5 Elegant and Designer Cutlery Set for Special Occasions

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How often have you paid attention to the spoons, forks, and knives placed on your dining table? Not quite often. Right? Although the cutlery set is such essential tableware, and we use it daily to eat excellent cuisine, we rarely pay attention to arranging their complete collection. It is possible that you have been using the same spoon, forks, and knives for years to serve all the purposes, but do you know that there is different cutlery available, from cutting to slicing food items? 

If you are unaware of the variety in the cutlery set, we at Arcedior are at your help. Here, we have combined the list of the most stylish and elegant cutlery sets to have on your dining table to give you a fine dining experience. 

Spread with Style: Cheese Knife Set

A cheese lover? We got your hardships. Yes, it takes expertise in cutting, shaping, and styling your favorite cheese on the cheese board. A single traditional knife can never get the perfect slice of your favorite cheese. 

Whether you like blue cheese or binge on burrata, the cheese knife set will help you to get the perfect shape of any cheese. Whether you want to slice a block of cheese or shred it, the cheese knife set is the ideal cutlery set you only need to look at in your kitchenware. 

cheese knives setSource: Serein Decor
Cheese Knives Set

Cheese Knife Set – Trance, is an elegant stainless steel set of cheese knives with gold finishing that you need to cut any cheese. It consists of a flat cheese knife with a flattened paddle-like blade, a parmesan cheese knife with a sharp pointed tip, and a cheese fork for holding semi-soft to hard cheese varieties.


  • It is used to cut and slice different types of cheese
  • These include a flattened paddle, sharp-pointed blade, and fork with sharp tines

The Elegant Cutlery: Cake Server

Soft, fluffy, and amazingly delicious! This is what a cake is like. It is as complex as baking a cake and its handling and serving. Gracefully serving the cake makes it more wanting to everyone. So, for your help, here is the cake server. 

A cake server is a cutlery set primarily used to serve the cakes on the plates. It has a broad enough triangular blade to place a slice of cake on it, with a narrower handle attached to this wide blade to serve the cake slices on other plates.

cake server setSource: Mason Home
Cake Serving Gold Cutlery Set

Luna Cake Serving Set is an elegant yet sophisticated set of cake servers in stainless steel with gold plating. They are stylish yet contemporary and perfect for elevating everyday and formal occasions.


  • It is used to serve the cake on the individual plates
  • It has a gorgeous wide blade to place the slice of cake

The Exotic Flatware: Serving Spoon

The magic of flavorsome food put on the dining table only spark once those delicacies are served on our plates. To put the food from the serving bowls on our plates, we need the help of a cutlery set called the serving spoon. The serving spoon is a tableware used to serve delicious food items, from the serving tureen to the dinner plates and bowls. 

It consists of a large shallow bowl in the front with a long and wide enough grip handle on the back. It makes it easy to serve the food in individual plates and bowls.

serving spoon setSource: Logam
Serving Spoon Set

Cicek Salad Serving Set of 2 is a salad serving set crafted from stainless steel. This beautifully adorned cutlery set is made of brass and stainless steel with a finish of nickel and gold. The hand-crafted gold finished handles feature a branch-inspired design to add a whimsical touch to your tablespace.


  • Both fashionable and functional
  • A branch-inspired handle with gold accents

The Cool Treat: Dessert Spoon

A small bowl of dessert is what we crave after heavy meals. To help your purpose, the dessert spoon is often used to have the dessert in individual bowls and plates after dinner and lunch. 

This cutlery set is perfect for people with a sweet tooth. It can serve the guests to have puddings, fruit salads, pastries, souffle, and scoops of tasty ice creams to the guests. This cutlery set has small round bowls in front with a narrow and sleek handle attached at the back.

Dessert spoon set of 6Source: Gemtherapy
Dessert Spoon Set of 6

Dessert Spoons – Rose Quartz is an adorable set of dessert spoons made of rose quartz stone with brass metal with a polished finish. It provides a beautiful and easy grip of rose gemstone big enough to hold the spoon.


