Bedroom Ceiling Lights Can Make Your Home Look Beautiful

bedroom ceiling lights

If you’re looking to spice up your decor game, ceiling lights are the next big thing to consider. Whether decorating a new home or redecorating an old space, this is a crucial decision. More often than not, people simply opt for the same old tube lights and bulbs when it comes to lighting. This can turn out to be a fatal blow to the aesthetics of your room. When you’ve spent hours choosing the perfect decor for your bedroom, it is wise to spend equal time on the lights.

Ceiling lights are a fashionable decision for your home. However, with the vast amount of options available, it is easy to get confused. But don’t fret. We at Arcedior have got it all figured out. Here’s a condensed list of the types of bedroom ceiling lights so you can figure out which one is suitable for you.

Best Ceiling Lights For Bedroom 

The best ceiling light differs for each person. It depends on your space, the vibe you want to create, and the rest of your decor. There is truly no one size fit all when it comes to this. A few tried and tested options include simple light fixtures, fans with lights, led lights, and ceiling lamps. We dissected these choices to help you decide what meets your requirements the best. Read on below to find out.

Ceiling Lamps For Bedroom

Ceiling Lamps for bedroom are a creative way to add light to your space and have fun with it. Out of all the options we’ve covered so far, ceiling lights have the most variety in terms of designs. This is because while these lamps are meant as a light source, they are also an essential part of your decor. Ceiling lamps often become the room’s centerpiece and categorizes under bedroom ceiling lights.

ceilings lamps for bedroomSource: Circu
Atomic Ceiling Lamps for Bedroom

The Atomic 2 is an exquisite decision when opting for a ceiling lamp. As the name sounds, it is a molecular-shaped ceiling light that revives the mid-century era. It is expertly crafted by Portuguese artisans from brass and steel. It can be installed in a modern entryway and looks good in a kid’s room.

bedroom ceiling lightSource: Mapswonders
Lelli Bedroom Ceiling Lights

Alongside all of this, you can also experiment to create the perfect lighting for your room. You can choose an unconventional shape for the bedroom ceiling lights to create an attractive ambiance. Not only are oversized lights trending at the moment, but they also beautifully illuminate a space. The Lelli Ceiling light is the perfect example of a bedroom ceiling light. It features three circular ceiling lamps with LED or halogen light sources. The techniques used in manufacturing this product involve metal cutting, polishing, and varnishing.

ceiling lights for bedroomSource: Villa Lumi
Giulia Ceiling Lamps for Bedroom

Another creative idea for bedroom ceiling lights is glass design. Glass designs are a great option for vibrant and colorful rooms as they won’t clash with the present color scheme. Glass light fixtures are also an exquisite manner to add some luxury to your bedroom. The Giulia is an option worth checking out. 

Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures 

Bedroom ceiling light fixture is quite an umbrella term. It can include anything from a led light to a chandelier. But we’ll be talking about the ever-popular recessed lights. Recessed lights are lights that fit right into your ceiling. These lights’ smooth and sophisticated look is an amazing option for every bedroom.  

Marc Bedroom Ceiling Light FixturesSource: Milan Iluminacion
Marc Ceiling Light Fixtures

The Marc is an exceptional example of a recessed bedroom ceiling light. This square-shaped light will bathe your entire room in a warm white glow. The diffused light of this piece adds to its magical ability to make any space look luxurious. 

Bedroom Ceiling Fans With Lights 

Ceiling fans with lights are an exquisite way to add some fun elements to your room. Their dual function makes them an efficient choice alongside a beautiful one. This particular lighting style helps add layers to your room for a more aesthetic aura. Bedroom ceiling lights with fans are energy-saving in the long run. Additionally, most of these lights are dimmable, making them all the more fun.

Bedroom Ceiling Fans with LightSource: Fanzart
Diana Bedroom Ceiling Fans with Light

A great pick for your ceiling fan with lights is the Diana by Fanzart. The light for this fan is remote-controlled. Additionally, this fan’s gorgeous and ornate design adds to its overall charm. It has reversible wooden blades with an antique brass finish, making this unique piece a royal decor. 

LED Lights For Bedroom Ceiling 

LED lights for your bedroom are a great decision. These lights have been gaining popularity all over social media as of late and for a good reason. The soft glow of these lights is simply unmatchable. The way they illuminate your space makes it look like something straight out of a movie. Additionally,  LED lights are quite cost-efficient, making them a budget-friendly choice. Along with offering a wide variety of colors, they are also environmentally friendly.

LED Lights For Bedroom CeilingSource: Schuller
Yoga LED Lights For Bedroom Ceiling

The enchanting design of Yoga makes it a perfect choice for your bedroom ceiling lights. This piece from Schuller features an LED ceiling lamp made of metal and aluminum with a warm white glow. The light has a silicone diffuse to add the finishing touches of perfection.

The Benefits Of Ceiling Lights For Bedroom

If you’re making a mental pros and cons list for ceiling lights, let us help you out. A major benefit of having ceiling lights in your bedroom is the saved space. The way ceiling lights are designed ensures they occupy little space, especially when compared to lights like lamps. Ceiling lights also have a sleek look that other light fixtures can’t quite imitate.

A ceiling light’s positioning ensures that it evenly lights the entire room. The warm glow it will cast over your entire space is simply magical. This same positioning helps ceiling lights make small rooms look bigger.


When it comes to decor, bedroom ceiling lights are an important component. Ceiling lights level up your decor and add charisma to your room. Hence, they are a smart choice and definitely something to consider when choosing the lights for your space. If you want to browse more choices before finalizing your decision, you can peruse through our entire collection of bedroom ceiling lights here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I choose a bedroom ceiling light?

When choosing your bedroom ceiling lights, it is important to keep in mind the rest of your decor. The design and pattern of your ceiling light should match your walls and furniture. Alongside this, your light should also be bright enough to illuminate the entire room. Choosing a ceiling light with a diffuser attached is a good move.

Are ceiling lights good for your bedroom?

Yes, ceiling lights are an exquisite choice for your bedroom. Compared to traditional light sources, ceiling lights illuminate in a more uniform manner. Ceiling lights can completely transform space to resemble a magical haven. Additionally, certain choices like LED ceiling lights are also energy efficient, which makes them quite budget-friendly.

Which light is best for the bedroom ceiling?

Lights like recessed lighting, hanging lamps, fans with lights, and more are great options for your bedroom ceiling. Recessed lighting creates a smooth and sleek look. Hanging lamps, especially one on the larger side, make a room look bigger than it is. The dual function of ceiling fans with lights makes them an efficient and gorgeous option.

How bright should a bedroom ceiling light be?

Your bedroom ceiling lights should be bright enough to illuminate an entire room, but not so bright that it creates a glare. In technical terms, the light can be anywhere between 2000 to 4000 lumens. This level of brightness creates a welcoming ambiance that is perfect for a bedroom.

How many ceiling lights should be in a bedroom?

The typical rule for ceiling lights in a bedroom is one recessed light every 4-5 square feet. This would mean you require 4-5 lights in a 10×10 room. However, this measurement is subject to change depending on the brightness of your bulbs. Since decor is subjective, you can opt to go above or below this number to suit your tastes.

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