6 Eye-Catchy Bedroom Chandelier Designs for Every Style

Bedroom chandelier

‘Shine bright like a diamond.’ Rihanna (Diamonds song lyrics)

Get ready to enter a world of shiny and eye-catching bedroom chandeliers that will enchant your senses. 

Every home style demands bedroom chandeliers that suit its interiors. From glamorous crystal to stunning marble, there are chandeliers for every bedroom style. 

Look at your bedroom and see the ceiling. That’s where you’re going to hang a chandelier. And we are here to guide you.

Let’s go and discover eye-catchy bedroom chandeliers that will elevate the ambiance of your bedroom. Let your bedroom glow!

Glamorous Crystal Chandelier For Bedroom

Crystal chandelier for bedroomSource: Luxxu

Dimensions: L x W – 165 cm x 50 cm
Materials: Brass and Crystal
Color: Gold and Clear

Empire Snooker Chandelier is a gold-plated bedroom chandelier that is magnificent and glamorous in structure. 

The crystals have been chosen for decoration for centuries for a good reason. The crystal chandelier exudes a glamorous and luxurious vibe that is hard to miss.

The crystals refract light and create a beautiful and enchanting effect on the bedroom that can mesmerize anyone.

Modern Bedroom Chandelier 

modern bedroom chandelierSource: DelightFULL

Dimensions: W x D x H – 110 cm x 110 cm x 70 cm
Materials: Brass
Color: Gold and White

Botti Diamond is a modern bedroom chandelier that uses small aluminum spheres to create a diamond shape. It is handmade from brass with a gold-plated finish. 

Sleek lines, minimal ornamentation, and functionality are the features of a modern bedroom chandelier. These chandeliers may have adjustable cables, dimmable lights, or remote control lighting. Modern chandeliers also have energy-efficient lighting, such as LEDs.

Luxurious Chandelier Bedroom Light

Luxury chandelier bedroom lightSource: K-Lighting

Dimensions: Dia x H – 60 cm x 21 cm
Materials: Stainless Steel and Crystal
Color: Gold and Clear

Luxurious bedroom chandelier with a grand and elegant design is the Line Nero Chandelier.

Install the luxe Line Nero chandelier and bring an air of sophistication and aestheticism to your bedroom. The chandelier bedroom light is designed in a shape of a coil wrapped around a steel frame. The cord has an adjustable height of 140 cm.

Beaded Chandelier For Boho Style Bedroom

beaded chandelierSource: Logam

Dimensions: L x W – 165 cm x 50 cm
Materials: Wood and Mild Steel
Color: Natural Wood and Shiny Gold

Serengeti is a beaded chandelier where wooden beads are strung together to form a long chain.

Warm lights, patterns, and texture characterize the boho style. The cascading rows of ombre beads are supported by a metallic frame. This bedroom chandelier has an adjustable cord of 50 cm. 

Vintage Chandelier For Ethnic Style Bedroom

Vintage chandelierSource: Preciosa

Dimensions: Dia. x H – 120 cm x 160 cm
Materials: Hand-blown Crystal
Color: Frosted chromium blue

With its pearly tones of opaque glass, Rudolf XL is a perfect choice for an elegant vibe.

A vintage chandelier is for you if you’re a fan of grandeur and intricacies. 

The precise cutting of crystals creates a sparkling effect of light and enchants you with its intricate details. It is designed precisely so that trimmings, central elements, and candle holders illuminate brightly from all directions, creating a truly elegant presence. 

Small But Stunning: Mini Chandelier For Small Bedroom

mini chandelier for small bedroomSource: Formaminima

Dimensions: W x D x H – 30 cm x 30 cm x 60 cm
Materials: Green Alpes Marble, Brass, Crystal, and Limoges Porcelain
Color: Champagne and Marble Green

Lamp One Green Trio Chandelier is a handmade chandelier with an adjustable cord for the required height. The supporting rod in solid brass with a satin finish balances the diffuser in green marble. 

Regardless of size, chandeliers are installed as a focal point in bedrooms. These illuminate the bedside area while you’re reading or working. The mini chandelier for small bedrooms brings style and creates a cozy ambiance.

Master Bedroom Chandeliers Placement Tips

Following are some of the placement tips for chandeliers in a master bedroom:

  1. Height of the ceiling: Big chandeliers are for high ceilings, and small chandeliers are suitable for low ceilings.
  2. Bed size: The size of the master bedroom chandeliers should not go beyond the bed frame. Also, avoid hanging chandeliers low as it obstructs the view. 
  3. Dimmer switch: Installing a dimmer switch enables swift operation of lights. You can manipulate the colors of the light and enhance the bedroom’s ambiance. 
  4. Position of chandelier: Placing a chandelier in the middle of the room creates a focal point of the bedroom and balances the space.
  5. Multiple chandeliers: Hang the chandeliers where people are going to sit or stay for a conversation. So, you can place multiple chandeliers in the master bedroom to sparkle the space. 


With some practical tips, we’ve seen bedroom chandeliers that go with different home styles. Now, choose the ones that suit your bedroom decor. Adding a chandelier can shift the focal point of the bedroom; thus, you can be creative about the lighting fixtures. 

We can understand that choosing a chandelier is a daunting task. If you need help with that, you can rely on us, and our experts will assist you with the selection. For more information, contact us at or +91 79 49171251. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to put a chandelier in the bedroom?

Yes, a chandelier adds a touch of elegance and charm to a bedroom. So, put chandeliers in the bedroom that go with your style. 

How do you hang a chandelier in a bedroom?

Attach a mounting bracket to the ceiling, then connect and hang the chandeliers onto it. For safety, use a modern ladder while hanging the bedroom chandelier.

What kind of chandelier for the bedroom?

There are vintage, modern, and contemporary style chandeliers that are made with wood, glass, crystal, or metal materials. Therefore, you should hang chandeliers that match your decor in the bedroom.

How long should a chandelier hang in a bedroom?

The bottom of the bedroom chandeliers should be 7-8 feet above the ground. This height ensures uniform illumination and falls within the visible range.

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