Best Decorative Wall Mirrors to Liven Up Your Space

Decorative wall mirror

Are you looking for the best decorative wall mirrors for your home and office? Then look no further, as these decorative wall mirrors will capture your heart with their beauty and uniqueness. Decorative wall mirrors can be any mirror that decorates the wall besides providing functionality. They can be of any shape, design, or color with the sole purpose of making the space more enriched. At Arcedior, we offer only the most premium and exclusive products to give your home an edge over the others. 

Decorative Full Length Wall Mirrors

decorative full length wall mirrorsSource: Fiam
Decorative Full Length Wall Mirrors

There is an understated benefit of using decorative full length wall mirrors, which is their power to make the room appear bigger than it is. That is why large mirrors can greatly benefit compact and small rooms. 

A rectangular-shaped Phantom mirror is perfect for getting ready in the morning or checking your appearance throughout the day. With the option to hang it horizontally or vertically, this versatile mirror is the perfect addition to any room in your home.


  • Modern aesthetic
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Good size

Decorative Rectangular Wall Mirrors 

Decorative rectangular wall mirrorSource: Veblen
Decorative Rectangular Wall Mirror

Rectangular mirrors are the most admired shape since they work exceptionally well with any room’s straight lines. Since the cupboards, walls, and almirahs are rectangular-shaped, the mirror of that shape also complements it. 

New Baroque rectangular wall mirror is designed to elevate any space with its unique back-silvered fused glass frame and relief decorations. This mirror offers a touch of sophistication to your decor.


  • Easy hanging
  • Durable
  • Eye-catching

Decorative Round Wall Mirror

Decorative round wall mirrorSource: Boca Do Lobo
Decorative Round Wall Mirror

Circular or round wall mirrors are known to break the monotony of straight lines in the room. This creates an alluring and soft appearance that creates a great overall look. Ring Filigree round mirror is one such piece that is a combination of four protruding mirrors that can be placed together in harmony or singularly across the home. 

They make for a great wall mirror decor that becomes the room’s focal point. The best part is that it is adorned with an exquisite gold round frame of brass cords gilded in 18k gold, elevating any space into a world-class interior.


  • Handcrafted
  • Traditional design
  • Creates a focal point

Create a Decorative Mirror Wall

Three decorative wall mirrorsSource: Barel
Decorative Wall Mirrors

Creating a decorative mirror wall that suits your home decor style can be enjoyable. 

  • Firstly, choose a wall that is dull and needs renewed energy. Then elevate its dimensions and color to come to the conclusion of the material and color you want in a mirror. 
  • Next, browse through Arcedior’s vast collection of wall mirrors that can be selected using various filters. 
  • Then match the decorative wall mirror to your home and find the correct placement. Now you have a beautiful decorative wall!

Porgy decorative wall mirror is a masterpiece as it takes a simple design but transforms it into a work of art. This three-piece set of different shapes and sizes makes for a cohesive look. 


  • Different shapes and sizes
  • Premium quality
  • Wall mounted
  • Contemporary look

Black Decorative Wall Mirror

Black decorative wall mirrorSource: OPR
Black Decorative Wall Mirror

Black color is a bold statement to which people with an artistic side get attracted. With its unique and eye-catching design, this can become the centerpiece of any room it is placed in and is perfect for those who appreciate style, quality, and elegance.

It works with modern, minimalistic, and contemporary home decor styles due to its simplicity and charm. You can certainly not go wrong with this Ampere decorative mirror


  • Free form shape
  • Distinct black frame
  • Sturdy and durable

Decorative Small Wall Mirrors

Two small wall mirrorsSource: Studio Trataka
Decorative Small Wall Mirrors

The best part about decorative small wall mirrors is that they can spruce up any space without much effort. The same goes for this vibrant and colorful medley of Mystic wall mirrors that can be mixed and matched to apply to your existing color scheme. 

Iron-based, the small decorative wall mirror is an excellent pairing with rustic, Indian, Moroccan, and modern home decor styles. You can use this singularly or keep stacking to create a wall mirror decor. 


  • Available in many colors
  • Durable


Conclusively, suppose you want to add more ornamental elements to your home without too much effort. In that case, decorative wall mirrors are the right choice. They provide functionality, aesthetic appeal, an illusion of space, and much more than decoration. The best part is that since wall mirrors come in so many options with Arcedior, looking for one suitable for your space becomes a cakewalk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a decorative wall mirror?

You can easily choose a decorative wall mirror using these points:
1. Design: There are many decorative wall mirrors to choose from that cater to the needs of the room they are placed in. They can be modern, classical, traditional, and even minimalistic. 
2. Size and shape: Always measure and determine the size of the room before buying a mirror. A very small mirror in a big room will make its beauty fade away. Similarly, a large mirror in a small room will also look out of place. 
3. Frame: You can choose a bold frame, an intricate frame, and even a frameless mirror, depending on your utility and style aesthetics.
4. Functionality: Ananylise the utility of the decorative wall mirror in the room and then decide the shape, size, and design. 
5. Installation: Make sure the mirror you opt for has easy installation. If your house is getting ready, then you can choose any mirror.

Where should decorative wall mirrors be placed?

Each corner of your home can be the perfect place to use decorative wall mirrors. The most popular areas are the bedroom, living room, entrance, bathroom, and dining room. In the living room, you can use it over the mantle or on a statement gallery wall. 
In the bedroom, it can be practically used to dress up properly. The bathroom can be placed above the sink for brushing and makeup. The entrance can become a more friendly and welcoming first look for any visitor with the help of a mirror. 

Are mirrors good as wall decor?

Yes, mirrors are excellent as wall decor since they are versatile and can be used in multiple ways. They are great at reflecting light, creating a brighter and larger room. When placed strategically, they can create the illusion of more space. 
Decorative wall mirrors can enhance the room’s decor and build a cohesive look. Besides this, their practical use is, of course, to see one’s reflection and to get ready.  

Is it OK to decorate with mirrors?

Mirrors make excellent wall decor because they are adaptable and can be used in many different ways. They are ideal light refractors, which make the room appear brighter and larger. 
They can provide the appearance of extra space when arranged carefully. In addition, they help see one’s mirror and get ready. A room’s decor can also be improved and brought together by using decorative wall mirrors.

Why mirror is a good decoration?

Mirrors are a good decoration option for multiple reasons: 
1. They reflect light to create more brightness and airiness in the room.
2. They are known for creating an illusion of more space in the room. This is especially useful for smaller rooms that need more aesthetic value.
3. Decorative wall mirrors can create a focal point on the wall and bring the room’s whole look together.
4. You can form a wholesome look with other decor pieces like artwork, photo frames, and sculptures.
5. You can use it for practical reasons like checking your reflection while getting dressed. 

Why are mirrors helpful in decorating homes?

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to any home’s decor that helps decorate homes. The ability of mirrors to enlarge a space is intrinsic. It is crucial to improve the visual appeal of the bedroom in addition to aiding in the appearance of an area. For dull walls, there are many different ways to adorn them. It can also be utilized to make the room’s main point

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