7 Decorative Items for Living Room to Elevate Your Space

Decorative Items for Living Room

‘The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease- temple of the soul.’ – Terence Conran (a British designer)

And you want to decorate this temple and make it more beautiful! Right? 

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We are here to guide you through decorative items for living room to elevate your personal space. From floor to wall and mid-way to the furniture, we have covered various decorative items for living room that will fill the void in your area. 

The living room is where visitors first arrive. So, it needs to be presentable and comfortable for them. The decorative items for living room can also serve a functional purpose, such as a wall clock that shows the time and also elevates the living room wall. 

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A Unique Coffee Table For Living Room

A coffee table is a small table that can accommodate a few coffee mugs and a tray of snacks. You can also keep a few decorative items for living room on a coffee table to make it more inviting and welcoming for guests. The ideal size of a coffee table for the living room is 2-4 inches taller than the seating height. 

Coffee table for living roomSource: Serein Decor
Coffee Table for Living Room

Melange Occasional Coffee Table is a luxury coffee table that is made of brass, glass, and leather. It is available in two sizes: large and small, where the former can be a center table, and the latter can be a side table. The triad coffee table is an example of functional art and will surely elevate your freshly brewed coffee experience. 

Marble Coffee TableSource: Claymint
Marble Coffee Table

Barstow white marble coffee table is a magnificent combination of design and functionality. This coffee table, expertly made with attention to detail, subtly upgrades your interior with a touch of elegance. Its eye-catching design makes any space a focal point and captivates guests and residents. It is not only a visually appealing centrepiece, but it is also functional. The large marble top has enough surface area to display accessories, hold drinks, or exhibit your favourite coffee table books.

Eye Catching Cushions

Comfy cushions are decorative items for living room and are adored by people. They can provide a decorative accent to the sofa or accent chair and simultaneously provide comfort to the seater. 

cushion coversSource: Onset Homes
Sofa Cushion Covers

A beautiful Ikat cushion brings a cheerful and colorful vibe to a living room. You may toss it on the sofa or pair it with other cushions. The pink color of the cushion soothes the atmosphere and infuses the area with happiness and warmth. 

Embroidered cushion coversSource: Onset Homes
Embroidered Cushion Covers

Raise the bar of the traditional decor with an Ombre cushion on your sofa. The plush velvet fabric is embroidered with metallic yarn, featuring an authentic Rajasthan-inspired motif. The fabric and embroidery make this product a timeless and elegant cushion. 

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Yes, decorative items for living room have also taken their place on the wall. The mirrors are a functional item to see ourselves and a decorative item to accentuate the walls. It can bring glamor, reflect class, or exude charm to the living room. 

Decorative Mirror for WallSource: Anantaya
Decorative Mirror for Wall

Roopdarshani mirror is a true masterpiece, inspired by the intricately made Kundan pendants of the Mughal era. The pendant, meticulously hand-cut and polished, showcases the artistry and attention to detail of skilled artisans. Surrounding the pendant are delicate brass leaves, interlinked with precision to create a seamless and harmonious composition. The Roopdarshani 19″ mirror is more than just a mirror; it is a work of art that brings history and elegance to any space. Whether adorning the walls of a grand living room or adding a touch of royalty to a bedroom, this mirror installation is sure to be a captivating focal point.

Gangaur Decorative Wall MirrorSource: Courtyard
Decorative Wall Mirror

Gangaur Wall Mirror is an elegant, vertically oriented mirror that is simple to hang on the wall. It will complement the traditional home design style and is composed of glass and gold-colored metal. Its intricately curved, gold-colored edges give it even more charm. 

Area Rugs For Living Room

Plush, luxurious shag rug or timeless Persian rug, the right rug can transform your living room into a stylish and inviting space for relaxation and entertainment. Area rugs are visually appealing, reduce noise, protect the floor from scratches, and provide insulation during winter. 

Tranquil Aqua Area Rugs for Living RoomSource: Houmn
Tranquil Aqua Area Rugs for Living Room

Indulge in the sheer beauty of Tranquil aqua rug, which seamlessly combines visual appeal with a delicate touch. Its gorgeous aqua color, woven pattern, and use of premium viscose create a calming and opulent ambiance. Use this extraordinary rug to improve the atmosphere of your room. 

Water drop wool rugs for living roomSource: Savi Decor
Water Drop Rugs for Living room

The Water Drop is a beautiful hand-tufted wool rug that would look lovely in your bedroom. A captivating sketch of a water drop splashing into a larger expanse of water can be seen in this piece by Savi Decor. This item will completely change your bedroom with its many shades of blue and meticulous attention to detail.

Wall Art For Living Room

You can transform your wall into a gallery by adding art to the wall. From framed photographs to educational maps, wooden material to metal, the possibilities are endless in decorative items for living room. You can choose subtle minimalist art or funky design that complements your existing decor. 

