A Pop of Color: 10 Beautiful Wallpapers for a Chic Home

Beautiful wallpapers

Do you know that colors have a significant influence on the human mind? That is why humans feel more relaxed seeing the blue-colored sky and water. While the green of trees makes us feel content and renewed, the color is believed to ignite desire. In a 2020 study, 4598 participants from 30 nations were asked to rate their emotional connections with distinct colors. The results showed that white color leads to relief, yellow for joy, and purple for pleasure. 

An interesting fact is that colors are also used to heal physical, mental, and spiritual health, often known as chromotherapy. Pablo Picasso once said, “Colors-like features follow the changes of the emotions.” So let us use colors in the form of beautiful wallpapers to brighten up our surroundings by using more of it. Here at Arcedior, is a guide to assist you in selecting the top 10 wallpaper colors for your home to provide a vibrancy and chic look.

Dramatic Black Wallpaper

black wallpaperSource: Creativespace
Who Men Black Wallpaper

Want to have a bold statement in your room? Go for the black wallpaper. These beautiful wallpapers spice up the dull walls by adding a sleek and subtle flair to contrast with the contemporary style of your home decor.

Who Men will surely add quality to your room’s bold black background. The pretty girl on black background adds a touch of beauty with boldness. This is among the best wallpapers that you can consider adding into your home.


  • Adhesive fabric
  • Fiberglass

Pink Wallpaper: Pretty in Pink

pink wallpaperSource: Wallpepper
Pretty Pink Wallpaper

Splash the soft shade in your room with the pretty pink wallpaper. With its more soothing tone, the pink-colored beautiful wallpapers will bring out the enhanced look of the dark-colored furniture in your room.

The pink-colored wallpaper Pin Cherry with floral prints of cherry blossom tree and little twigs in the shades of brown will enhance the allure of your room with its softer tone.


  • Fire-resistant
  • Odorless

Shades of Serenity: Blue Wallpaper

blue wallpaperSource: Texturae
Blue Wallpaper

Make the aura of your room serene and calm, just like the sky and sea, with the color of nature- blue. Blue has the magic of calming a disturbed mind. So add this pleasing color of wallpaper to your room and experience a world of tranquility. 

The blue shades in The Ideal Cities will make you feel calmer in your ambiance while making it look more outstanding. This is a domestic fresco of a nearly suspended urban landscape that gives your place a unique look.


  • Good adhesive
  • Better insulation in room

White Wallpaper: Clean and Classic

Classic White WallpaperSource: Mineheart
Classic White Wallpaper

Have you been struggling enough to make your room look spacious but have yet to find anything? Then add the classic white wallpaper to make your space look bigger and cleaner. The timeless beauty of white is often associated with purity and these beautiful wallpapers will get your work done.

The best wallpaper for the fan of minimalism is Panel Outline. The double-outlined blocks placed in a continuous pattern give elegance to the room while making it appear more spacious.


  • Smooth matt non-woven eco wallpaper
  • Pasted on the wall only, easy to install

Purple Wallpaper: Royal and Luxurious

Royal Purple WallpaperSource: The Vintage Collection
Royal Purple Wallpaper

Glam up space with the color of royalty- purple. With its infrequent presence in nature, the majestic purple wallpaper in the room will contrast nicely with the neutral shades of the wall and enhance its allure.

Contrast the neutral shaded furniture of your home with the majestic purple wallpaper Lantern Flower. The repeated pattern of lantern-shaped flowers on a purple background will leave a beautiful look in your room. 


  • Parchment uncoated non-woven paper
  • Tear-resistant

The Yellow Wallpaper: Bold and Beautiful

Beautiful Yellow WallpaperSource: The Vintage Collection
Beautiful Yellow Wallpaper

Do you want to brighten up your place? Then nothing works better than the beautiful wallpapers colored in yellow. Add the charm of the yellow wallpaper to your room and experience the cheerful environment in your home. Yellow wallpaper will enhance your creativity and help you get clearer thoughts.

Ignite the cheerfulness in your home with the Porcelain Floral. Its exquisite beauty lies in its tiny, connected flowers, giving a sense of unity and is among the best wallpapers.


  • It is resilient
  • It can be washed easily

Bring Nature: Green Wallpaper

Nature-Inspired Green WallpaperSource: Creativespace
Nature-Inspired Green Wallpaper

Do you often miss the lap of mother nature full of blush green trees in the city of the hustle and bustle? Then bring spirit to your home with the green wallpaper and feel the freshness of nature at your home.

