This Diwali Decorate Your Home in the Most Opulent Manner with these Decor Ideas

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Each year Diwali renews countless lost hopes and dreams as it promises to light up not just an individual’s home but also their lives. There is an unspoken fervor in the air with which everyone wants their surroundings to be glowing, clean and fresh. The inherent enthusiasm gets multifold when new things are added and the things that don’t spark joy are dispelled. With these tips, you can bring in the best of home decor and transform your home into the most festive and elegant place. 

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The festival of lights will not be called by that name if it doesn’t have lights. So to keep it true to Diwali, placing beautiful lights at home will not only make it lively but will also spark utmost joy in your heart. Not just the basic diyas and paper lanterns, you can invest in some good lighting options including candle holders, tea light holders, lamps and lanterns since they are more sturdy and can be reused all through the year. This is also a time when you can change your living room lights and opt for a statement light upon the dinner table which will serve the dual purpose of beauty and lighting.

Flaunt It With Flowers

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One of the traditional decorating items during Diwali, flowers are considered auspicious and holy due to their purity and resounding beauty. Besides the flower garland, you can choose to place a cluster of different flower decorations in strategic locations around the house like at the entrance, coffee table, dinner table, pooja room and more. To display the flowers you can place them in unique vases that not only are useful but also help in making the decor more nuanced.



Adding a splash of color, rangolis are a labor of dedication and love that you can make on your own using your creative and artistic side. If you are artistically challenged or don’t have much time on hand, then there are many options available in the market like stencils and stick-ons. Besides making a large rangoli on the entrance you can make small rangolis all over the house like on each staircase, along the corridors and outside each room. This will allow you to try new patterns and can be done leisurely and not at one stretch.

Calm The Senses With Aromatherapy

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When you are cleaning your home, you can also cleanse and revitalize your sense of smell with the blissful scents from candles, flowers and essential oils. Aromatherapy has been used since the age memorial as a powerful tool to calm the senses and bring balance and harmony to life. Scented candles aim at two points with one arrow, the first being as a medium of light and the other its aromatic smell that will linger with you all day long. 

Wing It With Some Wall Decor

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Well, many times walls become neglected when they can be a blank canvas that can maximize appeal with the least space. Besides lamps, you can place intricate paintings, wall murals and wall plates that can add much-needed glamor and color. You can choose them according to your taste and preference which can be floral, minimalistic, modernistic or traditional. If you have smaller wall space then a mini statement piece can do wonders in improving the look of the room. 

Create An Impression With Luxurious Crockery

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What makes a festival a festival in the true spirit is celebrating with your loved ones. Since guests and relatives are in and out of the house throughout the upcoming days, it is important to serve food and drinks in luxurious crockery. With numerous Diwali parties, get-togethers and pujas, everyone’s eyes are fixed on the sumptuous food so make sure to create an impression with unique and interesting cutlery. Dhanteras is also around the corner and you can invest in some gold-plated crockery set too. 

Add A Touch Of Personality With Planters

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Plants bring in the much-needed freshness and oxygen into the home andalso absorb unnecessary sounds which makes them an all-rounded package. You can splurge on some delicate planters that you can use perennially and can make any unused place spruce up. Several types of pots & planters can match any home decor like wooden, enamel, metallic and cane which can be placed on any desired surface according to their size. 

Create Positive Vibes With Agate Products

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Agate is a natural stone that helps to stimulate the release of endorphins, chemicals that are responsible for feelings of pleasure and well-being. Its vibrant colors and appealing texture add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home decor. There are multiple ways to incorporate this in your home decor including tea light holders, planters, trays, coasters and keychains. 

Illuminate The Spaces With Rugs

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As beautiful and intricate as they may be, rugs require attention and frequent cleaning and can lose their charm if they become a bundle of dust. Diwali is a good time to get them thoroughly cleaned so that they can become the focal point of the room again. They are responsible for adding character and grandeur to a home and are indispensable items of home decor. If you don’t yet have a statement rug at home then maybe it’s  time to buy one.

Remove The Clutter With Organizers

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Last but not least, to make your home squeaky clean and organized, different types of desk organizers are here to make your job easier and no wonder they can pull together any space. They can be placed in cluster zones like at the entrance, in the kitchen, dinner table, desk and for jewelry organization

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