All About Kitchen Wallpaper Placement and Pattern Ideas

Kitchen Wallpaper

Have you been working hard enough to maintain your kitchen decor? Your kitchen may become cluttered and lifeless due to oil splatters, the pungent smell of garlic, and fumes from sauteed veggies. Right? Looking around your kitchen while it is filled with odd objects can get boring and inspire you to freshen it up.

Installing kitchen wallpaper on the plane walls is a terrific way to maintain this space- the center of your house, fresh and elegant. We have written down every detail regarding this blog’s newest kitchen wallpaper trends to keep you informed and updated. What are the advantages, the most recent kitchen wallpaper designs, how to pick the best one for your kitchen, and much more exciting stuff coming your way? Keep reading for interesting tips.

Popular Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas 

Veggies and Fruits Wallpaper for KitchenSource: Wallpepper
Veggies and Fruits Wallpaper for Kitchen

If you have been constantly searching for popular kitchen wallpaper ideas, we have a curated list to offer you many great options.

Vibrant Veggies And Fruits

The most common kitchen wallpaper idea that people find exciting is the wallpaper featuring items related to cooking, like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, as they are colorful and exciting.

Same As Tiles

You may want to have a tile look in your room, but putting tiles might seem daunting. So, you have your back by the wallpaper featuring tiles in a repetitive pattern. This will make anybody feel like the tiles are themselves applied on the wall.

Marble Mimic

Marble is a glossy and hard-structured material that can be costly to put in the kitchen. For this, it is excellent to put wallpapers imitating the appearance of marble in your place.

Geometrical Patterns

Geometrical designs in the kitchen wallpaper are known to bring a bold statement therein. So choose the ones in vibrant hues with zesty designs to add more glory to the cooking space.

Faux Brick And Stone

If you love vintage and rustic style, the best kitchen wallpaper idea you can have is putting the wallpaper in the kitchen, mimicking the bricks and stones on it. It will bring a natural look to your kitchen and add a unique charm to its beauty.

Floral Motifs

A soft touch in the kitchen can definitely be brought with the help of floral designs in your kitchen. The miffed floral wallpaper has been used since classical times to make the kitchen more adorable and spruce its arena.

3D Designs

3D designs featured on the wallpapers are the latest trend. These wallpapers add depth to the space with their three dimensions and give people a different perspective through their appearance.

Vivid Stripes

The love for stripes is an old one. People love having dual or single-shaded stripes as a design on the wallpaper as they create a sense of minimalism through their straight lines.

Creative Ways To Use Kitchen Wallpaper

Wallpaper for Kitchen BacksplashSource: Texturae
Wallpaper for Kitchen Backsplash

If you also feel that wallpaper is confined just to cover the plain walls of the kitchen, then we will prove this myth wrong. Come with us to explore the exciting and creative ways you can use kitchen wallpaper.

Wallpaper on Ceiling

The ceilings are the only place we consider having a POP, pendant lights, or fall ceiling. However, these are not only the ways to make your roof appear attractive. The wallpaper has much more to do with them. Applying the wallpaper on the ceilings of your kitchen will bring vibrance and will complement well with the hanging lights on the top.

Sophisticated Kitchen Backsplash

The area behind the cooking stove is most susceptible to getting stained with oil splatters. So yes, this area needs special care from you. Covering the walls with only wallpaper for this particular space will not work. 

Additional care is what you should do to avoid it from getting dirty and messy. After applying the kitchen wallpaper, you can cover it with a glass, acrylic, or lacquered panel. This will keep the area behind your stove pretty tidy. 

The Perfect Island

The island in a kitchen is a perfect definition of functionality and aesthetics combined. Those freestanding units, mainly in the center of the kitchen, personifies the beauty of the cooking area. But why are we talking about it?

You got it right, and we can adore them, too, with the kitchen wallpapers. To create balance and texture, you can decorate one side of the panel and make your space more interesting and fun-filled.

Paint And Paper Combo

Wallpapers everywhere may make you feel monotonous. However, if you are among those who get excited experimenting with distinctive styles and designs, then a fantastic combo is that of paint and wallpaper. Create a statement in your kitchen by mixing and matching the wallpaper and paint. You can choose a similar color or go in the dual tone.

Wide Open Shelves

Whether it’s your pantry items or the containers or utensils placed on the open shelves, these storage units always create a modern and appealing look in the kitchen. These, too, can be decorated with unique and patterned kitchen wallpaper designs.

Wallpaper on Kitchen Cabinets

Do you feel that your kitchen cabinets lack the pop of color, and their plain appearance adds dullness to that space? If so, then a great idea to infuse patterns and color into them is through the wallpaper. First, apply the wallpaper to your kitchen cabinets and admire its aesthetics. These can help them avoid general wear, tear, and scratches.

Unique Dining Space

A built-in dining area in your kitchen can be made more impressive by applying shaded and patterned wallpapers on the surrounding walls. For this, you can add floral or geometric patterns in subtle or vibrant hues per your interior decor taste.

The Bar Arena

You may have a mini bar in your kitchen with today’s interior decor. These are also the perfect places to add an aesthetic touch through the wallpaper. They can create a bold style statement in your kitchen this way. 

Benefits Of Using Kitchen Wallpaper 

3d wallpaper for kitchenSource: Creativespace
3D Wallpaper in the Kitchen

People sometimes get confused about why they should prefer applying wallpaper in their homes compared to paint. So here we will tell you all the benefits, after which your confusion will get cleared.

1. Cost-Effective

Decorating your home is costly and requires proper planning, management, and perfect items. Therefore, we often look for options for long-term investment, and wallpaper comes in this category. They are among the cost-effective options as they last longer and save walls from daily wear, tear, and stains.

