5 Best Office Desk Design Ideas For Maximum Efficiency

Best office desk

The best office desk is furniture that offers comfort and an area to perform a task.

What distinguishes the best office desk from the conventional desk? The provision of ergonomic features for better productivity is equipped in the best office desks. 

The advantages are not only limited to an employee but also radiate to the office environment and improve an image of an office in a marketplace. 

It would be best to look for an office desk supporting your work environment. An office may fit many types of office desks, such as L shape, U shape, floating desks, credenza desks, or executive desks.

We’ve curated the five best office desk designs for maximum efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Let’s go over the designs and see why you should buy them. 

L Shaped Office Desk

An ergonomically designed desk, L shaped office desk has replaced the traditional rectangular desk. You can have a height adjustable L shaped office desk for better efficiency. The L shape makes easy access to storage space through drawers or shelves. It is a cost-efficient desk for an office.

L Shaped Office DeskSource: Onlead
L Shape Office Desk

Ivan is one of the L shaped desks that has all the ergonomic features that are needed for a productive and efficient workplace. It has managed the wiring in a tidy manner and keeps the clutter out of sight. 

Why buy L shaped office desk?

  1. It can accommodate multiple monitors. 
  2. It reflects professionalism.
  3. These are spacious, provide comfort, and utilize the floor space maximally.

Office Desk With Drawers

Installing drawers is the best way to utilize an empty area beneath the table. Drawers are easy to open and close, or you may lock them too. You can attach handles for easy maneuvering or drawers for a seamless experience. It reduces the need for extra cabinets or storage space. 

Office desk with drawersSource: Brabbu
Office Desk with Drawers

Baraka is a contemporary-style office desk that is made of wood and brass. This office desk is a fierce choice for any office design. The rectangular-shaped desk offers an authoritative value to a striking modern design. 

Why buy an office desk with drawers?

  • It keeps the table neat. 
  • It maximizes the usage of floor space efficiently.
  • It keeps the documents, files, or folders in a safe place. 

Modern Office Desk

You might have seen modern desks in smart offices. These are user-friendly and ergonomically designed desks that give you a comfortable space to work. Smart desks are also modern in style and minimize the clutter on the table, for example, wireless charging, an under-desk cable manager, and a riser for electronic gadgets. 

Modern Office DeskSource: Cattelan Italia
Modern Office Desk

Nasdaq stands out for its modish appeal and attractive design. The sloping legs and minimal style bring modernism to the room. It features a wooden top that bends to form a lateral element. A drawer is placed in the middle of another prismatic lateral element. These features make this table a cut above the rest. 

Why buy a modern office desk?

  1. The ergonomic modern office desk is adjustable to your position (standing or sitting). 
  2. It supports a productive and comfortable lifestyle.
  3. It blends with the modern interior design of a smart office. 

Small Office Desk

Do you know that small office desks are efficient and space-saving alternatives to office desks? Yes. The main advantage of a small office desk is that it stays clean and tidy, as there is less space to work with. A small office desk is the best example of innovative technology with maximum functionality. 

Small Office DeskSource: Arkof
Small Office Desk

Smartdesk Contact is a modern desk covered with glasses on three sides. The glasses give protection and a sense of personal workspace. It includes a smartphone charger, service lighting, antibacterial laminate, an electrical socket, and photocatalytic light for countertop sanitization. 

Why buy a small office desk?

  1. It utilizes the floor space with maximum efficiency. 
  2. You can access your items in a hassle-free manner. 
  3. It minimizes the countertop clutter. 

Large Office Desk

A large office desk is an essential element in creating a productive workspace. Its spacious surface offers ample room for spreading out documents, setting up multiple monitors, and organizing your work tools. Conference rooms, meeting rooms, reception areas, and even executive rooms need large office desks to accommodate many people.

Large Office DeskSource: Paiger
Large Office Desk

Wood is a large office desk with a large seating capacity. Its well-designed large desk promotes an organized environment, allowing you to efficiently manage tasks and keep essentials within reach.

Why buy a large office desk?

  1. It provides comfortable seating for a big gathering.
  2. It gives a large surface area for working or meeting. 
  3. Adds professionalism, sophistication, and elegance to an office room. 


Let’s sum up the best office desk designs in brief. L shaped desks are best for enhancing productivity and focus. Drawers give extra storage space to an individual. Office desk with drawers is an effective way of using floor space. There are modern and smart office desks that help in reducing the clutter on a tabletop. You can add a large office desk in a meeting or conference room for big meetings or a large number of people. Thus, select the best office desk that suits your office. Click here for more options in Arcedior. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What shape is best for an office desk?

A rectangular or L-shaped office desk is best for the office. Ergonomically designed, L-shaped desks are productive and efficient in use. The shape offers enough surface area to accommodate multiple computers and is placed in the reception areas and personal cabins. 
The U-shaped office desk is user-friendly and keeps everything within arm’s length. It also keeps your hands, wrists, shoulders, and posture at ease as everything is nearby. 
If your work demands a longer sitting period, an ergonomic office desk is the best for you. 

How do I choose a good office desk?

Following are the steps while choosing a good office desk:
1. Size: You need to choose the optimum and appropriate size of a desk that can accommodate essential accessories and gadgets. 
2. Design: The best office desk provides an ergonomic design that adjusts to human body features. The provision of drawers, shelves, or credenza should be considered while selecting the best office desk.
3. Material: The office desk should be made of sturdy material to make them last longer. Wood and metal are the preferred materials for office desks. 
4. Cost: While choosing a desk, always look out for warranties and guarantees for life long run. It should be cost-effective and within a budget. 
In short, the size, design, and material used are kept in mind while choosing the best office desk.

What makes a good desk design?

The best office desk design should be functional and appealing. The desk should be big enough for comfortable seating and can accommodate office supplies and gadgets. A good office desk is ergonomically designed with adjustable heights, monitor risers, tablet holders, and movable tabletops.  
Cable trays or cable arrangers manage wire and keep the clutter out of sight. The cable tray is placed below the table, and the wirings are hidden. 
The office desk should be made of a sturdy material that lasts long. It should also be water resistant and does not deteriorate with the change in weather. 

What is the need for office desks?

1. To perform a given task, you need an office desk. An office desk provides a space to complete the assigned tasks. 
2. An office desk also provides a safe place to secure important documents and files.
3. It improves collaboration and communication among the team members.
4. It creates a professional image of the office. 
5. It helps employees feel more comfortable around the workplace. 
6. Office desks are also made to distinguish between the various divisions visually. 
7. An ergonomic desk will support your lumbar region and relax the back muscles. 
Therefore, you need the best office desk for a productive and healthy atmosphere for the employees and the office. 

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