11 Best Kids Bed Type to Elevate Your Child Sleep and Play Area

Kids bed

Kids’ room is the most challenging living area to style because it demands gradual changes as they grow and develop until they are grownups. The sorts of beds required for various age groups are shown in the table below.

Age Group Type Of Bed
0-6 monthsBassinet 
6 months – 2 yearsCrib
2- 5 yearsToddler bed
5- 8 yearsLow sleepers (bunk bed)
Above 8 yearsHigh sleepers (bunk bed)
Teenage Twin bed

You may have kid’s bed with storage space, kids bed tent, a house bed, a bunk bed, a car bed, and many more. Read the blog to get complete insights about the trendy and best kids bed to elevate the child’s sleep and play area.

Comfy Crib

A safe place for an infant (up to 2 years) is called a crib. It is a cage-like bed for an infant that prevents them from falling from their bed. Additionally, it safeguards infants who are still learning to walk.

cribSource: Kennethcobonpue
Comfy Crib

Voyage is an oval-shaped crib built in a modern style. It is 140 cm high, so lifting the baby from the crib is easy. It is made of steel and nylon, which is sturdy and robust. 

Why buy?

  • The crib’s open design ensures the baby can see the outside world. 

Toddler Bed for Tots

Tiny tots are now at the crawling stage and need support to stand themselves. They need to be watchful at this point since they are eager to explore the walking phase and are energized. So, toddler bed safeguards them and make their walking experience more comfortable.

Toddler bedSource: Ekin
Toddler Bed

Asil White Montessori is a toddler bed with a robust build. It is made of MDF, thus eco-friendly material. A little space allows toddlers to get in and out of the bed. 

Why buy?

  • The baby feels comforted by a board in the shape of a house in the kids’ bed.

Kids Twin Bed

They have attained their upright posture at the tender age of 6-7 years. However, they are in the growing phase and need a bigger bed. That’s when twin beds for kids come to the rescue. The twin beds for kids have an average size of 38 in X 75 in. 

Kids twin bedSource: Ugurlu
Kids Twin Bed

Pacific is a modern-styled kids twin bed. The headboard is in sail shape, which motivates kids to be adventurous. It is a multi-colored bed in a rectangular shape.

Why buy?

  • The minimal design gives enough floor space to place other items. 

Sleepover Bunk Bed For Kids

Do you want to host a sleepover? Do you have more than one kid? A bunk bed for kids is a problem saver. It has two sleepers: high and low. This is one of the best kids beds. It is a cost-effective solution for small bedrooms and can also accent the room.

Bunk bed for kidsSource: Mathy by Bols
Bunk Bed for Kids

A Wagon shaped kids bed is an additive funk to the kid’s room. It has drawers and shelves to store the items. 

Why buy?

  • It has an attached desk and ladder. You may choose the sides during installation.

Cool Car Bed For Kids

This fantastic design of kids bed looks ideal in their room. The funky and unconventional design can add fun and style to kids’ rooms. A food-grade and medically harmless material is used. Usually, car bed for kids are easy to assemble and dismantle. Thus, you may shift the kids bed to a different place. 

Car bed for kidsSource: Musvenus
Car Bed for Kids

Enzo is a car bed for kids that is operated by a remote. It has headlights that may work as a night light. The electronic system is well hidden, thus harmless for children.

Why buy?

  • It has a remote control to make the sound of gas, brake, speed, and knight rider. 

Loft Beds For Kids

It is a functional, decorative, practical, and best kids bed that saves floor space. At the upper portion, you have a sleeping space; the lower space can be your play area, study area, or grooming area. Loft beds for kids are a type of bunk bed with no low sleeper!

Loft Bed for KidsSource: Mathy by Bols
Loft Bed for Kids

Dominique is a loft bed of low height. It has a sliding study table, so when in use, pull it out. Color options are available to create a playful and colorful atmosphere in the kids’ room. 

Why buy?

  • It has an attached ladder to climb up for the bed. 

Kids Bed With Slide

Guaranteed fun for kids’ rooms, the kids bed with slide is one of the functional and decorative features of the best kids bed. You can have slides in loft beds or bunk beds. It is appropriate for kids that are at least five years old.

Kids Bed with SlideSource: Sampo
Kids Bed with Slide

A rectangular-shaped ZX is a kids bed with slide. The wooden material employed in its construction ensures its sustainability and toughness. It has a ladder to climb up and down. A house-shaped structure was built around the head area of the bed to give you a sense of security.

