5 Best Bedside Lamps for Bedroom That Demand Attention

Bedside lamps

Do you often hit yourself at night to catch up a glass of water because you don’t want to disturb your partner by switching on the lights? If you answered yes, then the solution to this problem is simple. Get your bedrooms adorned with bedside lamps. Yes, these tiny pieces among home decor items will surely spruce up your place while being functional.

Whether you love reading books or playing board games with your better half or kids before going to sleep, you should consider adding elegant home decor pieces, the bedside lamps. Now, to simplify your problem more, we have come up with a list of five bedside lamps that will illuminate your place elegantly. So let’s explore and find the perfect bedside lamp for your bedroom.

Bedside Table Lamps: See Clearly In Dark

Nothing can beat the charm of classic table lamps when it comes to decorating bedside tables. They are the timeless choice to adorn the bedrooms while serving practical usage. 

These lamps are the source of ambient lighting and perfectly blend with the interior decor of the space. So whether you want to grab a glass of water or read your books, these lamps are just a flip away.

Bedside Table LampsSource: Villa Lumi
Bedside Table Lamps

This bedside table lamp, Ella A, is an incredible amalgamation of elegance and style. Its finest craftsmanship in brass exudes grace wherever it is placed. This has a stylish glass vase-shaped base in nickel color with an elegant shade that radiates charm. 

  • Style: Contemporary

Modern Bedside Lamps: Induce The Modernity

If you are searching for a solution for a warm and inviting ambiance in your place, then opt for modern bedside lamps. Modern has its own charm because it exudes elegance in simplicity. These have clean lines and geometrical shapes. 

These lamps will work for you whether you want to create a subtle look or a glow in the atmosphere. They are mainly composed of glass, metal, and acrylic, giving your room a touch of sophistication.

Modern Bedside LampsSource: Utu
Modern Bedside Lamps

The charm of modern style in your bedroom can be incorporated with the Up Table. It is adorned in brass, blue and yellow shades. This lamp is made of metal and cotton and has a lacquered finish with LED as a light source. Its perfect caged wire structure enhances its charm to the next level.

  • Style: Modern

Hanging Bedside Lamps: Glam Up The Air 

You want the lamps for your table, but the regular table lamps bore you? In that case, the hanging bedside lamps will bestow the perfect glow in your room. It is a lamp in a distinctive style that is suspended or hung from the ceiling with the help of a chain or metal rods. 

You can determine and decide the height up to which you want them to suspend or drop. For example, it could be above your bed or adjacent to you. 

Hanging Bedside LampsSource: DelightFULL
Hanging Bedside Lamps

Your search for an adorable piece of hanging bedside lamp ends with Turner Pendant Lamp. This is one of the most adorable pendant lights with five gold-plated movable arcs that can be rotated in any direction. This has a shade in the center which is lacquered a matte white. It exudes warm white light that makes the area glow.

  • Style: Luxury

Bedside Wall Lamps: Spruce Up The Walls

What if you don’t have a nightstand to place the bedside lights on? No issues! You can still install the embellished lights beside you in the form of bedside wall lamps. These lamps are affixed to the wall and provide the same ambient lighting that you need to enjoy reading your books or watching the time at midnight.

Bedside Wall LampsSource: Hudson Valley Lighting
Bedside Wall Lamps

Bring out the charm of your bedroom with Astoria. Fix this extremely beautiful wall lamp on the walls beside your beds and enjoy your reading time. It is made of brass and glass in golden and white to complement your home decor. This has a perfect sleek structure with LED as a light source.

  • Style: Contemporary

Bedside Reading Lamps: Illuminate The Brain

We have talked about the lamp shades above that you can use for reading, but do you know that there is a remarkable variety called bedside reading lamps intended to provide ample lighting for reading in the dark? 

These lamps have a strong base and a light, both connected to each other through a sleek and flexible wire. You can move the lamp according to your needs while reading the book.

Bedside Reading LampsSource: Villa Lumi
Bedside Reading Lamps

Ray Copper is a stylish yet functional bedside lamp that will give you ample lighting so that you can easily read your books before going to sleep at night. This lamp is crafted of brass and glass materials in white and copper color with a lacquered finish. You can adjust it according to your needs.

  • Style: Contemporary


To wrap it up, bedside lamps in the room spread the soft light to ease your tasks and add charm to the bedroom. Whether you want a source of glim light or find something to add to your home decor, these side lamps make a perfect fit for all your requirements. From hanging to reading lamps, we have every shade that is in your mind. Enjoy finding your perfect fit by scrolling through our website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should bedside lamps be matching?

No, the bedside lamps don’t have to match. But to make the environment in your home more attractive, it is excellent if the lamps should complement each other. If the lights are slightly different, it will add an aesthetic flair to the home. However, it would be fantastic if there is some similarity between both the lights as they will pair well.

How big should bedside lamps be?

On a general note, the bedside lamps should be between 24″ to 30″. The thumb rule states that the bedside table must be one-third of the mattress, so these lights should comply with that. These lamps are perfect to use at night when you want to read books before going to sleep.

Can bedside lamps be different heights?

Yes, it is possible to have different heights of lamps. Always consider one thing when you are arranging the lights on the bedside tables. They should complement each other in style, color, size, or shape. Then they would exude grace in the bedroom. 
Having bedside lamps of the same height is a better idea because they will add symmetry to the room’s interiors and make it look amazing. The hanging lamps are also an elegant lighting option to consider. 
These are also called pendant lights and are suspended from the ceiling to give a beautiful look to the room.

Should bedside lamps be tall or short?

The height of the bedside lamps depends on the bed. If you have a bed of a short size, it is a great idea to have the lights with shorter heights, and if you have a big room with a king-size bed, then you must choose the tall lights as they will blend and contrast with the room’s interiors.

Where should bedside lamps be placed?

The bedside lamps should be placed beside the beds on nightstands, side tables, or bedside tables. However, these lamps can also be placed on the desks or cupboards. The table lamps or reading lamps can be placed on the tables, but the lamps, like hanging lights, are suspended from the ceiling with the help of a chain or a metal rod. 
At the same time, the lights, like wall lights, can be fixed on the walls beside your bed and provide you with ambient lighting so that you can read your books or catch your phones at night.

Can a bedside lamp be taller than the headboard?

Yes, a bedside lamp can be taller than the headboard. If the headboard is small or medium, they can have the bedside lamps taller than them as they will contrast their beauty. On the other hand, if the height or size of the headboard soars the wall, then the table lamps will be shorter in height. Also, to complement the taller headboard, it is great to have the bedside hanging lights to add a touch of elegance.

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