  • Ideal for serving dessert, including puddings and ice cream
  • Their size is between a teaspoon and a tablespoon 

Graceful and Sparkling: Gold Silverware Set

Gold and silver is a surreal combination, indeed. Gold silverware is a term used to describe gold cutlery. This cutlery set is usually made of stainless steel and then coated with gold plating. This is a stylish cutlery set on your dining tables with the strength of stainless steel and the enchanting beauty of golden color. 

It can include forks and spoons in different sizes to help you enjoy the delicacies. Although this does not tarnish with time, it requires regular hand polishing to upkeep the fresh look.  

Gold cutlery setSource: Vigneto
Gold Cutlery Set

Go for the Gold Cutlery Set to enhance the elegance of your dining table. It is a beautiful cutlery set made of stainless steel dipped in gold. It goes perfectly with every dining space with its classy look. 


  • Lead-Free
  • Handmade with love
  • PVD Coating for long life


We have come to a point where we have shown you every stylish cutlery set that you will ever need to spruce up your dining space. The cutlery set serves as a conduit between us and the delicious meal. We must tastefully enjoy our favorite cuisines while out and about with the proper utensils. The classy cutlery set is required on every dining table for a pleasing and memorable dining experience. So relish the experience of exquisite cutlery set here at Arcedior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cutlery set used for?

A cutlery set is used for eating and serving food items on the dining tables. This includes forks, spoons, and knives. The utensils are mainly used to hold small pieces of food. It consists of a small bowl with a long and narrower handle for easy grip. A fork has small sharp tips in the front with space in between. It also has a long, slim handle for a tight, easy grip. 
Fork is used to hold the food with its sharp pointers by stabbing the small pieces. Sometimes, it also helps in cutting a delicate food item like cake. Knives have a sharp blade in front with a long handle. These are often used to cut the food items before serving or eating them.

What should I look for in a cutlery set?

It would be best if you looked for the quality of the material used in making the cutlery set. Firstly see the bowl of a spoon and the blade of a knife; if you can see the reflection, then this cutlery set has good polish quality. For the forks, look at their tines. If they are rough, leave them right away because that means the quality of the material could be better.
Next, check the knife’s blade finely, as it must be sharp enough to cut any food item easily. Also, feel the weight of the cutlery set by holding it. If it feels heavy, choose the lightweight one. 

How many items are in a cutlery set?

There are mainly three items in a cutlery set: spoons, forks, and knives. However, these can further be subdivided into dinner fork, teaspoon, tablespoon, salad fork, dessert spoon, cake server, with several other items. This cutlery set is mainly made up of stainless steel, which offers excellent durability if taken care of properly. 
The forks are used primarily to pick up soft food items through their tines, and the knives are used for cutting and chopping the veggies and freshly prepared food items in small pieces. For example, a spoon can feed you with the prepared hot curry or crunchy sauteed veggies.

What is a cutlery set called?

A cutlery set is often called flatware, silverware, or cutlery. These terms cover different utensils, including spoons, forks, and knives. The spoon comes in various forms, like tablespoons, teaspoons, and dessert spoons. 
Forks also have a unique variety, like table forks, fruit forks, spaghetti forks, crab forks, fish forks, carving forks, oyster forks, salad forks, cheese forks, and a lot more. The knives are mainly used for cutting and chopping food items, and their variety includes bread knives, utility knives, salmon knives, cake server blades, along with many other knives.

What are popular cutlery patterns?

Three popular cutlery patterns are king’s, queen’s, and hourglass. It also includes the patterns like the rattail, the fiddle, the Dubarry, and the scroll. The king’s patterned cutlery has a heavier weight than other plain patterns. The queen’s cutlery has a shell pattern on the front, making it unique from the different patterns. Finally, Hourglass pattern cutlery has an hourglass motif on the show.


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