7 Best Floor Mirror Ideas You Will Love

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Look for the most beautiful person near you in 1 second. Got anyone?

Hint: Look into the mirror. 

That’s YOU, my friend! Indeed! You meet yourself every day, talk to yourself, prepare yourself, cry to yourself, adore your beauty, and acknowledge your flaws— who’s your partner in all this?

Exactly, a mirror!

The mirror reveals your identity to yourself. You feel better talking to yourself than anybody else. Then why not add one of its beautiful varieties to your home— the big and bold Floor mirror?

Today, you will get to know about the enchanting varieties of best floor mirrors to add to your home and make it appear visually more attractive. 

Scroll down to uplift your decor and lifestyle.

Full Length Floor Mirror: Expand the Reflection

See yourself from head to toe with this full length floor mirror. It serves a practical purpose by helping you to check your outfit before going out. 

Full length floor mirrorSource: Studio Indigene

Place Sammukhin Full Length Mirror in your bedroom or living room and make the appearance of your room regal.

This versatile mirror can be wall-hung or leaned against any surface, while a convenient shelf gracefully accommodates your daily grooming essentials.

Why take it?

Not only does it serve you functionally, but it also acts as an elegant focal point in the room, complementing modern to luxury home-style decor.

Where to place?

They are primarily found in bedrooms, walk-in closets, and dressing rooms. But you can always add them in the hallways and entryways.

Large Floor Mirror: Impeccable Reflection

As the name suggests, these mirrors are larger than the average full length mirrors. They are specifically made like that in order to act as grand reflecting surfaces.

Large floor mirrorSource: Villusso

Choose a Carlotta floor mirror in your hallways that stand elegantly and firmly on the floor. This is the perfect addition to your space that will blend completely with contemporary home-style decor. Elevate your decor with Carlotta’s bold appeal.

Why take it?

If you are interested in having more space in your room, then why not choose these commanding pieces? Yes, this large floor mirror will accentuate your space by creating an illusion to trick the human brain.

Where to place?

Let your hallways, entryways, and bedrooms breathe in an airy and spacious grandeur with this large mirror.

Gold Floor Mirror: Glitz In Gold

What can be more sparkling and dazzling than the intriguing splashes of gold color? So, why don’t you choose the one?

Gold floor mirrorSource: Villusso

Add charm and elegance to your space with the Vittoriale Mirror. It is an oval-shaped mirror with its edges adorned in gold.

A great contrast between varnish and pastel shades gives your eyes a striking effect. 

Why take it?

Take home the gold floor mirror. The dazzling sparkle of gold, when blended with the reflection on this mirror, creates a majestic aura. It establishes a contrasting piece and a striking effect in the space.

Where to place?

Place this accentuating piece in the entryway to create a welcoming environment with luxury, in the living room to make it appear spacious, and in the dressing room to assess your appearance.

Cheval Mirror: Firm & Stylish

Cheval mirrors are the ones that consist of rectangular, square, or oval-shaped mirrors which are mounted on a freestanding support. They are connected to vertical stands from two sides that stand on a stand.

Cheval floor mirrorSource: Barel

Didone will make you go gaga over its beauty. Its intricate design allows for easy adjustability, ensuring a perfect reflection every time. This black-colored mirror in an oval shape enhances the overall aesthetics.

Why take it?

These mirrors must be used because they allow easy movement. These have a back that helps in maintaining overall balance and stability.

Where to place?

They are perfect to be put in the walk-in closets, bedrooms, and dressing rooms to help you in getting ready before you leave for the office or party.

Filigree Floor Mirror: Ornate Beauty

If you have a pattern of embellishments and designs, then we recommend you use a filigree floor mirror. This mirror features ornate detailing on the edges in brass, copper, or other materials and making it appear aesthetically pleasing.

Filigree floor mirrorSource: Brabbu

Cay is a beautifully ornamented-edged mirror that will enhance the room’s visual appeal.

This floor-mounted rectangle-shaped mirror with a brass base makes a sturdy standing mirror.

Why take it?

You must use this mirror in your house if you have a creative eye. If you look for patterns, carvings, embellishments, and detailings everywhere, then we suggest you use this.

Where to place?

For timeless beauty in your space, we suggest you use this fantastic piece of mirror in the living room for a focal point in the dining room to have fun with the design there.

Oversized Floor Mirror: No Boundaries

As the name suggests, the size of this mirror exceeds the large floor mirror. They are larger in both height and width than regular mirrors.

oversized best floor mirrorSource: Carpanelli

Morfeo big mirror is an enlarged mirror with broad edges in unconventional designs that stands freely in a rectangular position. Its edges are made of hard and sturdy Canaletta Walnut. This piece is a marvelous example of simple yet chic.

Why take it?

These oversized floor mirrors create dramatic visual interest in the room and make a bold statement while enhancing the natural light in the room.

Where to place?

As they are over in size, these mirrors must be used in spacious areas like living rooms, and if you have a big bedroom, then the placement of this mirror there is perfectly ideal.

Arched Floor Mirror: Captivating Curves

Who doesn’t like the curves in furniture? Yes, the arched floor mirror is here to do the same. This has the top edge bent into the arched shape with its other edges in the default sharp corners.

Arched floor mirrorSource: Objectry

Tube is a black framed arched floor mirror. The sleek design and elegant black frame effortlessly enhance the ambiance of any space without overwhelming its surroundings.

This mirror stands tall, creating a sense of height and spaciousness in your room.

Why take it?

The default rectangular shape gives monotonous vibes. So add the fun of this curvy arched mirror to make your space appear more exciting.

Where to place?

Place these best floor mirrors in the corridor to make the space visually appealing and add an illusion of depth there. However, you can also place them in bedrooms, entryways, and bathrooms.


Hey there! Did you realize we reached the end? Those varieties of floor lamps were pretty unique. Now, make your home shine with the dazzling sparkle of gold, or talk to yourself every day with the simple yet modern oversized version of the best floor mirror. 

These reflecting surfaces also make your room appear more spacious by reflecting the light into the room. 

So what are you waiting for? 

We have already made the task simple for you by adding the collection of mirrors here.

Reflect on your creative imagination now!

Create your style!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long should a floor mirror be?

The mirror standing on the floor must have a length of around 60 inches which lets you see yourself ultimately. It can come anywhere between 48 to 72 inches and creates a bold statement in the room. You should also consider the height of the person using the mirror and the dimensions of the room where you need to place this mirror.

How tall should a full length floor mirror be?

The ideal height of a full length mirror must be 6 feet. The size of this mirror must be enough to let you see yourself from head to toe. For people who are short in height, the length of the mirror must be small, and for people who have a height greater than 6 feet, the length of this mirror must be even greater.

Where should floor length mirrors be placed?

Ideally, the floor length mirrors must be placed on the floor in a place where there is ample natural light. This is so because reflecting the natural light will create an illusion of depth in the room and make your space appear more spacious and graceful. If you have a white color in the room, it will exude more sophistication.

How do you position a large floor mirror?

Before positioning this mirror, you must have a whole layout of the room. Firstly, you must find a spacious room where you can place these mirrors effectively. Then, find the area where there is natural light and place the mirror near that so that it creates a visually striking appeal in the room.

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