6 Creative Ways To Use Serveware to Boost Your Party Game

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Whether you’re a fan of small gatherings or big events, no one can deny the unadulterated fun that is a party. From birthday parties to housewarmings, there are few things as enjoyable as an evening spent with your friends. However, if you’ve been looking to boost your party game as of late, we’ve got a couple of suggestions. 

The next time you invite a bunch of people over to your home, get creative with your serveware. Find different and ingenious ways to use it. Not only will it add to the aesthetic, but your guests are also sure to enjoy the innovative sights. 

Use A Tiered Cake Stand For Appetizers 

First on the list is the good old-tiered cake stand. And no, you don’t have to use it only for a cake. You can double it as a holder for your appetizers. The multiple layers of the stand will allow you to display all your appetizers in a single place. This makes it easier for the guests to choose from the various options. It will also make post-party cleanup a breeze. 

Tiered Cake Stand as Dessert StandSource: Nestroots
Tiered Cake Stand as Dessert Stand

The 2-Tier Buffet Organizer by Nestroots is exactly what you need for your next party, big or small. Made of mango wood with a food-grade powder coating, this item is unmissable. 

Highlights of the Product

  • Large diameter to accommodate all your snacks
  • Sturdy handle for convenience

Use A Lazy Susan For Snacks 

A lazy susan, typically used for spices in the kitchen, can also make a special appearance at your next event. The rotating features of the tray make it perfect for a small crowd gathered around a table. Everyone can simply spin the wheel toward their favorite snack! 

Lazy Susan For SnacksSource: Houmn
Use Lazy Susan For Snacks

This Aster Lazy Susan serveware is the epitome of class and grace. The mango wood makes it a fairly durable and sustainable material. 

Highlights of the Product

  • Mango wood is painted in a shade of teal green. 
  • White flowers are painted on the side of the plate. 

Use Serving Bowls As Your Centerpieces 

Long gone are the days of tacky flowers and the like for centerpieces. It’s time to embrace minimalistic and practical items in your decor. A serving bowl that doubles as the centerpiece is the perfect addition to your table. It will set a tone of elegance for the evening. 

Bowl Rivulet Triangular
Use Serving Bowl as Centerpiece

The Bowl Rivulet- Triangular serving bowl will be the talk of the town at your next party. Made of aluminum metal with a gold finish, this piece is an absolute must-have. 

Highlights of the Product

  • Free form triangular shape
  • Food-safe grade lacquered

Serve Desserts In A Martini Glass 

Another imaginative idea for your next party is serving desserts in a martini glass. This idea has recently been going viral everywhere, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it look good, but the method is also a great option for plating up desserts of multiple layers. 

Serving Desserts In A Martini GlassSource: The Table Fable
Serving Desserts In A Martini Glass

The Aylin Martini Glasses are perfect for your home. Not only will the pieces work well with your desserts, but they are also exceptional martini glasses for your closet. 

Highlights of the Product

  • Handmade
  • Carefully curated glass to ensure durability

Use Your Cutting Board As A Platter 

Next time you’re hosting an event in the nick of time and are running out of options, look for ways to repurpose things you already have. A cutting board is a great example of this. The piece can often double as the perfect serveware platter for all types of foods. 

Cutting Board As A PlatterSource: Byora Homes
Use Cutting Board As A Platter

The simple design and cheer charisma of the Oblong Bread Board helps it mimic the perfect platter. The matte finish of this piece will make it an instant hit with your guests! 

Highlights of the Product

  • Can be used as a s serving platter and chopping board, 
  • Lightweight for easy usage

Use A Carafe As A Vase 

Using a carafe as a vase is an understated way of adding luxury to any event. The graceful curves of a well-made carafe will add a touch of finesse to your evening. 

Use Carafe As A Flower VaseSource: Home Artisan
Use Carafe As A Flower Vase

The Nicolas Carafe is what you should opt for when it comes to a carafe. With mouth-blown glass and a contemporary design, this piece is sure to stun. 

Highlights of the Product

  • Crafted with mouth-blown grass
  • Unique color combination for aesthetics


There is a lot you can experiment with when it comes to serveware. Even the most inconspicuous piece lying in your kitchen can become the star of the evening at your next party. This way of using serveware is not only great for aesthetics, but it also helps you become a more eco-friendly person when you actively repurpose things. Multi-functional serveware is an especially good option for decor styles like modern, minimalistic, and industrialist, which place practicality at the forefront. We hope that this blog helped you find dual uses for some of the items in your kitchen! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use a cutting board as a serving board?

Yes, you can absolutely use a cutting board as a serving board! The two items share very similar features, and it’s easy to exchange their roles. Just remember, when a cutting board is used as serveware, wash it thoroughly beforehand. This will ensure that no leftover residue makes its way into the dish you are serving your guests! 

Can I use a cake stand for desserts? 

Yep, there are no rules against using a cake stand for desserts! The next time you host a party, feel free to layer up the stand with pastries, croissants, and cupcakes. You can even use the cake stand for savory items and appetizers like quiches, bruschetta, chips, crostini, and more! 

Can you use a carafe as a vase? 

Yes, to put it simply, you can use a carafe as a vase. Both items have an extremely similar design, and thus their roles are interchangeable. Additionally, using a carafe as a vase is an easy and immediate way of adding a feel of luxury and elegance to any setting. 

What can I serve in a martini glass? 

While you can always use a martini glass for its intended purpose of serving a martini, you can also use it for something a little more creative. A common choice is using the glass to serve a dessert item. A martini glass is perfect for serving items with various layers, like a cheesecake or pudding. 

What are some creative ways to arrange snacks on a lazy susan?

If you’re looking to level up your plating game in snacks, try serving multiple snacks on the same lazy susan. You can get a bunch of different colored snacks and make a pretty pattern. You can also get something savory and sweet and create a contrast on opposite sides of the lazy susan. 

How can I choose the right serving bowl to use as a centerpiece?

When choosing a serving bowl to use as a centerpiece keep in mind the design of your bowl, the size of your bowl, and the overall theme of your decor. The design of your bowl should be something simple but elegant. Your serveware bowl should be a little on the larger side so that it commands the attention of the people in the room. And last but not least, the bowl should match your decor, and the color scheme of the other items on the table. 

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