10 Trendy Insta-worthy Cup Cake Stand for Birthday Party

Marble Cake Stand

Studies said that approx 63% of growth in bakery products had been observed during the pandemic. During the lockdown, the supply chain of bakery products has managed to raise its market. The high consumption during breaks, schools, and snacking mannerisms are the reasons for their growth. 

Similarly, Instagram became one of the major social media platforms for sharing gastronomical experiences. The inflow of daily posts on bakery-related items surges the demand for cup cake stands, and that’s how they have become sensational items since then. They beautify the cake and related items and are eye-catching too. 

There are rotatable, tiered, and height-adjustable cake stands. If you are in a dilemma while choosing an appropriate one for your Insta post, read the whole blog and find the best that suits your taste. 

Cloche: Cake Stand With Dome

Just use a stand with a dome and have fresh cake on your plate. The dome can be made of glass, metal, or paper, preventing foreign particles from spoiling the cake. This stand can also hold other bakery products, such as bread, pastries, donuts, and cookies. 

Cake Stand With DomeSource: Nestroots
Wooden Cake Stand With Dome

Place your cake on this Beautiful cake stand with dome that adds extra sweetness to your delicious cake. It is made of termite-proof wood and coated with food-grade lacquer. It is perfect for your kitty parties, birthdays, and anniversaries and lends a contemporary style to your wedding. You may also use it for keeping and serving muffins, cupcakes, etc. A glass dome serves the extra advantage of maintaining the aura of the cake: fresh and aromatic.

  • One significant advantage: You may closely view your favorite cakes without spoiling them. 

Royal: Gold Cake Stand

As the name implies, the appearance of a gold cake pedestal exudes elegance, beauty, and lavishness. They are made in different shapes: square, bowl, and round. The tiered cake stand of gold is usually in huge demand during big gatherings. 

Gold Cake Stand SetSource: Casa Decor
Gold Cake Stand

The beauty of the Golden Dessert Cake Stand is irresistible. It features a solid wood cake knife and server. It thus can be a perfect gift for newlyweds, housewarming, and restaurant debuts. 

Classic: Wooden Cake Stand

Wood Cake StandSource: Houmn
Wood Cake Stand

The Veronica is a classic addition to your table, and place delicious cake and desserts on it. You may use this wooden cake stand to serve a variety of treats and snacks. The versatile accessory also makes an elegant stage for accent flowers and desserts.  The teal green and wooden shade bring intense emotions to the space.

wooden cake standSource: Mason Home
Wooden Cake Stand

The Vienna cake stand is the ideal accessory for presenting your cake on a fine acacia wood platter with the least amount of work and maximum effect. The cherry on top is an elevated base with a linear texture that serves better grip. 

Symmetrical: Square Cake Stand

Do you know that the square shape holds trust and faith as values? Also, a square is the most symmetrical shape for a cake stand. The square cake pedestal has all equal sides, thus giving stability and rationality to the setting of a table. 

You may keep sweets or bakery items or decorate a square cake pedestal with candles and flowers, which will look stunning. 

Square Cake StandSource: Casa Decor
Square Cake Pedestal Stand

Buy this House of Desserts Stand that is made of aluminum metal. The silver color of the cake pedestal can make the cake’s color pop up. The square shape is different from the conventional round shape.

Clean: White Cake Stand

Every color pops up on the white background. Put a chocolate, strawberry, or butterscotch cake on a white cake stand, which will stand out from the white background. Use matching white servers and enjoy freshly baked cakes.  

A white cake pedestal can be of any of the following:

  1. White marble
  2. Plastic
  3. White lacquer
white cake standSource: Casa Decor
White Cake Stand

New White cake pedestal is made of wood and marble and is an excellent stand for pastries, cakes, muffins, and cupcakes. It can also be used as a dessert stand and serve brownies, chocolate balls, or waffles on it. 

Soothing: Marble Cup Cake Stand

Marble is a natural material most preferred for cake or dessert stands and kitchenware. It comes in natural textures, patterns, and colors. In addition, it is a hard rock that can withstand varied temperatures and pressure.

