The Magic of Best Bedroom Rugs: From Floor to Décor

Best Bedroom Rugs

The key to a unique room lies in the decor. And the key to unique decor lies in rugs. For a long time, rugs and the charm they can bring to a room have been underestimated. However, that is now changing. With vivid patterns, endless designs, and unlimited color choices, rugs are fast gaining popularity. And they look like a trend that’s here to stay. 

Even with their gorgeous aesthetic value, choosing the perfect rug for your bedroom can be complex. After all, the piece you opt for will set the tone for your space. With so many unending choices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But we’re here to lend you a helping hand. We at Arcedior have curated a list of the best bedroom rugs. Read on to find your perfect fit!

The Importance of Rugs For Bedroom 

Before we dissect the various types of rugs, let us first consider why rugs are such an essential item in decor. While rugs are a beautiful sight for your eyes, they offer a variety of practical uses. Rugs are exquisite insulators. They trap heat and keep rooms nicely toasty even on harsh winter mornings. 

Credit to their materials, rugs are also great for reducing the strain on your joints as you walk. If you meditate regularly, the cushion provided by a rug is great for your spinal health. A rug in your bedroom is also ideal for reducing noise in the space. Given all these advantages and their aesthetic value, rugs are a good decision for your home. 

Bedroom Area Rugs 

To put it simply, area rugs are smaller and more convenient alternatives to carpets. A carpet is spread across the room and fixed in place. On the other hand, you get to choose the size of your area rug. You can position and re-position it as you wish. This also makes rugs significantly easier to clean than carpets. 

bedroom area rugs
Bedroom Area Rugs 

A beautiful choice for a bedroom area rug is the In The Field. This piece from Sergey Makhno features a finely detailed field pattern. The gorgeous color scheme combines blue, white, cream, and more for a breathtaking look.  


  • Multicolor
  • Handtufted

Cute Rugs For Bedroom 

A cutesy-looking rug for their bedroom is not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who enjoy this aesthetic, it is a fun option. The spiritedness a cute rug can bring to your bedroom is an enviable thing. These types of rugs can transform a space to look larger than life and make it a fun hangout for you and your friends. Cute rugs are also exceptional choices for a child’s bedroom. 

CatSource: Un Tapis A Paris
DogSource: Un Tapis A Paris

The rug Cat from Un Tapis A Paris is the perfect cutesy rug. The piece features an adorable cat on a plain, round background. With its cute eyes and darling nose, this cat will make you go “aww” every time you see it. For dog-loving people, Un Tapis A Paris has a similar rug called Dog


  • Round shape
  • Handtufted

Cool Rugs For Bedroom 

If you’re looking more a sleeker aesthetic, you should consider opting for a cool rug. Cool rugs usually have abstract designs and toned-down color schemes for a sophisticated look. They help infuse a space with an aura of power and elegance. Cool rugs are also suitable for modern, minimalist, and contemporary homes. 

cool rugs for bedroomSource: Scarlet Splendour
Cool Rugs for Bedroom

Coronum by Scarlet Splendour is the perfect definition of a cool rug. The rug features a pouf to rest on. This rug’s unique design makes it a conversation starter. With its distinctive shape, this piece is bound to add tons of charisma to your home.


  • Contemporary style 
  • Has a pouf

Throw Rugs For Bedroom 

Thrown rugs are characterized by their petite size. They are also known as scatter rugs, and their primary feature is the cozy feel they can bring to any space. Due to their small frame, you can use multiple throw rugs in a single room. They are an exquisite choice for making a large room seem grounded. At the same time, their diminutive size can make a small room look larger. 

Throw rugs for bedroomSource: Gan Rugs
Canevas Flowers Throw Rugs for Bedroom

The Canevas Flowers is an elegant throw rug for your bedroom. The piece features a cross-stitch technique to create a variety of patterns with colorful wool threads. Additionally, this rug is made by designer Charlotte Lancelot.


  • Handcrafted
  • Eco-friendly option

Best Bedroom Rugs Ideas 

Best Bedroom Rugs ideaSource: Rug Society
Bedroom Rugs

You will find a lot of rug ideas, both in your head and on the internet, when choosing a bedroom rug. However, depending on your requirements, it is easy to identify which of these ideas will suit you best. If you’re looking to create a luxury space, a gray and golden-colored rug like Xisto is the ideal choice.


  • Geometric design
  • Adds a sense of luxury  
Bedroom Rugs
Multicolored Bedroom Rugs

If you want your bedroom to resemble something more energetic, you should opt for colors and patterns. The more vivid the colors and patterns, the more energy that piece will hold. The rug Isaac by Rug Society is the perfect example of this. With its vibrant colors and abstract design, this piece will infuse your bedroom with positive vibes. 


  • Hand Tufted
  • Modern style


At the end of it all, it is very obvious that rugs for your bedroom are a big yes! The comfort they can add to your floors is simply unmatchable. Combine this with their insulation and noise-canceling properties, and you have yourself a winner. 

At the same time,  the aesthetic value of rugs is also immeasurable. Whether you opt for a trendy and cutesy design or a sophisticated look. Rugs are bound to help you level up your decor. If you still haven’t found a rug that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, check out our extensive collection here! Happy surfing!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of rug is best for a bedroom?

A rug that is soft, comfortable, and easy to clean is the best option for your bedroom. In terms of color and design, whatever works best with the rest of your decor is a good choice. For example, white rugs with little to no patterns are ideal for a minimalist home. On the other hand, textured rugs rich in color work well in traditional settings. 

Is it good to have a rug in a bedroom? 

Yes, it is an exceptionally great idea to have a rug in your bedroom. A rug can tie together your entire decor or act as the focal point of your room. It also offers benefits like noise cancellation and insulation. A rug is also a safety addition as it can prevent falls caused by slippery floors. 

What is a normal-sized rug for a bedroom? 

A 6 x 9 ft. rug is the normal size for a bedroom. This size rug usually works well with a queen-sized bed. However, this measurement is subject to change based on the size of your room and your personal preference. If you want a rug that offers more or less coverage, you should choose accordingly. 

How do you style a bedroom rug?

A bedroom rug usually fits best under the largest piece of furniture in that room, i.e., the bed. For width, you should position your rug such that at least a few inches of it are visible from both sides of the bed. For length, you can either have the rug fully under the bed or  ⅔ of the way in. 

Does a rug make a room look bigger or smaller?

You can strategically position your rugs and choose designs that can make your room look bigger or smaller depending on your needs. For example, rugs with vivacious colors and loud patterns make a space feel busier and smaller. On the other hand, opting for soft pastels with little to no detailed designs can make a room feel larger. 

What is the purpose of a bedroom rug? 

A bedroom rug has both aesthetic and practical value. In decor, rugs can fully transform a space. They can add color and personality to make your bedroom resemble something straight out of a movie. In terms of practical usage, rugs reduce noise, help improve the health of your joints, and provide insulation.

image sources

  • Cat: Un Tapis A Paris
  • Dog: Un Tapis A Paris
  • Coronum: Scarlet Splendour
  • Canevas-Flowers-Color: Gan Rugs
  • Xisto-rug: Rug Society
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