8 Best Tea or Drink Coasters to Beautify Your Home

drink coasters

‘Oh look, it’s wine o’clock.’
‘Yoga class! I thought you said pour a glass.’

Start your morning with these quirky quotes that freshen your mood and energize you all day. But where should they be? Of course, on drink coasters. 

Yes, you read right. It is best to have coasters while enjoying hot tea or sipping a glass of wine. You also need a coaster if you don’t like the water dripping from the condensation of a cold-drink glass. It would be best to have drink coasters to prevent water rings from forming on a tabletop or workstation. 

So, in short, coasters are your friend on the table. Enjoy water-absorbent wooden, cork, or bamboo coasters. Or bring shiny stone, agate, or metal coaster to the table. Here at Arcedior, we have a high-end handmade collection of coasters that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. So, scroll gradually through the blog to find the best drink coasters for your table space. 

Rustic: Wooden Coasters 

It is natural insulator material perfect for placing hot or cold beverages or drinks above it. It is lightweight and thus comes with pads or stands to make them stable. It is a highly economical and sustainable material. You may also opt for eco-friendly wooden coasters that are recycled. 

The wooden coasters bring natural elements and give your decor a rustic touch. These make fantastic coasters for Scandinavian, minimalist, and biophilic-based decor. 

Wooden CoastersSource: Houmn
Wooden Coasters

Add round-shaped wood coasters Gardenia to your tableware. It is made of mango wood laced in teal green color. If you wish to keep it for a long time, wipe it regularly with a clean cloth. 

Unique feature: White flower is painted at the side of the coasters.

Wooden Tea CoastersSource: Byora Homes
Wooden Tea Coasters

Bitter is a hand-cut and polished wooden coaster that is a stylish solution for water rings on a tabletop. Water that has dripped from the cups is collected in the space in the center of the coasters. In addition, you will get a coaster holder for proper storage. 

Unique feature: Water is collected in a compartment in the center of the coaster.

Semi-precious: Agate Stone Coasters

Agate is a semi-precious stone that has been in use since old age. Agates come in a variety of colors and have the capacity to give any decor a natural charm. The hues of a single color in agate can mesmerize anyone. Agate has some healing properties too. 

Agate coasters bring peace and calm to the home, office, or wherever it is placed. They will complement the interior and bring positive energy with them. These are beautiful and unique in each way, thus making a perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Agate Drink CoastersSource: Gemtherapy
Agate Drink Coasters

Blue is artistically crafted unique drink coasters. The shades of blue mirror the image of the deep ocean. Simultaneously, the golden border gives a sense of groundedness. 

Unique feature: Every blue agate coasters are intrinsically unique. 

Agate CoastersSource: Casa Decor
Agate Coasters

Enchanting is more than a coaster. It is a statement piece for table space that has many uses. For example, you may place candles or small vases on it. These are also an excellent addition to your table setting as decorative items. It has an uneven artistic finish. 

Unique feature: It features a gold foiled design. 

Serene: Marble Coasters

The natural beauty of marble coasters is irresistible. The natural colors and veining make the price go high. Despite the fact that faux marble coasters are also readily available, you will lose the genuineness of marble. They give a luxurious feel to the decor and suit with contemporary decor as lock-and-key.

Marble CoastersSource: Byora Homes
Marble Coasters

Up Down is a fashionable solution for water rings and table stains. With a glossy finish in white and pink, this marble coaster will surely elevate your table space.  

Unique feature: You may use both sides. 

Elegant: Leather Coasters

Leather coasters are a modern and practical addition to any home or office. Their sleek texture and sophisticated appearance not only protect surfaces from beverage stains but also elevate the decor. With their durability and timeless appeal, leather coasters make for a practical and aesthetic choice for tabletops and furniture.

leather coastersSource: Mason Home
Leather Coasters for Drinks

Naples Leather Coasters are made of faux leather and come in two colors: brown and taupe. The six handy coasters are a great complement to the dining table, side table, and coffee table. They can be utilized as tea coasters as well. These sophisticated coasters complement any decor. 

Unique feature: Its modern style is timeless and complements everything. 

Modish: Metal Coasters for Drinks

You will see stainless steel, brass, or alloy as metal coasters. It is a non-absorptive material that will only protect the surface underneath the coaster. It is a versatile material, so the sky is the limit to your creativity. Metal coasters for drinks can withstand regular wear and tear, making them durable.

metal coasters for drinksSource: Courtyard
Metal Coasters for Drinks

With the help of these Calighat coasters, add a touch of refinement to your dining table. It has been meticulously prepared with brass to ensure longevity. It is a great example of fine craftsmanship and will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

Unique feature: Handcrafted from pure brass.

Earthy: Ceramic Coasters

The raw material for ceramic drink coasters is clay. Next, the coasters are made and heated in the kiln. This process makes the ceramic coasters durable and brittle. Ceramic coasters often have conventional designs, but if you want to keep them decorative, you can add embellishments and hot pads. 

Charismatic: Resin Coasters

It is a transparent material that can take any shape and style. Resin coasters are lightweight and easy to carry around the table. You may add flowers, stones, and glitter to make it more beautiful. They are easy to clean and need a gentle wipe with a damp cloth. The resin coasters are less likely to get easily scratched and thus are durable. 

Aztec Resin Drink CoastersSource: Nestroots
Aztec Resin Coasters

Use black and white Aztec resin coasters for your table setting. The Aztec-inspired geometric designs are sleek and simple. The neutral colors can complement both ethnic and modern decors. In addition, they will complement both indoor and outdoor table settings. 

Unique feature: It features Aztec-inspired artwork. 


As you’ve read the whole blog, you might get a clue which you should pick for your dining setting. The drink coasters add charm to the table space and leave an impression. From traditional wooden coasters to contemporary metal coasters, we’ve curated a list of beautiful coasters for your area. So even if you’re confused while choosing the perfect one, click here and pick your favorite one. Cheers! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t use a coaster on a table?

The condensation from drinks or meals forms water rings on the table and leaves stains behind. These water rings could worsen without attention because they attract dirt and dust.
The non-usage of coasters on a table will leave stains behind. This makes the table look ugly and dirty. It leaves a bad impression on the guests.

What type of coaster is best?

Coasters made of wood, silicone, marble, and stone are the best to go for use. If you’re looking for an absorbent property, then cork and felt are the materials for that choice. Wood is an insulator and is perfect for hot beverages or food items. It is lightweight and easy to clean too. Marble is a heavyweights material and thus highly preferred for coasters. It maintains its colors and finishes and therefore is a durable choice. 

Are agate coasters durable and long-lasting?

Yes, agate coasters are durable and last long. They do not get scratched easily and are effortlessly easy to maintain. You need to wipe with a damp cloth, and you’re good to go. 
There are many colors in agate, such as green, blue, pink, and black. The agate coasters are indeed a great addition to your tableware.

Can I use marble coasters for hot beverages?

Yes, you may use the marble coasters for hot beverages. As the marble is made under extensive temperature and pressure, it is quite heat resistant and thus can take up hot drinks. But, prolonged exposure to high temperatures may result in discoloration. 
Therefore, use marble coasters with felt backing or a hot pad to prevent any damage to them.

How do I choose the right size coaster for my glasses or cups?

Measure the diameter of round coasters and the edges of square coasters before buying them. Choose the drink coasters between 2.5-3″ long. Most cups or glasses are made in this size range, so you won’t find larger coasters. And it is also unnecessary to go for bigger coasters when you have small cups and glasses.

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