5 Stunning Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas for Beautiful Walls

Frida bedroom wallpaper

Wallpaper has always been integral to home decor forever, and for a good reason. Not only are they of great aesthetic value, but the wallpaper is also extremely durable. Paint can last you anywhere between 5 to 10 years with the proper care. On the other hand, good quality wallpaper can easily last you over 15 years. 

Wallpapers also come with gorgeous design options. You can choose a design that will immerse you in the beauty of ancient Rome. You could also opt for a floral background to add a hint of nature to your living space. The choices are truly endless. At Arcedior, we’ve stocked up with all the best wallpaper designs and patterns, so you can select a wallpaper that speaks to you. Read on below to find your perfect fit!  

The Importance Of Bedroom Wallpaper 

Adding wallpaper to your bedroom can set apart that space from the rest of your house. Doing this can help you rest more peacefully in that space, especially if you work from home. Bedroom wallpaper can also help you cover up any annoying irregularities in the wall. Since wallpaper is easy to clean and quite stain-resistant, it’s also a good choice for a child’s bedroom.

Bedroom wallpaper can work in your favor if you’re in a rented place. If your landlord doesn’t allow for any permanent changes to be made to your home, wallpaper is your best bet. It can help you personalize the space without any lasting effects. The only downside to wallpaper is that once locked in, you can’t paint over it or add another wallpaper without prep. 

Simple Wallpaper For Bedrooms  

simple bedroom wallpaperSource: Creativespace
Sweet Bedroom Wallpaper

Bedroom wallpaper is an easy way to spruce up that space. Adding a subtle design with pastel shades like Creativespace’s Sweet can make the space more vivacious. In addition, the multicolored geometric patterns add a charming visual appearance to the place.


  • Material – Fabric, Fiberglass, PVC
  • Color – Multicolored 
  • Unique Feature – Geometric Pattern
simple bedroom wallpaper for wallsSource: Edo-Tex
Cihangir Simple Wallpaper for Bedroom

If you’d prefer a more sophisticated look for your bedroom, Edo-tex’s, Cihangir is the way to go. This wallpaper has shades of wood to give your place a sophisticated look. If you want to add the tone of nature’s beautiful hues, then this wallpaper is ideal to place in your space.


  • Material – Vinyl
  • Color – Mustard Brown 
  • Unique Feature – Customizable  

Unique Wallpaper Designs For Your Bedroom 

Unique wallpaper design for bedroomSource: Creativespace
Ever Wallpaper for Walls

Are you looking for more understated designs that can add a hint of sophistication to your bedroom? If yes, this paragraph is perfect for you! Great wallpaper to envelope your room with elegance is Ever. The ruined building gives a perfect view of the outside world. In its simplicity, this wallpaper holds an infinite amount of class.


  • Material – Fabric, Fiberglass, PVC
  • Color – White
  • Unique feature – Customizable
green unique wallpaper designs for bedroomSource: Creativespace
Cascade Unique Wallpaper Design for Bedroom

Another great option for a unique wallpaper is the Cascade by Creativespace. This piece features the beauty of nature with the stunning waterfall. Nature’s design on this wallpaper will help your mind to relax. 


  • Material – Fabric, Fiberglass, PVC
  • Color – Green and white
  • Unique Feature – Wonderful Nature design

Classy Bedroom Wallpaper Designs 

Classy Bedroom wallpaperSource: Texturae
Arch Wallpaper for Bedroom

If you happen to be looking for something a bit more distinctive, we’ve got loads of options for that as well. Arch by Texturae is a wallpaper that combines the beauty of abstract with pastel colors. The piece features asymmetrical arches one after the other. The soft multicolored pastel of this wallpaper makes it a stunning work of art that you could stare at for days. 


  • Material – Fiberglass, Vinyl, Cellulose
  • Color – Various vibrant colors 
  • Unique Feature – Abstract art
Classy bedroom wallpaperSource: Elisabeth Leroy
Jerez Classy Wallpaper Design

Another wallpaper for the refined individual is Elisabeth Leroy’s Jerez. This wallpaper has a simple background. It features the heavily adored horse, giving the room a unique charm. The purity of white and the fearless glance of the horse complements well together.


