7 Best Upholstered Headboard that Instantly Adds Designer Style

Upholstered Headboard

Have you ever experienced back and neck stiffness and discomfort leaning against the wall while reading your favorite book at night or watching television? If your answer is yes, the comforting solution to your problem has arrived. Add the upholstered bed headboard and make yourself feel like you are flying among the clouds. 

Specifically, the upholstered headboard is a solid wooden frame padded with foam and covered in upholstery material. Yes, their plushness and softness will make you adore your bedroom even more. These give the bedroom tremendous comfort, softness, and richness while emphasizing its beauty. To your surprise, upholstered headboards are recommended in a feng shui bedroom as they promote good energy flow.

For your easement, here we have picked up seven upholstered headboard ideas that will become the focal point of your room. So stay with us till the end and find what best suits you.

Leather Upholstered Headboard Queen

Have you been searching for a headboard with an upholstery material that is stylish yet easy to maintain? Then, you must choose an upholstered headboard queen for your queen size bed to accentuate it with stylish leather. This is an intelligent option while considering the headboard.  

Upholstered headboard queenSource: Colunex
Noble Upholstered Headboard Queen

Go for Noble for your bed, which is made of leather and fabric and serves the contemporary style. It has a rectangular headboard which ensures its durability and high strength to withstand daily wear and tear. 


  • Metal feet
  • Highly durable 

Free Form Velvet Upholstered Headboard King

If you want a luxurious feel for your king-size bed, then choose the upholstered headboard king with the velvet fabric. Yes, the mixture of nylon, silk, and cotton. The velvet fabric can be pushed into any shape, and its natural sheen will make a remarkable impression inside your bedroom. In addition to its soft and cozy texture, it is pretty thick, which is the reason for its high durability.

Free Form Velvet Upholstered HeadboardSource: Brabbu
Free Form Velvet Upholstered Headboard

Get ready to add a style statement to your bedroom with the free form of the Iraya Headboard. This exclusively beautiful head support is adorned with velvet as an upholstery material along with the piping. 


  • Fully velvet upholstered with piping
  • Uniquely shaped smooth boulders

Classic King Upholstered Headboard

Are you considering something decorative to adorn your king-size bed? Then your choice must include the classic king-upholstered headboard that will complement the rooms with great space while contributing to the cozy ambiance. 

Classic King Upholstered HeadboardSource: Kaas
Classic King Upholstered Headboard

Add the charm of wonderful aesthetics with the Kremlin Headboard that is embellished with intricate carvings on wood in golden color and white colored fabric as upholstery material. 


  • Golden-colored decorative edges
  • Partitioned upholstery 

Rectangular Queen Upholstered Headboard

The classic choice is the rectangle shape when considering the headboard for a queen-sized bed. The queen upholstered headboard in rectangular shape comes in different fabrics and styles. These cover a wide area at the back, sometimes including the nightstands while giving you a pleasant and cozy feel and adding an aesthetic flair to the beauty of the room.

Rectangular Queen Upholstered HeadboardSource: Armis Bedding
Rectangular Queen Upholstered Headboard

Place the rectangle-shaped Alegra into your bedroom and experience the plushness. This is a gray-colored queen headboard made with wood as the base material with the fabric that is soft enough to provide you the coziness feeling.


  • Backbone friendly structure
  • Spring system

White Upholstered Headboard

Are you a minimalist fan? Choose the white upholstered headboard to create a sophisticated and spacious feel. The headboard in white color makes the room appear more spacious if you have a small bedroom in your home. The white upholstered headboard comes in various materials. You can choose from velvet, leather, or any other natural fabric.

White Upholstered HeadboardSource: Arvestyle
White Upholstered Headboard

AS 1815 is the epitome of beauty when it comes to decorating your home with sophistication. It is well suited for the classical home decor style and has a sturdy and designer base made of wood.  


  • Striped base
  • Golden framing

Tufted Tall Upholstered Headboard

Go for the tall upholstered headboard if you have a grand and spacious bedroom at your place. These headboards complement very well with the soaring ceilings of the room while supporting your body from head to back when you lean against it. The tufted headboard is padded and then stitched with beautiful buttons or knots, adding a style statement to the room. They complement well with king-size and California king-size beds. 

Tufted Tall Upholstered HeadboardSource: ALEXNADRA
Tufted Tall Upholstered Headboard

Add elegance to your bedroom with the Troya Troyano Headboard that is beautifully tufted with buttons that give the pattern of small diamonds on the fabric. This rectangular-shaped upholstered headboard is perfect for the bedroom with a contemporary style.


  • Curvy sideboards
  • Tufted and rectangle-shaped

Solid Wooden and Upholstered Headboards

When it comes to choosing a perfect headboard for your room, then it is equally important to look for a sturdy frame that also looks elegant. For this, the timeless choice is the wooden and upholstered headboards that create magic in the room with their excellent combination. 

wooden and upholstered headboardsSource: Modenese Gastone
Classic Wooden and Upholstery Headboards

The search for an elegant and sturdy headboard ends with Art. 92207. This headboard is adorned with silver-colored designer-shaped wood in the free form. It is well suited for contemporary home decor.


  • Free form design 
  • Tufted headboard


By the end of this blog, we are confident that you have now answered all of your questions about these incredible headboards and must have chosen the one most suited for your bedroom. These headboards serve as the room’s center point and add a sense of softness and luxury. The upholstered headboard is the ideal partner for your bed, whether you want to recycle your old headboard or locate the most incredible bed partner for your newly constructed home. Make the most outstanding choice for your bedroom by finding the best-upholstery headboard at Arcedior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an upholstered headboard?

You should choose an upholstered headboard because they give the feeling of softness and comfort while you lean against them. These are the perfect partners for the bed, adding a luxurious feel to the bedroom and becoming its focal point. It has a padded layer resting on a solid frame, then covered with upholstery material.

How do you take care of an upholstered headboard?

You can take care of an upholstered headboard by vacuuming it daily. In addition, to protect them from spills, spray the water protectant on the fabric, and to keep it fresh, spray the scented material in a few days. In this way, it becomes easy to maintain the new look and smell of these headboards.

Are upholstered headboards hard to keep clean?

Yes, upholstered headboards are hard to keep clean. The fabric used in these easily attracts dust, pollens, hair, spills, and stains, so it remains on the verge of losing its original shine and fresh look. So, it is essential to clean it regularly, involving vacuuming and brushing. In addition, they become the focal point in the bedroom due to their hues and textures.

What are upholstered headboards made of?

The upholstered headboards are made of a solid bed frame like wood or metal and then are padded heavily for a soft feel. Finally, this padded layer is covered with fabric that includes velvet, leather, and other upholstery materials. Unfortunately, these headboards are hard to clean as the fabric attracts dust particles and spills quickly. So it is necessary to vacuum them on a regular basis.

Are upholstered headboards still popular?

Yes, the upholstered headboards are still popular. These are the most stylish pieces of furniture that anyone can add while considering the interior design of the house. These headboards add luxurious warmth to the room and provide a soft and comfortable feel to the back and neck. The upholstery material comes in various fabrics like faux, velvet, and leather. 

What style is an upholstered bed?

The upholstered bed is a classic style that adds charm to the room. This consists of a wooden bed frame that is padded and cushioned heavily for a comfortable feel while relaxing on the bed. The tufted headboard feels cushioned and relaxes the back and neck while watching television or reading a book. It needs regular brushing and vacuuming to maintain its fresh appearance.

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