Why buy?

  • It has a ladder and slides that ensure the safety of your adorable children. 

Kids Bed With Storage

Toys? Books? Legos? Clothes? Trouble placing things neatly? Kids bed with storage is a solution for your problem. This way, the items will remain in the kids bed, and the room will look clean.

Kids Bed with StorageSource: Sampo
Kids Bed with Storage

Kids bed with storage ZX C008S is designed in a clean and modern style. Featuring bookshelves with open cubbies, there is plenty of space to store books, toys, bedtime reads, and other treasured items.

Why buy?

  • It is sturdy in build. 

Magical Space With Kids Bed Tent

What to do when it’s rainy outside but you were scheduled for camping? Create a sleeping space with a kids bed tent. This is the best place for your kid’s vivid imagination and sporty spirit. You may replace the design with new and customized patterns on kids bed tent.  

Tent bed for kidsSource: Circu
Tent Bed for Kids

Kids Bed Tent Teepee is heaven for your globe trotter. It is comfortable, cozy, and playful, influenced by the Disney princess Pocahontas and her free-spirited and highly spiritual personality. With this bed, your children’s dreams can travel from lofty mountains to vast oceans.

Why buy?

  • You will get a remote-controlled light and sound system and a toy box that functions as a secret compartment.

Trundle Beds For Kids

Surprise guest? Pull out the extra bed under the kids bed and sleep comfortably. Trundle Beds for Kids has an extra bed with a frame or frameless under the main bed. It saves floor space mad easy to maneuver. 

Trundle BedSource: Ugurlu
Trundle Bed

The mix is a kids bed with an extra bed with a frame. It works like a drawer and is placed underneath the main bed. It is built with a modern style keeping contemporary needs in mind. 

Why buy? 

  • This trundle beds for kids has an extra open storage space. As a result, it gives a better view of your items. 

Creating A Cozy And Fun Retreat With House Bed

Build a safe haven for your children in their room. House bed. It is a simple way to create a cozy and safe place to have fun. The kids bed is made in a house structure with roofs and sides. 

Tree house bed for kidsSource: Mathy by Bols
House Bed for Kids

Star has landed in the kid’s room, so let your children sleep peacefully. The feet and frame of the bed are made of solid pine. It has a full-length shelf to place loving and necessary items.

Why buy?

  • Roofs and sides are reversible. So you can change them whenever you want. 


Now you indeed get the point of having a different style of kids bed as they grow up. We know that each child has different demands for their room. What matters the most is how comfortably and safely you’re providing the sleeping place for your children. We’ve covered the best kids bed, from storage to reachability and from twin to bunk beds. Arcedior cares for your child and thus have a vast collection of comfy, trendy, best kids bed. Click here to explore your favorite kids bed. 


What age are kids beds for?

There are different types of kids’ bed per the child’s age. For an age of 0-2 years, a crib is used. For an age group of 2-4 years, a toddler bed is installed in the kids’ room. The twin beds for kids are suitable for 5-10 years old. A bunk bed for kids is highly recommended for those above ten years. 

How can I decorate a kids bed tent to match my child’s room?

You may decorate a kids’ bed tent with fairy lights and string banners. If you decorate your kid’s room with a galaxy theme, then fairy lights with different colors are a good option. Lights will transform the simple tent into a starry- night tent. You may add string banners to highlight the greetings during festive occasions or celebrations. You may also create an open frame in the tent to have an outer view from the inside. 

What are the benefits of a bunk bed for kids?

The following are the benefits of bunk beds for kids:
It saves floor space. You may use extra space to place other necessary furniture in the kids’ room.
It is helpful during sleepovers or surprise visits.
It provides personal space in a shared room.
You can detach it and use it as two separate beds. 

Are loft beds safe for kids?

Yes, loft beds are safe for kids. The provision of a ladder or slide to move up and down makes reachability easy and faster. They are space savers, too, and may use the floor space for playing, studying, or storing stuff. You may hide the loft area with curtains or place a study table, drawers, or shelves.

How can I create more storage space with a kids bed?

You may add drawers or shelves around the kid’s bed area to create more storage space. For example, you may build storage drawers under the bed or box bed. You may convert the stairs of the bunk bed into drawers. You may also add shelves in front of the kids bed.

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