Build The Perfect Wardrobe For Your Bedroom With These Simple Tips


One of the key important factors that decide wardrobe design is the size and layout of the bedroom. This will determine how big the wardrobe for the bedroom can be and where you will place it. As a large and dominant piece of furniture, the wardrobe’s design contributes significantly to the bedroom’s overall theme and taste. The different styles available are endless, from timeless, versatile classics, to high-gloss, slick contemporary, from ornate French boudoir to minimalist Scandinavian chic. You can also match the wardrobe’s style with your bedroom’s existing theme or browse through interior design product sourcing sites for some wardrobe inspiration.

Finding balance between your wardrobe and the rest of your bedroom can be devious. Here are some quick tips to help you pick the perfect wardrobe style for your bedroom.

Decide between fitted or freestanding wardrobes.
Choosing between a freestanding wardrobe or a fully fitted one is the first big decision while picking a wardrobe design. 

Fitted wardrobes: Fitted wardrobes instantly create more space and can be tailored to your room and fit the room’s full height. Even if a bedroom is an awkward shape, a fitted wardrobe can turn even the tightest corner into a storage space. Fitted designs are great for rooms with awkward alcoves or sloping ceilings. Because of their highly adjustable nature, they are usually custom-made and significantly more expensive. A fitted wardrobe is a popular choice for storage solutions.

Free Standing Wardrobes: Once a feature of every bedroom, freestanding wardrobes are still working hard, looking good and standing tall today. A free-standing wardrobe is a good choice because it can be rearranged or moved to new housing at any time. Also, it can help with zone spacing. Choosing a freestanding wardrobe with shelves and drawers will help you fit more items into a smaller space.

Wardrobe size: Small wardrobes demand a single or sliding door wardrobe. If you prefer storing your clothes by folding them instead of hanging, opt for a closet with ample drawer space. Similarly, if your wardrobe comprises of mostly coats and dresses, a taller wardrobe is the best choice. You may pick an internal storage option, plus color and frame finish to suit your taste and space.

Wardrobe finishes: When choosing the perfect finish, consider the style of your room. Wooden wardrobes – either direct or painted in grey, white or blue – work best in traditional or Scandinavian style bedrooms. Mirrored cabinets with metallic or monochrome frames suite rooms with an industrial edge.

Storage style: Decide on the kind of storage you a cording to your needs. If your wardrobe consists of staple dresses and formal wear, pick an option with sufficient hanging space. For wardrobes dominated by tons of accessories, i.e. storage space with multiple drawers works well. This will make it easier so you can organize different kinds of accessories in each drawer. The main factor in determining your wardrobe design should be the storage you need for your clothes and accessories. If your wardrobe consists of staple dresses and formal wear, you should have sufficient hanging space. And if accessories will fill your wardrobe, it is best to opt for multiple drawers. This way, you can organize accessories in multiple drawer.

Door Style: Door styles of the Wardrobe as necessary as the wardrobe design. Swing door wardrobes are best suited for large rooms, while sliding door wardrobes help save space and complement comprehensive wardrobe designs elegantly. The exterior design and the color of the door also add a different look to the room. Cabinets with mirrored doors have been a hot trend this season.

Wardrobe material: Some of the conventional materials you can use to add style to the closets’ surfaces include veneer, laminate, PVC, solid wood, or glass. Choosing the right type of finish is critical to ensure that the wardrobe matches your bedroom’s overall design theme. But make sure to use durable material, and it lasts a long time as a wardrobe is not furniture we change often. The material should be sturdy enough to protect the contents of the cupboard and add amplify the look of the room.

Wardrobe budget: Getting a new wardrobe under your budget depends on the kind of wardrobe style and material you opt for. A well-planned wardrobe adds value to the room. There are a variety of options available in the market to suit different budgets. Ready assembled cabinets are more budget-friendly than customized wardrobes.

Wardrobes for the bedroom should be chosen carefully as they are an essential aspect to bring comfort to the occupants. Also, consider if you want to complement your Wardrobe with other furniture pieces such as a bedside cabinet, chest of drawers, or dressing table. If you prefer these to be matching, check if the Wardrobe is part of a suite. Tell us your favourite wardrobe style or draw inspiration for the perfect Wardrobe from interior design product sourcing sources. 

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