Marble Disk Wall PlatesSource: The Decor Remedy
Marble Disk Wall Plates

Marble Disk Cluster Wall Decor combines the elegance of marble and mild steel wiring works. This wall decor is a cluster of marble disks in different sizes. This unique decor piece is available in two finishes: golden and rose gold. Such exquisite decorative items for living room add sophistication and artistic flair to the room. 

Wooden India Map Wall DecorSource: The Map Store
Wooden Wall Decor

Blossom Wooden India Map for Wall is an educational as well as decorative item for living room. It is a perfect addition for travelers or globetrotters who love to explore. Meticulously handcrafted using premium wood materials, it showcases a vibrant design that celebrates the rich tapestry of India’s cultures and traditions.  

Tick-Tock Wall Clock For Living Room

The wall clocks are practical decorative items for the living room that keep track of time. It helps in creating a sense of balance and symmetry in the living room. Wall clocks enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the room and add a stylish and functional element to the decor. 

Wall clock for living roomSource: The Decor Remedy
Unique Wall Clock for Living Room

A true head-turner – Quad black wall clock with black needles. Its unique and minimalistic shape adds a touch of elegance to any space. Crafted to suit edgy and sophisticated environments, this clock is the perfect addition to transform your space into a haven of modern style.

wooden wall clock with world mapSource: The Map Store
Wooden Wall Clock with World Map

With our stunning wooden wall clock with a world map, you may enjoy the ideal fusion of artistic appeal and practicality. This clock, which was meticulously made, has bright white hands and a gorgeously carved wooden map. Its simple design makes it an adaptable addition to any room and enables it to easily go with your current decor. Let this gorgeous wooden globe map clock, which exudes sophistication and elegance, become the centrepiece of your interior design.

Stylish Floor Lamps For Living Room

Lights are an easy and inexpensive way to elevate the space. Floor lamps are the lighting fixtures that are placed on a floor. It illuminates uniformly and exudes an alluring charm to the room. 

Floor Lamp for Living RoomSource: Studio Saswata
Floor Lamp for Living Room

Luna is a sleek and modish floor lamp that is made of stainless steel, brass, and alabaster stone. This lamp stands out from the crowd and creates magic in your living room. 

wooden floor lampSource: Studio Indigene
Wooden Floor Lamp for Living Room

Viyog is designed in a contemporary style from teak wood and brass. The unconventional design of the wood is the main attraction of this floor lamp. The spherical lamp sits on the wooden base and is illuminated like the moon.


Did you like what you saw? Pick and arrange the decorative items we discussed to make your living room cozy yet stylish. From comfy cushions to versatile mirrors, we saw a wide range of decorative items for living room that can reflect your personality and style in decor. Here are more decorative items for living room that can work like a charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which items do you need to decorate a room?

Many decorative items for a room can elevate the existing style and decor. For example, cushions bring a sense of comfort when placed on a sofa or chair. Wall clocks are decorative items for the living room or bedroom that are functional too. The coffee table brings cohesiveness to the arrangement of furniture in the room. Other items, such as rugs, flower vases, and floor lamps, are decorative as well as aesthetic items for rooms. 

How to decorate a small, simple living room?

A small, simple living room is a challenging area to decorate, and the following are the tips that will help you with decoration:
1. Mirrors can reflect the light and make the living room appear bigger. Install mirrors on the wall to create the illusive effect. 
2. Add furniture such as cabinets or shelves to declutter the mess. It is a storage piece of furniture that is decorative and keeps the room clean. 
3. Install a wall clock to beautify the living room wall.
4. Use neutral or light colors on the wall to make the room appear larger and lighted. 
5. To make the living room look more stylish, layer rugs. You may layer an arched, rectangular, or round rug. 

Where should floor lamps be placed?

Floor lamps should be placed near a piece of furniture or a corner to give ambient lighting to the room. The floor lamp at the corner creates a cozy ambiance and inviting atmosphere. The lamp should be above or at eye level to get uniform lighting. 
Place floor lamps near the chair, sofa, or bedroom furniture for reading or using a laptop. Position the lamp so that light falls over the reader’s shoulder onto the books. An extra illumination by a floor lamp can add charm to the room.

Why is wall art important for home decor?

Wall art is important for home decor because it provides a canvas to reflect our personality and taste in decorative items for living room. It is a perfect conversation starter when guests visit your home. You may showcase framed photographs, artworks, or functional items that enhance your living room’s visual and aesthetic appeal. Wall art can accentuate your atmosphere in the living room and create a cohesive look for your interior decor.

Should all wall decor be the same height?

No, it is not a compulsion for all wall decor to be the same height. The wall decorative items for living room in different sizes create depth and texture to the room. The varied sizes and dimensions of single-wall art can also work like a charm and accentuate your living area. 

Which living room wall should a wall clock be hung on?

A wall clock suits best an accent wall of a living room. This brings the focal point to the wall clock and elevates your existing decor. You can also hang the wall clock above the fireplace, elevating the style of the living room. The size of the wall clock and the wall itself should complement each other. 

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