6 Best Upholstered Office Chair: Leather, Mesh, Velvet & More

Upholstered office chair

Upholstered office chairs can make or break your work environment, as they are responsible for providing comfort and support. Spending long hours on the chair calls for choosing the upholstery, which becomes our second skin in the office. If we choose the wrong skin, then it can cause fatigue, sluggishness, and even low productivity. 

With the blog, you will become equipped with different upholstered office chairs and their unique features, which can help you make an informed decision. You will get to know their varied uses, benefits, and even some disadvantages. Now you can shop for this long-term investment with ease.

Thickened Leather Office Chair

Leather has always been synonymous with luxury and refined taste. Its natural elegance that is distinct from piece to piece makes it the first choice for many individuals. Being a durable material, leather can withstand the test of time and can be used in all climates. A leather office chair suits well for executives or professionals since it resonates with prestige and authority. 

They can be very easy to clean as it doesn’t let dust accumulate on their surface. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth for a refreshed look. Besides, this leather is very breathable and doesn’t retain heat, which allows air to circulate through the body. This makes it very comfortable for long durations.

Leather Office ChairSource: Gentle
Leather Office Chair

LC031W is a modern-styled and uniquely shaped black-colored leather chair with a painted finish. The base material is ash wood and steel, which ensures better durability and strength. In addition, this chair has a high back to support the head, neck, and shoulders and comes without an armrest.


  • It will last for a long time
  • Very elegant and sophisticated
  • Breathable quality

Breathable Mesh Office Chair

Mesh office chairs have become a staple in most offices due to their many advantages. It is made of breathable mesh material, which allows air to circulate throughout the backrest and seat and cools the body down. Often having an ergonomic design that is suitable for sitting for long hours. 

Being a lightweight material, these upholstered office chairs can be easily moved around between workstations. This helps support the back, neck, and arms, calling for more comfort and better posture. They can also be easy to clean and cater to modern-day office design. 

Mesh office chairSource: Talin
Mesh Office Chairs

Place Hon 24 7 in your office and experience calmness while sitting on it. This chair, toned in dual colors black and red, is perfect for intensive 24/7 use. It has adjustable 2D arms and provides the correct posture to the body with its unique shape supporting the spine and the whole back.


  • It helps in better air circulation
  • Very lightweight
  • Supports ergonomic design

Elegant Velvet Office Chair

Velvet is a regal material that is soft and delicate to feel, making it an ideal choice for an upholstered office chair. A velvet office chair serves both style and comfort and is suitable for people who like its elegance. Being available in many colors and styles, it can be suited well with many office decors making it very versatile. 

Suppose you want your modern office to break the monotony of similar fabrics. In that case, going for velvet material will add to the room’s texture. Just remember the amount of support the chair provides since they are a long-term investment. 


  • Soft and plush material
  • Available in different shapes and styles
  • Adds texture to the office

Distinctive Fabric Office Chair

A fabric office chair is a chair that has fabric on its seat, backrest, and armrest as opposed to leather or mesh. They are trendy due to their breathable and lightweight material, especially for warm and humid weather. 

Though there are tons of fabric office chairs in the market, choosing one of premium quality is essential. This is important because the fabric is less durable than mesh or leather. So buying a good quality fabric can withstand long sitting hours and daily wear and tear. Also, please keep it clean as it is not easy to clean.

Grey Fabric Office ChairSource: Avanti One
Grey Fabric Office Chair

Layer Y is a chair with fabric as upholstery material to provide a comfortable and cozy feeling to anyone who sits on it. It has metal as the base material and is contemporary styled.


  • Suitable for humid and hot weather
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Versatile

Comfy Faux Leather Office Chair

A faux leather office chair is made of synthetic leather, designed to mimic the look and feel of a real leather chair. Since leather chairs are expensive, these faux leather chairs are cost-effective. They come in many styles and designs suited to office decor. 

Also, faux leather material is for people who do not like that genuine leather is made from animal skin and do not find that though comfortable. However, their drawback is that they do not last as long as real leather and can show cracking and peeling after a few years. 

Artificial Leather Upholstered Office ChairSource: Goldsit
Artificial Leather Office Chair

FORTE P is a modern-styled black and brown colored chair that has a high back and casters. In addition, this faux leather upholstered chair has a plastic armrest, plastic leg, and double arm tilt mechanism for the easement.


