6 Best Bedroom Mirror Ideas to Transform Your Room

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Do you have those captivating pieces of decor in your home that add glamor to your style? If you guessed it right, we are talking about— the bedroom mirror. Your look before any outgoing is incomplete without looking in the bedroom mirror. Their purpose is not only to show your real side but they also create an illusion of space and depth in the room. 

The bedroom mirror also reveals your strengths, weaknesses, and fears. They know your true self. They happily promote self-love. So, why not utilize the best of them? Let’s add this marvelous beauty to the bedroom. This blog gives you the ideas of 6 bedroom mirror ideas to inculcate in your place. 

Let’s start!

Head To Toe Look With Full Length Mirror 

Athos mirrorSource: Luxxu
Carlotta Mirror 1
Decorative rectangular wall mirrorSource: Veblen
framless wall mirrorSource: Tonelli design

If you are looking to add a bedroom mirror that gives you your full look, then nothing can beat the charm of a full length mirror

These mirrors will add the illusion of more space into your room by placing them beside windows and adding a decorative piece adjacent to it, like a flower vase or planters.

Adorn your bedroom with the Athos Full Length Mirror. A stunning modern mirror with leather, wood, and polished brass frame. It’s a giant mirror strong yet elegant design stealing all the attention. Perfect for walk-in closets or master bedrooms.

Decorative Mirrors: Stylize With Grace 

MagmaSource: Boca Do Lobo
Moon Rise MirrorSource: Vij5
Black decorative wall mirrorSource: OPR
Small decorative wall mirrorSource: Studio Trataka
Decorative round mirrorSource: Logam

Yes, there are bedroom mirrors with ornate edges on frames. Yes, you can stylize your bedroom with decorative mirrors

You can create a sunburst effect by placing the small mirrors around the bedroom mirror. For an eclectic look, arrange the seashells around the mirror.

A geometric-shaped mirror is great to put on the wall. For such a look, align, mix, and match the mirrors to give a geometric shape like a hexagon or pentagon.

Magma is the perfect choice when it comes to decorative mirrors that will amplify your decor. This absolute beauty is made of sturdy and durable polished casted aluminium. A handcrafted masterpiece inspired by the Earth’s surface.

Floor Mirror: Amp Up The Floors 

Tube Mirror
Vittoriale MirrorSource: Villusso
Large Decorative wall mirrorSource: Fiam
area rug patterns

Floor mirrors are the perfect addition to any area in the bedroom. Place this bedroom mirror leaning against the wall to have a sophisticated look. 

It is a great idea to place this standing mirror near the window so that it reflects nature inside the bedroom. Also, adding it in the corners of the bedroom will create a visually striking focal point. 

Add the chandeliers and flowers opposite the standing mirror for bedroom so that they reflect their unique beauty.

Add this exquisite beauty to your floors in the form of a bedroom mirror called Tube black arched mirror. This is a giant size floor mirror made with high-quality wood that serves the contemporary style. This arched-shaped mirror in black shade adds a touch of elegance to the room.

Mirror With Light: Glow In The Air 

Small circle mirrorSource: AnanTaya
Colour MirrorSource: Half Dot
ApertureSource: Tonelli Design
CaadreSource: Fiam
OLEDSource: Stones

Lights have the glossy power to transform the mirrors. You can arrange the bulbs around the mirror to give a vanity look there.

Another thing you can do is add the LED strip around the mirror that suits your style and choice. These lights will make your room glow while reflecting enough light on your face to check it.

Add a Tava mirror with light to add a glow to your room. A stunning sculptural installation inspired by traditional cooking vessels. Reflecting light from a hand-hammered brass bowl, it’s the perfect round wall mirror with lights for an innovative wall display.

Bedroom Brilliance: Magic of Mirror Wall Decor 

GlanceSource: Boca Do Lobo
Hudson MirrorSource: Wood Tailors Club
Modern wall mirror 1Source: Schuller
Small Rectangular Wall MirrorSource: Veblen

Painting and getting your wall texture is not enough. You need something more embellished for a more ornate look. Decorate your wall with mirrors.

You may use mirror wall décor in between to add a splash of contrast and illusion to any light wall and make it appear more inviting.

Add a sunburst design, petalled flowers overlapped on each other, and simple round or mosaic mirrors placed on the drab walls.

This wall mirror for bedroom called Glance makes your room appear more alluring. A stunning wall mirror made of wood with gold chrome and a gloss varnish finish. Featuring 36 organic cut mirrors create a unique, organic geometry that blends modern design with exquisite craftsmanship.

Increase Space: Mirror with Shelf 

Sammukhin Wall mirrorSource: Studio Indigene
Round wood wall mirrorSource: Porventura
Black round wall mirrorSource: Vismara
In And Out MirrorSource: AKFD Studio

A shelf in the bedroom is indeed required. We know the stuff in the bedroom does not have a room, and the shelf there will ease your workload by possessing that stuff.

Why find a separate place for the shelf when you can have them installed with the mirror? The shelf with the mirror will let you keep the makeover accessories in place. 

While you will be reviewing your looks in the bedroom mirror, you can use these makeup items to give yourself a touch-up.

Sammukhin full length mirror is a minimal yet grandiose mirror with shelf. Handcrafted from reclaimed teak wood, it’s grandiose yet minimal, with pleasing proportions that reflect your singular grace. Wall-hung or leaned against the wall, it even has a small shelf for your daily grooming accessories.


We are done with our list of different styles and ideas for having a bedroom mirror in your place. The mirrors may look like just functional piece that reflects your appearance, but it is more than that. They are also decorative pieces that can add a fab look to your drab walls. Add lights to them, instill shelves for more space, or have floor mirrors to have a sophisticated look.

The one-stop solution for all your mirror needs is here. Now, reflect on your best style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mirror shape in the bedroom?

The best mirror shape in a bedroom is square and rectangular, according to Vastu Shastra. However, there is no such restriction to have only these shapes of mirrors in your room. You can have a circle, oval, hexagon, diamond, or any other random-shaped bedroom mirror.

What kind of mirrors make rooms look bigger?

The giant and slender mirrors leaning against a wall or affixed on the wall make the room appear bigger. These mirrors make a person look up towards it, creating the illusion of a bigger room with more space.

Where should mirrors be placed in a bedroom?

According to Vastu Shastra, mirrors should always be placed on the east and north walls of the bedroom. In addition, the south and west walls should be avoided to place the mirrors.

How do you style a mirror in a bedroom?

You can style a mirror in the bedroom by placing it on the accent wall. In addition, you can add the shelf to the bedroom mirror and also add led lights around it to have a Hollywood vanity look in the room.

How many mirrors should be in a bedroom?

The number of mirrors in a bedroom depends on personal choice. However, it is better to have a single mirror in the bedroom as it will suffice. If you want, then you can have two mirrors on both sides of the bed to complement your nightstands.

What are the Vastu rules for mirrors?

The Vastu rules for mirrors are as follows:
1. Mirrors are to be placed on the northern and eastern walls of the home.
2. Rectangular and square shape mirrors are considered auspicious for bedrooms.
3. Mirrors are best to be placed near the window.

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