7 Best Bedroom Rug Ideas For A Cozy And Stylish Space

Bedroom rug ideas

Plush fabric, delicate textures, soothing colors, and soft-to-touch feeling. Don’t you want to be surrounded by all of these? Well, it’s not a dream anymore. Add a bedroom rug to your decor to get all the effects as mentioned above. 

But why do you have to add a bedroom rug? So that you won’t hit your bare feet on the floor. Also, it is one of the best decor items to enhance your bedroom and has the vast potential to beautify it. A rug can assist a room’s furniture feel more secure, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Which are the best bedroom rug ideas to explore? Read the blog and choose from the 7 bedroom rug ideas per your comfort and necessity. So let’s dive in.

Persian Rugs

These are Iranian in origin. The rugs have patterns specific to the tribe or city in which they are made. Bijar, Esfahan, Gabbeh, and Bakhtiari are famous Persian rugs. They are purely hand knotted and are traditional rugs. It takes time to make Persian rugs because the knots are dense and tight. The material used is purely natural wool and silk. 

Persian rugsSource: The Weaver
Persian Rugs

The beautiful Persian bedroom rug ideas involve floral patterns, vibrant colors, tabriz design, geometric patterns, and many more. Persian rugs comprise approximately 100-800 kpsi (knots per square inch); thus, you can see the similarity at the front and back sides of the rug. 


  1. Hand tufted
  2. Rectangular in shape
  3. Made by using high knots per square inch

Moroccan Rugs

These are Moroccan in origin. The Berber tribes of Morocco make traditional Moroccan rugs. These rugs are known for their intricacies and beautiful designs. They are used as wall hangings and floor coverings. 

They are handcrafted from wool, natural silk, and cotton material. The mostly seen patterns on Moroccan rugs are zigzag, straight lines, crosses, and triangles.

Moroccan RugsSource: Rug Society
Moroccan Rugs

You can layer Royalis, a Moroccan rug, to add style to your space. The design is incomplete and flows in a linear fashion, which is dominant with green colors. 


  1. Process of making is Hand-knotted
  2. Shades of green in a linear fashion
  3. Material used is all-natural wool and silk

Round Rugs

Do you like experimenting with your bedroom rug and breaking monotonous rectangular rugs? If you choose extraordinary against the conventional and like experimentation, round rugs are for you! These are not only the rugs for the floor; you can use them as tableau rugs ( rugs that can hang on the wall) too. 

Round rugsSource: Caneline
Round Rugs

You can enhance your round designs with this round rug. This is a flat- weaved rug over which you can walk barefoot. The material used to make this rug is both practical and durable. It is antibacterial, pet-friendly, and UV-resistant.


  1. Long lifespan
  2. Modern style
  3. Made up of can line soft rope

Boho rugs 

The word bohemian or boho represents a socially unconventional idea influencing free-spirit behavior. Similarly, Boho rugs welcome creativity and the craziest patterns with open arms.

Boho rugs can be made in Persian style, may have patterns, can be made on jute, or can be overdyed per the required look. If you plan to add bohemian style to your bedroom, add bedroom rug ideas with fringes, tassels, and patterns. 

Boho rugsSource: Zenza
Boho Rugs

Our Rug Eternity can add a bohemian look to your bedroom. Your bedroom will look great with this round rug that has a complex pattern of petals. The petals are arranged in such a manner that it images into flowers.


  1. Made up of cotton.
  2. Tassels at the periphery. 
  3. Plush pile

Modern Rugs

Modern rugs have more vibrant colors and designs than traditional rugs and frequently integrate geometric motifs. Modern rugs can be flat weaved, shag, mid-century style, or use jute, cotton, wool, or silk. The patterns can be nature-inspired, abstractly designed, and symmetrical or asymmetrical geometric patterns. 

Modern bedroom rug ideasSource: Savi Decor
Modern Bedroom Rugs

Placing a Flower Garden modern rug in the bedroom will make you feel luxurious and classy at the same time. Wool is a naturally durable and stain-resistant material. It is a perfect bedroom rug idea to enhance the aura of your home.