  • Affordable
  • It mimics and feels like real leather
  • Water-resistant

Sustainable Linen Office Chair

The linen office chair has a linen fabric cover made from the flax plant’s fibers. It is a natural material widely used in clothing, especially during the summer months. It is very lightweight and breathable, which makes it ideal for the summer months, which are hot and humid.

Due to other popular materials, linen is not widely used for office chairs. It can be an ideal choice for an upholstered office chair since it provides the same features and can be used in warmer climates. They are effortless to clean and have a comfortable feel, which can be the topmost criterion for many people. 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made from natural fibers


To sum it up, an upholstered office chair can be made with tons of materials. It all boils down to one person’s criteria to feel the most comfortable. For some, an ergonomic chair is a must; for others, style is at the forefront. Due to this, analyzing each material becomes necessary to be fully aware of its benefits and drawbacks. It becomes the right choice if a particular fabric suits your climate and office environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mesh chair more comfortable than leather?

Yes, mesh chairs are more comfortable than leather ones since they offer more breathability and airflow. Mesh chairs are very affordable and lightweight, which has made them extremely popular in modern-day offices. They are moldable to cater to ergonomic requirements, which are made following musculoskeletal dynamics. This allows the user to comfortably use the mesh chair for long hours without compromising posture. 
But having said this, it can also be noted that leather chairs are padded, providing softness and a luxurious feel. Some people who prefer this factor tend to fall back on leather chairs. Otherwise, mainly leather chairs are used on executive levels to show prestige and authority.

What is the best fabric for upholstered office chair?

There are many fabrics with which an upholstered office chair can be made, which have their advantages and disadvantages, including:
Mesh: Mesh is known for its lightweight and breathable properties, which makes it suitable for long-duration usage. This can keep the user comfortable and relaxed while promoting ergonomic design. 
Leather: This upholstery material is known for its luxury and opulent look. These qualities make it popular for high-end usage. It is also durable and easy to clean. 
Vinyl: This material is very cost-effective and is also easy to clean. It is resistant to stains and spills, which can be useful for keeping it up to date. However, it might not be as comfortable as the rest.
Fabric: This is a very versatile, durable, and comfortable material. It has a wide range of patterns and styles that can cater to all kinds of office decor. However, it might be challenging to clean and is prone to stains. 

What material properties are best for office chairs?

An upholstered office chair can be built from a variety of materials, each of which has benefits and drawbacks of its own. 
Mesh: Mesh is renowned for being lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for long-term use. This can support the ergonomic design while keeping the user at ease and cool. 
Leather is a popular upholstery material because of its luxurious appearance and feeling of luxury. Because of these features, it is favored for high-end applications. It is also long-lasting and simple to clean. 
Vinyl: This material is incredibly affordable and simple to maintain. It can be kept current since it is resistant to spills and stains. Yet perhaps cozier than the others.
Fabric: This is an extremely adaptable, comfy, and durable cloth. It can accommodate all types of workplace décor because of its many designs and styles. Yet, it could be challenging to clean and is prone to stains.

Why do materials make a difference in your workplace?

Materials play a vital role in making the workplace more comfortable and productive, which includes:
Comfort: Breathable and soft materials can positively impact creating a comfortable environment. This can also prevent fatigue and sluggishness. 
Productivity: Productivity and comfort go hand in hand because if the upholstered office chair is uncomfortable, you will spend your time only thinking about the discomfort. 
Health: Materials that are nontoxic and eco-friendly can help prevent exposure to harmful chemicals and fumes. Also, materials that do not support ergonomic design can harm your posture.
Durability: A durable material can last long, saving money and environmental cost. 
Aesthetics: If the workspace is visually appealing and radiates positivity, it leads to better job satisfaction. Material plays a huge role in enhancing this factor. 

What are the benefits of using an upholstered office chair?

An upholstered office chair provides comfort, support, and durability. It can create a comfortable seating experience with a padded seat and backrest. Which in turn reduces fatigue and discomfort. Providing ample support and having an ergonomic design can mean a better posture and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems.
It can be very easy to clean by wiping a damp cloth or simply vacuuming. Besides this, upholstered office chairs come in many designs and styles that allow for better personal preferences. They are also very durable, which can make them save money and reduce frequent chair replacements.

image sources

  • LC031W: Gentle
  • Hon-24-7: Talin
  • LAYER-Y: Avanti One
  • FORTE-P: Goldsit
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