5 Best Office Chair for Back Pain Relief

office chair for back pain

Have you been suffering from unbearable back pain but still have to sit at your desk for prolonged hours? Yes, we know this because these days, it’s the story of every corporate employee. With computers and laptops taking our desks, humans have somewhere lost their well-being in the race to get ahead of everybody.

As they say, health is wealth, so our health must be our priority. If you also suffer from that dreadful back pain and stiffened neck while sitting at your desk for continuous hours, then you need to read this blog until the very end. We can’t quit our jobs or avoid work to escape the pain. Instead, we must make our surroundings so comfortable that we should enjoy doing our work. 

One way to do this is to add an office chair to your sitting area that helps in reducing back pain. Here we have listed five such best office chairs for back pain that will make you forget your pain.

Ergonomic Office Chair: Your Friend At Desk

Do you know that an ergonomic office chair is built to support the natural posture of the human body? With this kind of chair at your office, you can rest assured about your body posture. This is considered the best office chair for back pain as it supports the spine and relaxes your upper and lower back. This chair offers various functionalities involving adjustable height, footrests, and armrests.

Ergonomic Office ChairSource: Vandu
Ergonomic Office Chair

Metier is an ergonomic office chair that will serve most of your purposes. It has a headrest and adjustable metal legs that will make you feel relaxed while you keep working for a long duration. In addition, it has a base metal material, making it sturdy and durable.


  • Keeps the spine in shape
  • Relaxes the shoulder muscles

High Back Office Chair: Relax Your Back

Keeping your body, especially back in shape, is essential to stay productive during office hours. For this, you must choose a high back office chair. This chair has broader and taller back support and a headrest supporting your upper and lower back head, neck, and shoulders. With this office chair, your back will get additional help, remain in its natural posture, and prevent you from slouching. 

High Back Office ChairSource: Estel
High Back Office Chair

Choose Uniqa to relax your stiffened neck at your workplace. It has a high back adjustable backrest that will support your head and back and assists you in keeping your back in its original form. In addition, the legs are made of aluminum to ensure higher durability. 


  • Ergonomic chair
  • Supports the head and back

Lumbar Support For Office Chair: Work At Ease

The long working hours on a single desk can lead a person to slouch, which causes the natural inward curve of the body to go in the opposite direction. To cope with such a situation, a solution comes in the form of lumbar support. This helps fill the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat so that the strain does not get to the lower back and can maintain its natural posture.

Lumbar Support For Office ChairSource: Higi
Lumbar Support Office Chair

Ares is the best office chair for back pain as it offers adjustable lumbar support that will keep the inward curve in your spine in a natural position and averts you from slouching. In addition, this chair has a headrest to support the head and neck, a 2d adjustable armrest, and a tilting control. 


  • Provides support to the lumbar spine
  • Keeps lower back in position

Adjustable Armrest Office Chair For Back Pain

For your back to be in shape, it is indeed crucial for the shoulders to be straight and away from slouching. In addition, your shoulders are connected to your arms, so providing a comfortable surface for your arms is crucial to keep them in a healthy position. So, the adjustable armrest office chair for back pain can be used in this scenario. With this kind of chair, you can adjust the armrests and position your hands in the best manner possible.

office chair for back painSource: Kabel
Office Chairs for Back Pain

Have KB 8912A at your office and work in a relaxed manner. This yellow and black colored office chair provides you with a 3d armrest that can help you relax your shoulders and prevent you from slouching. Also, it has fixed lumbar support to keep your back in shape and a headrest to support your neck.


  • It keeps you away from slouching
  • It serves as a comfortable pad for your arms

Reclining Office Chair: Stretch Flexible

Working for long hours in a single position can make you feel stiff and then develops an urge to lean back and relax your body. This comfort and relaxation can only be achieved at the office with the reclining chair. This is the best office chair for back pain as it reduces the tension in the upper and lower back muscles by allowing you to lean flexibly. This chair comes in the form of mesh or soft padded material that you can choose from.

Reclining Office ChairSource: Sitzone
Reclining Office Chair

Get GN1601S in your workplace and feel comfortable. This reclining office chair gets bent to a certain angle where you can stretch your muscles flexibly. This is a soft padded chair with leather as an upholstery material. It is a swivel chair that can easily be moved from one desk to another. Its high back gives excellent support to your head, neck, and shoulders, along with your upper and lower back.


  • It helps you stretch comfortably
  • Supports your back


Conclusively, there is the best office chair for back pain to add to your daily life and eliminate the stiffened and numb back. These chairs have different options like a high back, lumbar support, adjustable armrest, and recliners. Choose the chair that best suits your needs, or take the ergonomic office chair with all these functionalities in one place. On the other side, suppose you want to have a glimpse of more variety. In that case, you can visit Arcedior and find one of the best office chair for back pain to boost your productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can office chairs help back pain?

Yes, office chairs help to relax your back and relieve back pain. They are unique office chairs designed to keep the human body comfortable and in a natural position. These chairs come with several functionalities, including lumbar support, armrest, recliners, and headrest. These features in the office chair keep your body relaxed during office hours.

What type of chair is best for back pain?

The chair with lumbar support is the best office chair for back pain. It offers support between the lumbar spine and seat in the form of a padded cushion that keeps the back tension free. This support fills the gap between the spine and the seat, which helps keep the inward curve of the spine healthy and maintained. 

What is the best chair for sitting all day?

One of the finest chairs for sitting all day is the ergonomic office chair. This chair is designed to keep the human body’s posture in its original position for people working in corporate offices for extended periods. These chairs come with different functions, such as headrests, armrests, or lumbar support. These supports help people maintain their health, and this chair is considered the best office chair for back pain.

Are chairs good for back pain?

Yes, specially designed chairs are the best office chair for back pain. These chairs are designed to support people while they keep working all day long in front of computer screens. In addition, features such as headrests keep people away from slouching. Another great feature is the recliner, which helps a person stretch himself after a long sitting straight at a stretch.

What is the correct office chair angle?

The correct office chair angle is 5 to 10 angles. This helps in maintaining the natural posture of the body. The ergonomic office chair helps in reducing back pain by providing features like lumbar support and an armrest. In addition, the adjustment features in the office chairs help people to stay in position and boost their productivity. Many varieties are available online, so choose the best office chair for back pain.

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