  1. Plush piled rug
  2. Warm colors are seen
  3. The wool fabric feels kind to the touch

Abstract Rug

The presence of pattern on rugs which has no physical existence but can be imagined in shape, color, or design is called an abstract rug. Colors used in abstract rugs have a vast spectrum, thus bringing out a non-existential picture. They can be made in wool, sheepskin, cotton, bamboo silk, or leather. 

Mira abstract rugSource: Rug Society
Abstract Rug

Mira rug perfectly suits your fancy bedroom decor. This abstract rug represents the cubist form of art in vibrant colors. The high pile at one portion of the rug depicts abstract art. The classic concepts woven with natural materials represent the influence of history in modern design. 


  1. Hand-tufted
  2. Represents Cubism art
  3. Made in botanical silk and natural wool

Contemporary Rug

The term contemporary design describes present-day, in-vogue designs. Clean, curving lines, strong contrasts, and an emphasis on quality are the characteristics of contemporary rugs. Tufted and knotted techniques are typically used to create contemporary rugs.

Contemporary rugSource: IL Loft
Contemporary Rug

Contemporize your bedroom by placing a Contemporary rug and bring sophistication, minimalism, and simplicity all at once. Various color combinations are present, ranging from brilliant yellows to blues, browns, blacks, and whites. The shape of the rug is free-form.


  1. Material used is wool
  2. Different piles are visible
  3. Warm neutral colors are used


Here, we have summarized all the rugs available in the Arcedior. For  bedroom rug ideas in modern, Moroccan, Persian, and even contemporary rugs, visit the website. The patterns available range from geometric motifs to floral patterns. Materials used are stain-resistant and durable for a long time. Each rug is either hand-tufted, hand-knotted, or hand weaved. 

When it comes to selecting the ideal rug for your bedroom, then go for the rug that compliments your interior decor and then style accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of rugs that work well in a bedroom?

Abstract, contemporary, and modern rugs are preferable rugs that work well in a bedroom. These rugs work well in minimalistic and contemporary interior decor. The bedroom is a low-traffic area, so neutral shades can make it more cozy and classy. The materials that work well for the bedroom are wool, jute, or bamboo silk.

What makes a rug modern?

If a rug follows the current fashion, it might be considered modern. Strong prints, asymmetrical patterns, free design, and geometric motifs make the rug modern. Designers experiment with modern rugs because they can add creative flair. They can be placed on the floor or hung on a wall with a minimalistic interior decor.

What kind of rug is best for bedrooms?

Modern and contemporary rugs are best known to place in the bedrooms. The modern interior decor is a preferred choice, and thus modern rugs will complement well. Less patterned modern rugs will make your bedroom look bigger. You may use whole wool rug material to create a cozy and warm space in the bedroom. These are attractive, classy, and alluring too.

What are boho rugs known for?

Boho rugs are known for their eclectic design, vibrant colors, and textured patterns. They draw enjoyment, enthusiasm, and a carefree spirit because a bohemian culture inspires them. Boho essence can also be portrayed in macrame or mandala designs. The boho rugs, in short, emanate funk, character, boldness, beauty, and a sense of wanderlust.

Where should you place a boho rug?

You can place a boho rug under the front legs of the sofa or bed. As boho rugs are attractive and vibrant, these rugs have the potential to transform your bedroom aura. You can place bedroom decor items on the rug, instantly changing your bedroom aura. The distinctive design, bright colors, and geometric patterns (mainly stripes) describe a counterculture spirit in a boho rug.

Can I use a round rug in a bedroom?

Yes, you can use round rugs in a bedroom. It is an unconventional bedroom decor idea and is used in modern days. These rugs soften the sharp angles in a bedroom and make the bedroom look more prominent. Round rugs look attractive and also highlight the floor space well. You can use a high-pile, plush, and shag round rug to decorate your bedroom uniquely.

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