  • Material – Fabric
  • Color – White 
  • Unique Feature – Wallpaper to paste

Modern Bedroom Wallpapers 

Book design white and black wallpaper for wallsSource: Mineheart
Book Designed White and Black Wallpaper for Walls

If you’re a true minimalist at heart, modern bedroom wallpapers that echo subtle designs might be more your speed. The perfect example of this is the Bookshelf Outline. This design from Mineheart is a blend of the tried and tested black and white. The wallpaper features the black outline of a bookshelf upon a simple white backdrop. 


  • Material – Paper
  • Color – Grey, black, & white 
  • Unique Feature – Perfect for bookworms! 
Grey bedroom wallpaperSource: edo-tex
Beylerbeyi Grey Wallpaper for Bedroom

Another wallpaper designed with contemporary themes in mind is Beylerbeyi by Edo-Tex. The piece has a singular color with grainy textures. This unique combination gives it the power to fit into every space, ranging from a bedroom to an office.    


  • Material – Vinyl
  • Color – Options available 
  • Unique Feature – Fire-resistant 

Creative Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 

Woman drawing unique wallpaper for wallsSource: Skinwall
Autmn Unique Wallpaper for Walls

If none of these pieces so far have spoken to your soul, don’t you fret? We’ve still got some unique and funky wallpapers up our sleeves. One such unique option is Autmn by Skinwall. This bedroom wallpaper is truly magnificent. The piece is a drawing of a woman upon a shaded black background, giving the wallpaper the feel of a work of art. A great choice for artistically inclined people.


  • Material – Vinyl
  • Color – Multicolored 
Creative bedroom wallpaper Source: Creativespace
Model Wallpaper for Walls

Another fashionable design you might want in your bedroom is Model Wallpaper. If you want a creative look in your bedroom, add this stunningly beautiful wallpaper in your space that features an elegant face of a woman. The texture of the crumpled paper gives this wallpaper a distinctive look.


  • Material – Fabric, Fiberglass
  • Color – White and Black 
  • Unique Feature – Customizable


At the end of the day, wallpaper constitutes an important part of your decor and it is essential to choose a design that speaks to you. If you’re still on the fence about getting wallpaper for your home, we suggest scrolling through our intensive catalog here. We have a feeling once you see all the gorgeous options that await you, you’ll know exactly what to do. 

While there may be certain disadvantages to getting wallpaper, the pros outweigh the cons by a ton. Whether you choose a classy design for your home or something a bit more trendy, their charisma is truly endless. After all, in the ever-evolving world of home decor, there’s a reason wallpapers have stuck around for so long! 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What effect does wallpaper have on a room?

Wallpaper in any room is a great way to personalize and choose the tone of a particular space. Bright wallpaper with patterns of flowers and birds can give the effect of a warm and friendly setting. On the other hand, a more subtle and dark wallpaper is great for establishing sophistication and professionalism in a room.

Is wallpaper a good idea in the bedroom?

Bedroom Wallpaper is a tried and tested choice. Choosing to add wallpaper in your bedroom allows for making the space seem as large or as cozy as you want it to be. Since the bedroom is a distinctive area of your home, you can also get pretty creative in terms of patterns and color schemes. Dark wallpaper is also an exquisite choice for those who have trouble sleeping. 

How do I choose wallpaper for my bedroom?

When choosing bedroom wallpaper, keep in mind the color, pattern, and size. The color of your wallpaper will dictate the overall vibe of your room. It is also a good idea for your wallpaper to either match or complement the color of the rest of your decor. 
In terms of patterns, ensure that you choose something striking but not distracting. For example, certain people find psychedelic designs disorienting. Choosing such designs for their bedroom won’t be the best idea. Size is a crucial aspect when picking out your wallpaper. Make sure you pick a size that completely covers your wall.  

Which type of wallpaper is best for bedrooms?

Any wallpaper with a simplistic color palette and design usually goes well in a bedroom. However, bedroom wallpaper is an extremely subjective choice. You should opt for what you feel goes best with your decor. Whether it is pink or black wallpaper, what matters the most is that you like it. 

How long does wallpaper last in a bedroom?

Properly hung wallpaper can last you 15+ years in your bedroom. The durability of wallpaper means it will last you approximately three times as long as paint. Wallpaper is also easy to clean. This makes it a great choice for the bedroom of your children as well.

What color of wallpaper is best for the bedroom?

According to the ancient Indian art of Vastu Shastra, colors like blue, pink, green, and grey are exquisite choices for your bedroom. You can also opt for the classic combination of black and white for your wallpaper. Creamy whites and pastels are another set of colors that work well in almost every bedroom. 

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