2. Highly Durable 

Applying the paint on the wall is a hectic task, whereas the application of wallpaper can easily be made, and it often lasts longer than the paint, which is why it has become a standard option among people these days.

3. Hide The Cracks

The stains and cracks on the kitchen walls can easily be spotted on the painted walls, and repairing them takes longer. The wallpaper is a great option to cover your stained and cracked walls when renovating your house; you do not want to spend a single penny on painting the walls.

4. Plethora Of Textures And Styles

The kitchen wallpaper comes in various styles, textures, finishes, and shades. So whether you love minimalism with subtle hues or want a bold statement in your kitchen, the wallpaper has all the elements needed to make your kitchen visually appealing and exciting to work in.

5. No More Splatters on Floors

While painting the walls, the paint often stains the ground, but the wallpaper will not mess up any space in the kitchen; instead, it will easily be applied to the wall.

6. Easily Washable 

The wallpapers are washable, so it is easy to clean them with scrub. Just a dampened scrub will wipe away all the dirty spots and stains.

7. Easier to Replace

While renovating your house, you can feel the need to replace your tiles, but that can be a time and cost-effective task, so the wallpaper here comes to the rescue. These are easy to apply and can be easily removed without complications.

8. Time-Efficient

Applying the wallpaper in the kitchen does not take much time as they are self-adhesive. The peel-and-stick wallpapers are perfect for your kitchen area as they require minimal time to get applied on walls or panels.

9. The Moisture’s Barrier

Vinyl wallpapers in the kitchen often act as a barrier against the moisture caused in the air by cooking the food. 

10. Low Flammability

Most of the wallpapers these days are made low flammable; that is, they would not spread fire quickly if there were one in the kitchen. So when the kitchen fire gets extinguished, these wallpapers can self-extinguish the fire on them.

Choosing The Right Wallpaper For Kitchen

Washable Vinyl WallpaperSource: Profhome
Vinyl Wallpaper

Before choosing the patterns, designs, or styles of the wallpaper, choosing the functional wallpaper that meets your demands in all aspects is essential. Let us know how you can choose the suitable wallpaper for your kitchen.

Which type of wallpaper to choose?

When choosing the wallpaper for kitchen, a wallpaper called vinyl wallpaper is widely used. This wallpaper has some of the best qualities needed for a messy place like a kitchen. It withstands scratches and daily wear and tear. 

The washable wallpapers also have variety in them. For example, there is a wallpaper you can clean easily with a sponge and another washable wallpaper that can be cleaned with chemical detergents. Also, it is advisable not to apply those wallpapers in the kitchen made from fabric, as they can easily catch fire and lead to fatality.

How to choose a wallpaper with the perfect palette and pattern for your kitchen?

There are many designs, patterns, and styles in distinctive shades when finding suitable wallpaper for any space. If you love minimalist decor, then choosing soft and sophisticated hues with minimalist patterns is what you should consider. 

However, if you want a funky and zesty look in your kitchen, we recommend you choose wallpaper with a pop of colors like that of fruits and vegetables. While selecting the best one for your kitchen, keep in mind the overall arrangement and decor of your cabinets, countertop, and backsplash.  

The more significant and bold patterns make the room appear quite bigger, while the small patterns and designs always lead to a small visual appearance. If you want to add depth to your little, cozy kitchen, the perfect choice is a 3d wallpaper.


It is now correct to say that you are ready to have a kitchen makeover. Upgrade your kitchen to bring color and vibrancy to the plane walls and experience cooking like never before. We have given you everything you require to stay updated with the ongoing trends that you can include in your cooking arena. To find the particular kitchen wallpaper piece matching your needs, visit Arcedior and take on the ones suitable for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to wallpaper a kitchen?

Yes, it is undoubtedly the best idea to wallpaper a kitchen. It is so because the kitchen is always engulfed with fumes of veggies, oil splatters, and stains, so there are great chances of having the wall get dirty with these things. So to keep the walls clean, vinyl kitchen wallpaper will keep them from getting stained while making the interiors visually appealing.

What type of wallpaper is best for kitchens?

Vinyl wallpapers are best for the kitchen because they are washable and waterproof. These wallpapers can be washed with a sponge and sometimes damp cloth with detergents that easily clean all the stains. They can also be coated with glass or acrylic panels in the backsplash so that they do not get stains.

Is wallpaper in the kitchen in style?

Yes, the wallpaper in the kitchen is in style. Being available in different colors, textures, and patterns, the kitchen wallpapers add visual interest to the room, causing it to appear more beautiful. In addition, the wallpaper for the kitchen comes in particular varieties. They are water-resistant and can be washed quickly with a sponge and scrub.  

What are the pros and cons of wallpaper in the kitchen?

The pros of adding wallpaper in the kitchen include visual appeal, no stains on walls, highly durable, cost-effective, time-effective, easy to install, and comes in several styles and textures. The cons of putting wallpaper in the kitchen include they are hard to replace, challenging to remove once applied, and some wallpapers release toxins causing poor air quality.

Is PVC wallpaper good for the kitchen?

Yes, PVC wallpaper is suitable for kitchen wallpaper because it is inexpensive and waterproof. It keeps the food splatters away from staining the walls. These are highly durable, fire retardant, easy to install, washable, and perfect for messy and high-traffic areas. They come in various designs and colors like floral prints, 3d forms, geometrical patterns, stripes, and many more.

Which is the best placement for the kitchen?

The best and ideal placement for the kitchen is in the southeast direction of the home, according to the Vastu Shastra. If, for some reason, you cannot choose this promising direction, then the alternate is that of the northwest direction. A kitchen is known as the heart and soul of a home, so it must have the proper placement and be free from mess. For this, you can add vinyl kitchen wallpapers in the kitchen.

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