Marble Dessert StandSource: Home Artisan
Marble Dessert Stand

A Carla Server Stand with a Branch Base is a perfect addition to your soiree and will help accentuate the desserts and decor. It is a handmade product with white marble (plate) and premium wood (stand), a functional piece serving various sweets and snacks. The branch-like structure of the legs is shiny golden in color. 

2 -Tiered Cake Stand

In 2 tiered cake stand, there are two plates joined with a fancy rod. A rod can be present in the middle of the plates or at the periphery, holding the plates together. 

Tiered cake standSource: Nestroots
2 Tiered Buffet Organizer

Beautiful 2-tier Buffet Organizer is a center of attraction to your birthday parties or family dinner. It is made of mango wood and coated with food-grade powder. You may serve drink shots, appetizers, or snacks in this stand, making the serving easier. 

Transparent: Glass Cake Stand

It is the most elegant stand, where you can view the whole cake (top, bottom, and sides). The glass cake pedestal is resistant to high temperatures, and you can serve freshly baked cake on it. Glass is malleable in a liquid state. Thus, you can design it in any way you wish. In addition, it is a completely recyclable material, thus eco-friendly in nature. 

Glass Cup Cake StandSource: IVV
Glass Cake Pedestal

Palmira Footed Cake Plate is a clear glass cake pedestal. Fruits and leaves are designed in the stand which adds beauty to the stand. 

Triple Wonder: 3 Tier Cake Stand 

You might have seen tiered cake stands in famous cooking shows or 3 tier cake stands in restaurants and events. These fancy stands beautify the cake and make it approachable for the eaters. 

In 3 tier cake stand, there are three plates or platforms, one above another. The base plate size is larger than the top plate.

3 Tier Cake Stand Source: Vigneto
3 Tier Cake Stand 

Spring Meadows 3 Tier Cake Stand is made of fine premium porcelain. A classic ring at the top of the handle is for easy lifting. The round cup cake stands are decorated with blooming pink florals on the blue palette and will surely be the highlight of your dessert stations on your next happy occasion.


To summarize, materials and decoration are important in making your normal cake pedestal into an Insta-worthy stand. These are more than the servers, and a raised platform for your cake, i.e., a cake stand, can potentially transform your table setting. Suppose you want to own a trendy Insta-worthy cup cake stand for festivals or any occasion. In that case, Arcedior is the place for your shopping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good cake stand?

A good cake stand should be heavy and wide base. A heavy one would be stable and sleep the cake from falling and creating a mess. The heavyweight is helpful when used in high-traffic areas. The wide base prevents the breakage of the cake and keeps the cake intact. 

How big should a cake stand be?

A cake stand should be 2″- 3″ bigger than the cake. The diameter of the cake plate should be the same or slightly bigger than the cake. For a tiered one, the gap between consecutive plates and cake needs to be between 2″- 4″. The cake pedestal should be sturdy enough to handle a cake of any shape and maintain balance. 

What else can you use a cake stand for?

You may use a stand for muffins, cookies, cupcakes, pastries, or waffles. If there’s a house party, a cake pedestal serves a great purpose for serving nachos, chips, dips, and treats. To create an aromatic ambiance, you may decorate it with flowers, small plants, and scented candles. Also, you can make a couple of holes in the cake pedestal so you may use it to hold a lollipop. 

Does a cake stand need to be bigger than a cake?

Yes, the cake stand should be bigger than the cake. It is easier to serve and prevents the cake from falling when the cake pedestal is larger than the cake. You may allow the approximate 2″- 3″ space between the cake and the periphery of the stand. However, the cake must be the same size as the tiered one. 

What is the best material for a cake stand?

Glass is the best material for a cake stand, as it keeps the cakes aesthetically appealing and fresh. Glass does not take stains readily and is easy to clean. It resists high temperatures and pressure. It is an insta-worthy cup cake stand that emanates elegance and uniqueness at every occasion and festival.

What is the best color for a cake stand?

White is the best color for a cake stand. It is a versatile color that suits any kitchen decor and accessories. A bright-colored cake or creamy cupcakes look fantastic on a white cake pedestal. A raised platform gives servings an edge over the other serving platters. A cloche or tiered glass stand adds charm to the table settings. 


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