7 Best Area Rugs for Every Corner- Living, Dining & More

Best area rugs for living room

Do you know area rugs are different from traditional rugs? Yes. Area rugs help to define an area, thus the name. They are cozy and comfortable, adding texture, color, warmth, and vibrancy to the space. These rugs accentuate the interior decor style. 

Area rugs vary in different rooms per the high and low traffic space. In high-traffic spaces, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways, low-pile area rugs are placed. They have a smooth surface, thus easier to clean. In low-traffic areas, such as bedrooms, and living rooms, high-pile rugs can be placed. High-piled area rugs are acoustics, thus absorbing the noise. 

Anyone can be in a dilemma while choosing the best area rugs having the right size, acceptable material, and adequate heaps. So, we’ve summarized the best area rugs for all the possible rooms in your home, and they can be bought at Arcedior shop.

Area Rugs For Living Room

As the living room is a high-traffic area, a low-pile rug will be suitable for the living room. All of your furniture should be placed on top of the rug. Ensure an 8-10″ gap between the wall and the area rug. If that much space is unavailable, then make sure to place the front legs of the furniture on the area rug for living room. Rugs come in a variety of patterns to match various interior designs.

Living room area rugSource: Houmn
Area Rugs For Living Room

Tranquil area rug for living room in aqua color, inviting a soothing touch to your space. Its serene allure is bound to enhance any room with effortless elegance.


  • Large area rugs will maximize your living room.
  • Area rugs for the living room will absorb the noise.
  • It keeps bare feet from contacting a hard floor. 

Outdoor Area Rugs

The rugs that are placed outside the house are called outdoor area rugs. So it would help if you had a sturdy and low-pile rug. The material should also be taken care of because spills, messes, and dirt are common problems for outdoor area rugs. The most common material for outdoor rugs is polypropylene. It can withstand high moisture levels and heavy foot traffic. This material is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and won’t fade from sunshine. 

Outdoor Area RugsSource: Caneline
Outdoor Area Rugs

Infinity is a timeless rug featuring soothing Scandinavian hues. Its versatile design in Nordic blue seamlessly complements both indoor and outdoor settings, offering UV resistance, anti-bacterial properties, and non-allergenic comfort, making it the perfect accent for your outdoor lounge or dining space.


  • Outdoor area rugs beautify the space where it is placed.
  • Neutral-colored rugs elevate the outdoor area and make it feel more inviting.
  • Floral printed rugs enhance the adjoining gardens or lawns.

Kitchen Area Rugs

The kitchen is one of the second highest-traffic areas in a home, after the bathroom. Rectangular rugs are placed in a kitchen along the platforms. Flat weave rugs are low pile rugs and are easier to clean. Kitchen area rugs provide cushiony comfort for the feet. It adds color and texture to the wooden or neutral-toned kitchen.

Kitchen floor matsSource: A Vintage Affair
Kitchen Floor Mats

Kitchen floor mats in nylon add a touch of color and character, brightening up your surroundings while offering practicality in every step.


  • Adds color and pattern to the kitchen.
  • Provide comfort and relief to bare feet.
  • Moroccan rugs have a profound impact on the kitchen.

Bedroom Area Rugs

Bedroom is a low-traffic and private room, which means less dirt and dust on the rug. Thus a high-pile, plush rug will work well here. A soft wool, fur, or heavy rug with a smooth texture is perfect for your bare feet when you wake up. A qualitatively soft area rug can soften the angles of the bedroom. Finally, a beautiful, ultra-soft shag rug in your bedroom will take you to the seventh heaven. 

bedroom area rugsSource: Houmn
Bedroom Area Rugs

Tranquil jute rug, meticulously crafted with a blend of cotton and wool. The result is a modern, sleek aesthetic that seamlessly merges style and substance.


  • Bring a relaxed vibe to the space.
  • Light-colored rugs make rooms bigger.
  • Area rugs bring color and style to the bedroom.

