5 Trendy Bathroom Wallpaper Designs for a Bold Look

Bathroom wallpaper

‘Be Beautiful Inside And Out’

As you groom yourself daily to look beautiful and happy, your bathroom walls must also look beautiful with bathroom wallpapers

Bathroom wallpapers are the trickiest ones in the home wallpapers. As they need to resist highly humid atmospheres, they should be waterproof and resistant to weather conditions. 

Many properties in wallpapers need to be considered for bathroom walls. It needs to be resistant to fire, mold, and chemicals. You need washable, sponge-able, repositionable, and removable bathroom wallpapers to avoid any hassle. 

The bathroom wallpaper ideas shown here will give your walls a vibrant, dynamic appearance. 

Bold Blooming Floral Wallpaper

Flowers are the music of the ground
From Earth’s lips spoken without sound – Ralph Waldo Emerson (an American essayist)

Floral wallpapers originated from China and became an aesthetic of British fashion in the Victorian age. 

The primary advantage of using floral bathroom wallpapers is that they make the room appear colorful. In addition, it transforms the atmosphere of the bathroom and adds femininity to it. 

Floral Wallpaper in BathroomSource: Tecnografica
Floral Wallpaper in the Bathroom

Magnolia in Bloom is a great representation of spring when flowers are at their most vibrant phase of life. It is highly resistant to mildew and water. It resists wear and tear and is thus durable.  You can clean and remove it whenever required. 

How will floral wallpaper transform the bathroom?

  • It brings life to the walls.
  • It gives a soothing effect to the bathroom.

Blue Wallpaper For the Bathroom

The blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of light
– John Ruskin (an English writer)

There is no evidence of blue in prehistoric art, as it was not present naturally. Blue is a rare color on Earth but is extensively used in man-made materials and art forms. 

The damask patterns in wallpapers and art are famous in blue color. From trellis to floral and from geometric to abstract, the blue color is dominant for its serenity. Moroccan and coastal style uses blue color for its reserved and tranquil effect. 

Blue Wallpaper For the BathroomSource: Creativespace
Blue Wallpaper For the Bathroom

The dominant blue color in Waves is ideal for your bathroom walls. The wallpaper’s leaf-shaped pattern evokes the autumnal season, and the blue color represents various feelings, including peace, relaxation, and quietness.

Effects of blue wallpaper on bathroom:

  • Blue wallpaper exudes coastal vibes.
  • The blue color will make you calm and serene while bathing.

Geometric Wallpaper For Bathroom

Geometry is the archetype of the beauty of the world
– Johannes Kepler ( a German mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher)

Why do you need geometric wallpaper for a bathroom? Because you want to add texture and shape to your monotonous bathroom. 

One of the main advantages of geometry is that it uses depth to create a modern and stylish wall. In addition, the possibilities for geometric shapes and colors are endless. Therefore, you can play around with both of these characteristics to create unique geometrical wallpaper for your bathroom.

Geometric Wallpaper for BedroomSource: Tecnografica
Geometric Wallpaper for Bedroom

One way is waterproof, soundproof, and fire-resistant wallpaper. It is a wallpaper that adds elegant beauty to bathroom walls. Natural veining in stones is well printed on this bathroom wallpaper. 

Merits of geometric bathroom wallpaper:

  • It makes the room feel organized.
  • It is a minimal and versatile design.

3D Wallpaper For Bathroom Wall

Imagination is the beginning of creation
You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will
– George Bernard Shaw (an Irish playwright)

With the advent of technology and innovation, printing technology has taken a turn into 3-dimensional art, which is very creative and imaginative art. 

There are 3D murals, wallpapers, and art that beautify the walls. It adds texture, colors, and patterns to the room. 

There are removable and washable 3D wallpapers that are easy to clean and maintain. In addition, you may choose bathroom wallpapers that blend with tiles and other decor items. 

Washable 3D Wallpaper For Bathroom WallSource: Creativespace
Washable 3D Wallpaper For Bathroom Wall

The bottom is a washable 3D wallpaper. It is an image of a passageway in earthy tones where, at equal gaps, there is an opening for sunlight.

Transform your bathroom with 3D wallpaper:

  • In the bathroom, the unique, elusive effect is mesmerizing.
  • Use vinyl bathroom wallpaper for long-term use. 

Mosaic Colorful Wallpapers

People need color
It defines their world and makes them feel alive
– Simon Bull (an artist)

Everything falls into place with the colorful wallpapers. Colors have huge potential to transform the space from dull to bright and lift the mood of the room. 

Colors add charm and style to the walls. For a sophisticated and contemporary look, use neutral shades. On the other hand, if you want to bring an energizing and refreshing vibe, then use warm colors. 

Mosaic Colorful Wallpapers for BathroomSource: Texturae
Mosaic Colorful Wallpapers for Bathroom

Stock is a multicolor wallpaper that is available in vinyl, cellulose, and fiberglass material. The magical transformation of triangles into square shapes is hard to miss. 

Pros of colorful bathroom wallpaper: 

  • Add colors to the boring bathroom walls.
  • It generally suits all interior styles. 


Now you get ideas for bold bathroom walls, and our experts are here to assist in the transformation of your bathroom walls. Waterproof, washable, repositionable, termite, and mold resistant are the properties of the bathroom wallpapers that need to be kept in mind while purchasing. 

There are many wallpapers for making your personal space bold and trendy, and Arcedior is the best place to find the one. Click here at Arcedior, and you’ll get a huge collection of wallpapers in different materials with many designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What wallpaper is best for bathrooms?

Vinyl wallpapers are best for the bathroom. It is the most versatile wallpaper material and thus suitable for the bathroom. They are washable and completely removable wallpapers. If appropriately maintained, then vinyl wallpapers are durable in nature. Your bathroom will seem classic if you have vinyl wallpaper with a textured pattern.

Is wallpaper good for bathroom walls?

Yes, wallpaper is good for bathroom walls. It protects the walls from moisture, and thus you need to prepare the walls with a good foundation. In addition, the walls need to be in uniform texture to avoid bumps. As wallpapers become an easy host for the growth of mold, you need to choose waterproof wallpapers. 

Is PVC wallpaper waterproof?

Yes, PVC wallpapers are waterproof. That is why they are preferred for places with high moisture content, such as bathrooms. There are many benefits of PVC wallpaper. They are highly durable and resistant to mold, termites, acids, and chemicals. They are also fire retardant, weather resistant, and mildew resistant. With continuous usage, they do not get damaged easily.

Is all wallpaper suitable for bathrooms?

No, you cannot use any material as bathroom wallpapers. The vinyl material is best suited for the bathroom. It does not have any paper content and is thus able to sustain the atmosphere of the bathroom.
A bathroom is a place with high moisture, and you need wallpaper that sustains such an environment. Therefore, you need to prepare a wall before installing wallpaper on it. Vinyl wall coverings should be cleaned as needed, and you can replace them after a specific time.

Does the wallpaper in a bathroom have to be waterproof?

Bathroom wallpapers must be water resistant as they need to withstand highly humid atmospheres. Otherwise, moisture can peel the wallpaper from bathroom walls. Wallpapers can also be applied over the bathroom tiles. Fiberglass and vinyl materials are best suited for bathroom wallpapers. They can resist the effects of water and can be installed in shower areas. 

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