10 Stunning Dining Table Decor Ideas to Reflect Your Style

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A table that gives a space for dining or simply eating food is called a dining table. The table can be square, rectangular, oval, or round. The material varies from natural wood to manufactured glass. 

The decorations or dining accessories you maintain on your dining table are what draw people to it. Following are modern dining table decor ideas that indeed reflect your personality and style in the dining setup. 

Start With A Linen Tablecloth

A refreshing dining table decor idea is to layer a tablecloth on a table. A tablecloth is a cloth that is used to cover the top of the table. 

A linen tablecloth is made of linen that is highly water-absorbent and durable. After frequent use and washing, linen tablecloths become softer. It is light in weight and makes the table setting more delicate and soothing. 

Linen TableclothSource: Ivano Redaelli
Linen Tablecloth

Wess is a tablecloth made of open-weave linen fabric. A tactile fabric with neutral colors brings elegance to a table setup. 

Add Pattern With Table Runners

Layering table runners is another dining table decor idea to cover the table with a cloth. These are long pieces of fabric layered at the center of a table. It is not wider like a tablecloth. 

The runners might be longer than or equal to the length of the table. Some table runners have tassels at the end of them or have traditional art all over them. 

Check Pattern Table RunnerSource: Onset Homes
Check Pattern Table Runner

The Scottish Runner is a handwoven table runner made of organic cotton. The check pattern matches perfectly with the mocha color. 

Invest In Dining Table Mats

A placemat is a little pad that is used to hold dinner plates on a table. These are shorter than tablecloths. Table placemats are used to prevent mess on a table. It also prevents a hot plate from directly contacting the table. 

Placemats feature a variety of artistic styles, including floral, Worli, and bamboo art, as well as materials like wood, bamboo, plastic, cotton, and jute.

Dining Table MatsSource: Onset Homes
Zig-zag Table Placemats

Zig zag is a pewter-colored tablemat. It has bold and large zig-zag patterns that make a dining table cool, modern, and inviting.

Display Favourites On Lazy Susan Turntable

Bring this creative dining table decor idea to ease your dining experience. The lazy susan is a turntable that rotates and is placed at the center of a table. 

You keep food bowls or beverages on it, and the needed one can get the food items from its own seat. These are available in glass, metal, plastic, or wooden material. 

Wooden Lazy SusanSource: Mason Home
Display Favourites on Wooden Lazy Susan

Vienna Acacia Lazy Susan brings rustic charm to your dining space. You can use it for festive occasions, family dinners, or parties. 

Add Drama With Candle Holders

A lighted dinner table decor idea is to add candle holders in a decoration. Candle holders are tools that serve as a platform for candles to stand on. Many candle holders beautify the dining table with their metallic or ceramic presence. 

There are candle chandeliers that look magnificent and bring opulent glamor to the table. The stylish, slender candle holders known as taper sticks only occupy little table space. 

Candle Holders on Dining TableSource: Logam
Add Candle Holders for Dining Table Decorations

Nysa is a candle holder made of acacia wood and mild steel with a gold finish. The design gives a touch of middle age and blends perfectly with contemporary dining settings. 

Arrange Fresh Flower Vases

A flower vase is the ideal dining room decor item to give aroma to the space. For ages, flower vases have been used as a decor item and have taken their spot on dining tables too. 

Flowers provide a positive, uplifting aura that relaxes and makes us feel good. You can fill a vase with water and place a few flower stems in it. You may also use a flower vase without water. 

Green Ceramic Flower VasesSource: Home Artisan
Green Ceramic Flower Vases

Espen is a beautiful and sleek flower vase in solid teal color. It exudes a modern art vibe and looks elegant in a contemporary dining table setting. 

Play Height With Tiered Tray Or Cake Stand

Want to showcase a cake in a fancy way? Put cakes, muffins, brownies, or donuts on a tiered tray or cake stand for creative dining table decor ideas. These are compact and classic ways to organize essential food items in one place.

