8 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Dresser for Bedroom

Decorate Dresser for Bedroom

A modern dresser for bedroom comes with new-age technology and eases the life of people. But what about the top space that remains empty or covered under the cloth? Where is it best to keep your picture-perfect photo, flower vases, and table lamps indoors? And all of that in the same place?

Yes! The bedroom dresser is the perfect spot to keep all of these treasures, which you may cherish from a distance or close up. It is a place that might become the focal point of your bedroom. From functional table lamps to decorative objects, you can add items that complement your personality and decor. 

If you’re looking for creative and easy ways to beautify a dresser for bedroom, then you have landed at the right place. Whether you want a classical photo frame or stylish flower vases, we’ve got you covered. You will learn about eight simple items that will be the finishing touch to your dresser for bedroom. 

Style Dresser With Mirror

Botanic Vanity Mirror 1Source: The Decor Remedy
Roopdarshini MirrorSource: Anantaya

Place this Botanic Vanity Mirror on your dresser for bedroom and create a functional space around the dressers. The aluminum is cast in a tree pattern and finished with golden flowers and silver leaves. It serves a dual purpose: functional as well as decorative. This mirror adds a touch of glitz to the bedroom with its minute details. 

Another option is to utilize a wall-mounted mirror, such as a Roopdarshani mirror that also doubles as wall décor.

An advantage of a dresser with a mirror: Before leaving the house after getting dressed, you can quickly assess your appearance.

Add Light With A Table Lamp

wooden table lampSource: Studio Indigene
Wooden Lamp for Dresser

‘Let there be a light that peeks stylishly at you.’

A Stepped Lamp is a classic addition to the dresser for the bedroom that illuminates warm light. The filament bulb adds an industrial and rustic look to the bedroom. The wooden steps are an architectural element that creates a distinctive look to a bedroom dresser. 

You may add a table lamp with an appropriate height that is neither too big nor too small on a dresser. You can also match the dresser material with the table lamp. It will create uniformity in a bedroom setup. 

Incorporate Greenery With Succulent Pots or Planters

metal planters for dresser for bedroomSource: Logam
Metal Planters for Bedroom Dresser

Which is the best way to add life to a dresser for bedroom? Pots. They are small items that hold succulent or small plants. Florin is perfect metal planter that suits a bedroom dresser. A modern showpiece to display your favorite flourishing foliage in. This desk planter showcases a cone-shaped base and a deep, cylindrical top, offering a large enough size to be used as a floor planter.

On a dresser for bedroom, pots of any shape—cylindrical, rectangular, or polygonal—look lovely. The succulents are hardy plants that require minimal water and sunlight and thus can thrive in a bedroom. 

Or Opt For Some Fresh Flower Vases

flower vasesSource: Morcee
Flower Vases

Where to keep the flowers that your partner gave you? In flower vases. Such a Horizon flower vase perfectly blends with the contemporary and modern architecture of your room. This is a perfect pick to complement each corner of the living room, drawing room, dining table, or office with its grace. You can add fresh flowers or artificial flowers to this vase.

Click here to add vases in different materials, such as glass, ceramic, wood, brass, and terracotta, on your dresser for your bedroom. Flowers kept in flower vases spread fragrance and maintain an aromatic atmosphere in a bedroom. 

Fill The Horizontal Space With A Decorative Tray And Bowl

Padma Tray 2Source: Anantaya
Enchanted Forest Urli 2Source: The Decor Remedy

Padma Tray Al is a decorative tray that is made of aluminum. A hand-hammered technique is used to craft this beautiful decorative tray in the shape of a lotus leaf. The Padma comes in three sizes, each of which is visually appealing and useful. You can keep your jewelry items on it. Or, you can decorate it with artifacts and flowers. The brass legs complement the silvery tray, fulfilling the bedroom’s need for shiny objects.

You can also place a Enchanted forest decorative bowl to elegantly adorn the bedroom dresser, adding a touch of sophistication and charm. Whether displaying fresh flowers, scented potpourri, or simply serving as a standalone piece, the decorative bowl brings an element of beauty and style to the bedroom decor.

