and style your bedroom together. 

Cozy Headboard Pillow

Headboard pillow as diy headboard alternativesSource: Novashion
Headboard Pillow

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to your future best friend—a Headboard pillow. Just immerse yourself in the plushness and comfy pillow that will prevent your back ache. The ergonomically designed headboard pillow in a triangular shape takes care of your back and neck. The triangular shape is self-adjustable, where you may adjust your position with the desired height (high, medium, or low) and get a comfortable sleeping angle. 

•. A pocket at the side of the headboard pillow for keeping your dear mobile is one of the best DIY headboard alternatives for headboard pillow. 

Diy Fabric Headboard

Amaze Dhurrie as DIY Headboard AlternativesSource: Anantaya
Amaze Dhurrie as Headboard Alternative

Here are three magical steps for one of the trendiest DIY headboard alternatives, i.e., fabric headboard:

  1. Drill a few nails on the head wall of the bed.
  2. Pick any rug, dhurrie, bedsheet, shawl, or any size of the fabric.
  3. Hang the fabric on the nails. (You may attach a rod and then drape over it)

Hang any fabric as a fabric headboard, which will completely transform your bedroom into a boho. 

Amaze is a dhurrie in the Indian tradition in which the mind is shown as a maze. If you look closely, you may see the pattern where the water channel is dividing two land masses. The pattern, design, and texture are remarkable and perfect for sparking a conversation. 

Use Pattern Wallpaper

Tropical Pattern Wallpaper as Headboard AlternativesSource: Tecnografica
Use Pattern Wallpaper as Headboard Alternatives

A repetition of a design is called a pattern, and thus pattern wallpaper brings uniformity and symmetry to the space. In addition, the repetitive design gives a feeling of long and endless space and makes the bedroom look bigger and more spacious. 

Apply tropical pattern wallpaper Donatella to bring tropical vibes to your bedroom. It is waterproof, soundproof, and fire-resistant wallpaper. This is one of the easy DIY headboard alternatives that you may enjoy with your family members. 

Macrame Wall Hanging

macrame wall hanging as headboardSource: Dooq
Macrame Wall Hanging As Headboard Alternatives

The single component that gives macrame art its intrinsic beauty is the knots. It is a threadwork where you can incorporate mirrors, plants, frames, and any suitable item to make it eye-catching. As a result, macrame wall hanging is one of the most practical DIY headboard alternatives for any age group. 

Souk is a functional macrame wall hanger, as it is attached to a mirror. A unique feature is you may mount it on a wall. An alluring combination of vibrant colors, macrame technique, marble, and glass materials, reflects the energy and shape of this item. 

Rustic Barn Doors

Barn Doors as DIY Headboard AlternativesSource: DixonandDad
Barn Doors as Headboard Alternatives

Use barn doors to bring the county decor to your bedroom. These are the wooden doors, vertically and diagonally planked and fitted with iron nails. You may paint it or use decorative items to please the eyes for a more contemporary look. 

You may keep the height of the barn doors as per your wish. Small doors will leave the wall space that may use for hanging photo frames, fairy lights, or dream catchers. 

•. You may use your old barn doors or build from scratch. 

Upholstered Wall Panels As A Statement Piece

Leather Upholstered Wall PanelsSource: Levo Wall
Leather Upholstered Wall Panels

It is 100% true that upholstered wall panels are a statement piece for a bedroom. It is a type of cladding where the fabric and batting are stuck to the headboard area and will give you a calm, comfy, and warm feel. It is done by one of the two methods: adhesive and tacking. The adhesive is simply sticking the fabric on the wall like wallpaper. The tacking process involves applying fabric to a tacking strip and pressing it down with a hammer on a hard surface like wood.

•. The main benefits of upholstered wall panels are that they give texture and sound insulation to the bedroom.

Use Leather as upholstered wall panels that stand out for their textured  details. It is an advanced solution that enhances the fabric. It is a self-adhesive and waterproof panel that is lightweight and eco-friendly. 

Use Rugs As A Bed Backdrop

Rugs as bed backdrops are called tableau rugs. Drop an oriental rug for authenticity, or use pictorial rugs for a decorative purpose. These bring a tropical vibe into a bedroom and look very much boho. 

•. Tapestry also serves the same purpose as rugs and is one of the old-age best DIY headboard alternatives. 

Statement Wall Mirror

wall mirror as diy headboard alternativesSource: Minottiitalia
Wall Mirror as Headboard Alternative

Reflective material is the best choice among headboard alternatives to make the room bigger and more aesthetic. It is also highly functional, as you may use it for grooming, skincare routine, and hair styling. In addition, you may use a flat, concave, aspherical, or designer mirror to accentuate your bedroom.  

•. Adding LED strips to the wall mirror is one of the best DIY headboard alternatives. 

Specchio is a contemporary-style wall mirror hung horizontally or vertically. The perfect light reflector, thus, gives you the illusion of a larger bedroom. In addition, the rounded lines soften the texture of the room. 


To summarize, we’ve discussed the easy and practical DIY headboard alternatives to style up your bedroom. From hanging rugs to installing wall mirrors, there are a plethora of options to choose from the above list. Don’t be shy to incorporate the craziest item into your empty wall in the bedroom. Bring your old items from your garage or store room, or you may buy new ones. And build your own headboard that has a personal touch. For more expert advice, please drop your query at or call us at +91 79 49171251.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I substitute for a headboard?

Rugs, upholstered wall panels, barn doors, and macrame wall hanging are the perfect substitutes for headboards. These practical and DIY headboard alternatives will beautify your bedroom and add charm to your interiors. You may also install wall mirrors as a substitute. It will give the illusion of a bigger bedroom and ample floor space. 

How to make a fake headboard?

There are many ways to make a fake headboard:
1. Paste wallpaper from floor to ceiling or mid-wall. This gives a long faux headboard.
2. Hang a curtain in an empty space. You will automatically feel the room airy and ventilated. 
3. Build a bookshelf, and it will act as a secret storage space too. 

Is it OK to not have a headboard?

No, it would be best to have a bed headboard to avoid abrasion. Although practical uses are more weighted than decorative purposes, the headboard brings a personal touch to the bedroom. They fill the empty wall, protect your head against the wall, and it acts as a storage space with drawers in it. 

Will using a rug or a wall mirror as a bed backdrop damage my wall?

Not at all. The rugs or wall mirrors are more than decorative items. Rugs offer a warmth and comfort feel to you. You may place a pictorial or intricate rug on the wall. Wall mirrors, if used properly, are light reflectors and make the rooms appear larger than usual.

Can I combine multiple DIY headboard alternatives for a unique look?

Yes, you can combine multiple DIY headboard alternatives, such as wall mirrors, rugs, and macrame wall hanging, for a unique look. It is a simple way to give a more sophisticated look to the bedroom. The selection of decorative items should complement the interiors of the bedroom. Combining multiple alternatives also brings out the taste and personality of the person.

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