You may get two or three-tiered trays and arrange appetizers or shots on them. You may decorate these trays or cake stands with plants or soft toys.

tiered cake standSource: A Vintage Affair
Tiered Cake Stand

Place this Tiered Cake Stand on a dining table that is built in a contemporary style. It has two plates connecting with a golden rod and has a ring on top for easy handling. 

Use Fruit Bowl As A Centerpiece

The table’s centerpiece should be a fruit bowl for nutritious dining table decor ideas. It is a bowl where you may keep fresh fruits, so you can always access them at the dinner table.

Choose ceramic or glass fruit bowls that keep the fruits fresh and look colorful on them. There are fruit bowls with foot to keep a balance, and it also adds height to the bowl. 

Use Fruit Bowl As A Centerpiece for dining table decorSource: Serein Decor
Use Fruit Bowl As A Centerpiece

A decorative fruit bowl is a perfect addition to display fruits on a dining table. This bowl is made of metal and has a wooden stand. It is a versatile piece that brings a mid-century modern vibe into the room and blends well with modern and contemporary interiors. 

Embrace With Napkin Holder

Easy napkin access is done by placing a napkin holder on a dining table. These keep the napkins in one place. Pulling napkins from the napkin holders keeps the table tidy and removes clutter.  

The variations in terms of designs, material, and shape are immense, and you should choose the one that suits your dining interiors.

Agaja Napkin Holder With Partitioned TraySource: Courtyard
Wooden Tissue Holder with Drawer

Agaja napkin holder with drawer is made of mango wood. The drawer has three compartments that can accommodate toothpicks, mouth fresheners, and candies. This compact design napkin holder is an after-meal essential item.

Use Salt And Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers are small but useful items that complete dining table decor ideas. They are handy items that match your taste buds and enhance food quality. 

The salt and pepper shakers make it easy for the folks seated nearby to match their tastes with the food since they all have varying degrees of palates. It can be made from various materials, such as ceramic, glass, wood, and metal. 

Pomegranate Salt And Pepper ShakersSource: Serein Decor
Pomegranate Salt And Pepper Shakers

Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Set Shaker is made of metal with a gold finish. It is a functional as well as a decorative piece for homes, restaurants, or open cafes. 


We’ve come to a conclusion after talking about ten fantastic dining table decor ideas. You must have observed many possibilities for decorating a dining table with all the ideas mentioned above. You may also club a few of these ideas and make your dining table inviting. Following are some FAQs that will undoubtedly clear your mind and help you to decide among the decor items. Click here and shop your favorite item for a fine dining experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I put on the center of my dining table?

You can put napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers, and candle holders in the center of a dining table. Place flower vases as new dining table decor ideas to keep the room fragrant.
You can also add a functional Lazy Susan turntable at a dining table. A fruit bowl is also a helpful component for dining table decor ideas.

How to decorate a dining table when in use?

Following amazing dining table decor ideas will beautify your table:
1. Table runners add a length to a table.
2. Table placemats are functional and decorative items that keep the table clean and protected.
3. The flower vase brings life to the dining table space. 
4. Tiered trays are functional items that keep desserts or snacks in one place.
5. A napkin holder is a useful decor item that cleans the table’s and diner’s mess.
6. Salt and pepper shakers are functional as well as a decor item that is essential to keep on the dining table when in use.

How do I choose the right tablecloth for my dining table?

Choose the right tablecloth as per the material of the table. You can also select based on the size of a table. Select a tablecloth that is 6-8ʺ longer and wider than a table. 
Colors and materials also hold importance when choosing tablecloths. Plastic is a water-resistant material, whereas linen is a breathable fabric. Also, a light-colored tablecloth blends with any interior, making the table look bigger.

What can we place on a dining table?

From lazy susan to flower vases, you can place many things on a dining table. A Lazy Susan turntable is a perfect addition to serving food items efficiently. For a decorative purpose, keep a flower vase on a table. 
Suppose you want to add functionality to a decor item. In that case, it’s good to go with napkin holders, table placemats, and salt and pepper shakers.

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