Give Extra Character With Decorative Objects

horse sculptureSource: Moira sculptures
Black and Gold Horse Sculpture

Display a Dolt horse sculpture on the bedroom dresser, in gold and black color, with a high-quality resin that is eco-friendly and tough to break. The decorative objects add depth and texture to the decor and enhance the charm of the space. To make the arrangement stand out and look good, arrange the objects in odd numbers, for example, 3 or 5.

Display Books And Magazines With Stylish Bookends

marble bookendsSource: Home Artisan
Marble Brass Bookends

Bookends are essential to keep the books in good condition. Whether you are a bookworm or a casual reader, bookends are necessary to keep the books straight. Coco Marble and Brass Dachshund Bookends are a modern addition to your dresser for bedroom. This bookend pair is a collectible item for dog lovers. The timeless white and golden color is restyled with marble and brass for modern homes. 

Add Some Personal Ambiance With A Photo Frame

metal photo frameSource: Casa Decor
Silver Photo Frame

Want to cherish your old memories and bonds with dear ones? The photo frames are what you need. These are the easiest ways to connect yourself with loved ones. A dresser for bedroom is an ideal place to keep a photo frame so that you may look at it whenever you’re around.  

Argento Metallo silver photo frame is a unique contemporary frame that you may hang on a wall or place on a dresser. This frame is handmade by local Indian artists using premium metal and can blend with any decor. 


We’ve discussed some of the creative ways to help you decorate your dresser for bedroom. There is no thumb rule to decorating your bedroom dresser. Go with your instincts and display the items that you feel are essential and decorative. A decorative item can also be functional, such as a table lamp

Arcedior is the best place to meet all your decor needs. You will surely get what you’re looking for from our huge collection of decor items. For a step closer to beautifying your dresser, go here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I style my bedroom dresser?

You can give your bedroom dresser an aesthetic and visual appeal by styling it with functional and decorative items. Keep only essential items on the dresser, such as a mirror, organizer tray, or bowls. You can create a focal point by placing flower vases or decorative objects, such as sculptures or artifacts, on a dresser. Keep metallic trays, glass lamps, or wooden boxes to create texture on your bedroom dresser. You can also layer different-sized objects, such as flower vases, photo frames, and decorative trays, in front of each other. The key to styling a dresser for a bedroom is to add items that reflect your personality and maintain the essence of the bedroom.

What should I keep on my bedroom dresser?

Following are the items that you can keep on your dresser for bedroom:
1. Daily essentials: You can place watches, rings, keys, and bracelets on the dresser to ensure that you keep them in a timely manner.
2. Photo frame: Cherish your relationship and bonds with your loved ones by framing their photos. The dresser for bedroom is an ideal place to keep a photo frame. 
3. Decorative tray: Tray provides ample space to keep items that are not supposed to be missed. You can also decorate the trays with flowers or candles and elevate the decor of the bedroom.
4. Bookends: Books are kept upright and in good condition when they are placed with bookends.

How do you style a dresser in front of a window?

Incorporating greenery or placing mirrors are some of the ways to style a dresser for bedroom in front of a window. Placing flower vases or pots brings life to the space. It is an easy way to bring greenery indoors. Mirrors reflect the light and create an illusion of a larger bedroom. Additionally, a mirror can also bounce the light in a bedroom.

Can you put a dresser at the end of the bed?

Yes, placing a dresser at the end of the bed is both practical and attractive. The size of the dresser should be proportionate to the bed and overall space. It should blend with the flow of the bedroom decor. If the bedroom is large, putting an identical dresser on either side of the bed will make the room’s layout symmetrical.

How do you display items on a dresser?

You can display the items on a dresser by layering the objects or adding texture with different materials. You can collectively add items of varied heights on a dresser for bedroom, such as a mirror, book, or flower vase. Layering the big objects at the back and small items in front of them adds depth and texture to the decor. You can place identical table lamps or decorative objects on a bedroom dresser to create a sense of symmetry.

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