Give your bedroom the peace of nature with this bedroom wallpaper called Lagoon Wallpaper, where the calmness of serene water meets the cool shade of trees giving the treat of a scene where nature is at its best.


  • It is washable
  • It is shock resistant

Passionate and Powerful: Red Wallpaper

Passionate Red WallpaperSource: Skinwall
Passionate Red Wallpaper

The red wallpaper will suit your taste if you are always driven by passion and have a knack for taking risks. In addition, the red color is often associated with love, so the red color wallpapers are ideal for putting in the bedroom.

Make the statement to your room with Foliage. The maple leaves on trees in red color will give your room a superb look and speak of your unique taste.


  • Woven Vinyl on non-woven material
  • It can be cleaned with the sponge

Warm and Inviting: Orange Wallpaper

Orange WallpaperSource: Elisabeth Leroy
Orange Wallpaper

Finding the wallpaper to place in the living room but still determining which one to choose? Then add the vibrant orange wallpaper in your living rooms. The orange creates a welcoming environment with its warmer tone, ultimately leading to comfort. 

The eye-catching In Syracuse Wind wallpaper in orange shade in combination with the uneven white color gives a unique look. The richness and serenity of Syracuse warm up your walls with a genuine softness and fit any art of living.


  • Water-resistant
  • Fiber effect

Grey Wallpaper: Neutral but Never Boring

Neutral Grey WallpaperSource: Creativespace
Neutral Grey Wallpaper

Are you looking for something neutral between bold black and sophisticated white for your home? Then opt for the grey wallpapers for your room. If you want to make a sophisticated, silk statement to your room, then contrast the gray-colored wallpapers with the black furniture to spark the magic.

Add a sophisticated touch to the walls of your room with Smell. The monument covered in grey and giving an outside view with a human figure at one side of this wallpaper will grab the attention of every eye. 


  • Resist to wear
  • Shock resistant


On a conclusive note, it would be accurate to state that colors frequently convey emotions and significantly impact how people think. Therefore, adding a color palette to the house in the form of beautiful wallpapers would make the mind quite pleased. Use vibrant wallpaper to add color to your home’s drab walls. The white color wallpaper would give an area a more airy and tidy appearance, while the black color would provide contemporary home decor with a sleeker appearance. Finally, take pleasure in your home’s vibrancy with the colors of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best color for wallpaper?

The best color for wallpaper is white. It is so because white-colored beautiful wallpapers provide a sense of more space in the room where they are placed. Also, the white color is a symbol of cleanliness and purity. So it is ideal for putting white wallpaper in your bedroom or living room. However, if you are searching for a color that gives a sleek look to your room, then black is appropriate. The black and white are the best wallpapers among all other colors.

Which wallpaper is good for home?

Vinyl wallpaper is good for the home. This is the most durable wallpaper to place inside a home. Its advantages include being easy to install and maintain. It can be cleaned with a simple wipe with a damp sponge. Also, these beautiful wallpapers do not get dirty with grease or oil, so it is ideal for putting in the kitchen area. These are the best wallpapers in terms of washability and maintenance.

Which color wallpaper is best for living room? 

The orange color of the wallpaper is best for the living rooms. Living rooms are known as guest places. So it must be energizing and welcoming. The orange color provides both of these feelings, and it is appropriate to put the orange color of wallpapers in that area. But, of course, if you want a more sophisticated look, you can always choose the beautiful wallpapers in white and gray color.

Which type of wallpaper brings luck?

Phoenix wallpaper is known to bring luck to your life. According to feng shui, these are the best and most beautiful wallpapers that bring success, fortune, and prosperity to a person’s life. Phoenix has the power to come out of fire and ashes, symbolizing overcoming obstacles, ultimately leading to success in life and career. So it is considered excellent for the workplace. These are the best wallpapers for luck and prosperity, according to feng shui. 

What color wallpaper make a room look bigger?

The white color of the wallpaper makes a room look bigger. White color is a classical choice when choosing a wallpaper color that looks sophisticated in a particular area. In addition, these are the best wallpapers; white color is often associated with purity and cleanliness. So if you love minimalist and a decluttered look inside your home, white color does the job.

What are good things about wallpaper?

The good things about wallpaper are:
1. Durability- The best wallpapers are durable and can last longer.
2. Excellent Investment- If you choose appropriate and the best wallpapers, they will be durable, so there will not be any need to keep them changing. 
3. Easy to clean- Vinyl wallpapers are pretty easy to clean and maintain. You just need a damp sponge to wipe off the stains from it.


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