Kids Area Rugs

From nursery prints to animal and plant shapes, area rugs for kids rooms offer many choices. You may place a colorful rug on the carpet in the kids room. Jute, wool, sisal, or cotton are the ideal materials for area rugs in a kid’s room. You may layer flatweave rugs with stain-resistant paint, as stains are the biggest problem in a children’s room. Anti-slip under rugs prevent the rugs from being displaced after kids play. 

Kids Room Best Area RugsSource: Circu
Kids Room Area Rugs

Hand-tufted Iv planets Rug, a vibrant ode to the Solar System. This botanical silk and wool light rug brings boundless joy, cozy adventures, and a touch of enchantment, ready to unveil the universe’s mysteries with your little explorer.


  • Wool rugs feel soft under barefoot. 
  • Kids area rugs exude playful and joyful vibes.
  • It brightens up the room.

Dining Room Area Rugs

A low-pile area rug for the dining room is the ideal choice for the dining room. It should be big enough to fit all the chairs and tables above the rug. A round area rug for the dining room will work best in a round-shaped dining table, which similarly goes with rectangular area rugs. A flat weave area rug offers comfort and convenience to the dining room. A wooden floor in the dining room can prevent scratches or stains by placing area rugs in it.

Dining Room Area RugsSource: Carpets CC
Dining Room Area Rugs

I looked everywhere by Carpets CC at Arcedior is the perfect suit for your dining room. It is rectangular in shape and will complement your wooden dining furniture too.


  • Rugs highlight the dining table in the room.
  • Dark-colored rugs prevent the visibility of spills and stains.
  • It can complement the surrounding decor and make the room dynamic.

Area Rugs For Entryway

Entryway is a high-traffic area; thus, low-pile rugs are perfect for the space. Natural materials like jute and sisal rugs are durable for the entryway. They are sturdy, absorb dirt and moisture, and are easier to clean. A rectangular and square-shaped area rug for the entryway gives the illusion of a bigger room. You may choose darker-colored rugs.

Area Rugs For EntrywaySource: Rug Society
Area Rugs For Entryway

A luxurious entryway with the Metamorphosis rug. Crafted with 100% hand-tufted botanical silk, this round modern rug brings flora power into your home.


  • It keeps the dirt, scratches, and mess away from the floor and leaves the house clean.
  • Dark-colored area rugs prevent the visibility of mud, stains, and dirt.
  • Rectangular-shaped area rugs provide the appearance of a larger space.


To summarize, all the best area rugs for all the rooms in the home and outdoor space too. The area rugs add color and texture and bring vibrancy to the space. We hope we’ve answered all your queries and cleared the confusion in choosing the correct rugs for your room. If you want to decorate your space with a lively and elegant collection, you can buy it at the Arcedior shop.


Should every room have an area rug?

It is optional to place area rugs in every room. You may put them in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or at the entrance. A small mat is enough to hold the dirt if you do not have an outdoor space. 
If your home decor is minimalist, every room does not need an area rug. An area rug for the living room and bedroom is more than enough for minimalist decor. 
If your home is decorated in a boho or Hollywood glam style, place rugs in each room to draw attention to the areas you want people to notice.

Can you have multiple area rugs in one room?

You may have more than one rug to highlight the different furniture or architectural designs in one room. You may have it in the bedroom, living room, or even in the kitchen. What matters most is mixing the patterns and bringing texture to the rooms. 
You may layer more than one rug in a single room, which can complement your interior decor. You may also use the same rug twice to bring uniformity.

Where should an area rug be in a small bedroom?

In a small bedroom, some area rug should be under the bed while the rest should be at the foot of the bed. It will give an effect of an elongated bed. As there is no space to place big or two rugs, it is advisable to place area rugs that highlight the furniture and become a focal point of the bedroom.
Area rugs should be small enough to ensure door clearance and should not touch any other bedroom furniture. For a small bedroom, 5×8 feet of the area rugs are ideal.

Can you use an area rug in the bathroom?

Yes, you may place an area rug in the bathroom. As it is generally a wet room or place, it is advisable to use water-resistant and slip-resistant rugs. It should have anti-slips attached to the bottom of the rug. Cotton rugs are one of the best choices for the bathroom as it absorbs water more than their weight and gets dry faster and easier.

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