7 Unique Area Rugs Styles: From Rustic to Modern

Unique area rugs

Rugs are an assured way to anchor your furniture and give your drab interiors a fresh touch. But what if every room has the same rug? The repetition of a single rug will unquestionably feel monotonous and give you a dull feeling. There is a better option for it, called the unique area rugs. These rugs are typically used to cover a specific portion of the floor to split a large room into distinct areas. Bringing all the elements of a room together and offering warmth and comfort, the area rugs enhance the beauty of the space.

If you are worried about echoes in your room, then these rugs are a terrific addition to your decor in addition to just adding flair. Your room’s noise levels will undoubtedly be reduced, and your ears and mind will experience some degree of calm if you lay down an area rug. Yet, the vital thing to consider is picking an area rug style that complements your room decor. We have seven unique area rugs styles that will assist you in selecting the right one.

Modern Area Rugs: Minimalist Design

modern area rugsSource: Carpets CC
Minimalistic Modern Area Rugs

Modern area rugs must be your first pick if you prefer minimalism and want to keep your home free of distracting clutter. These are the unique area rugs that would go incredibly well with modern home decor. In addition, they are versatile and make excellent use of forms and colors. 

If you are a fan of minimalism, you can always choose light-colored rugs to match your minimalist furniture, and if you want something louder, go for a splash of brilliant color to make your space stand out. The patterns here include bold, geometric, and abstract prints, among others. Choose Art Money Blue to give your room a more vivid look. 


  • Perfect for minimalist and modern decor
  • Versatile

Boho Area Rugs: Eclectic and Free-Spirited

Boho area rugsSource: Aadyam Handwoven
Boho Area Rugs

Having a free attitude and expressing yourself are the critical components of bohemian fashion. In addition, it allows you to explore various patterns and colors to unleash the beauty of your creativity. The bohemian area rug is available in multiple sizes, including circular and rectangular versions, which you can use to decorate any space in your home. 

These rugs have the feel of traditional rugs with a contemporary design twist. If you enjoy being in nature, choose a blue boho area rug since it will make you feel like you are near water and calm you down. The pastel color of your room will contrast the vibrant orange and red bohemian rug.


  • Vibrant patterns and colors
  • Handwoven with excellent craftsmanship

Farmhouse Area Rugs

Farmhouse area rugsSource: Anantaya
Farmhouse Area Rugs

The term “farmhouse style ” describes a fantastic fusion of old with a dash of the contemporary. Everything revolves around achieving a vintage aesthetic while maintaining current comforts.

Farmhouse area rugs are all about giving conventional carpets antique finishes to increase the coziness and comfort of your space. These unique area rugs are frequently available in beige, creme, light gray, blue, olive green, and other neutral tones. In addition, a handwoven jute rug will unwind your feet because it will help you feel calm and stress-free.


  • Fusion of old with contemporary
  • Come in neutral color tones

Coastal Area Rugs: Nautical and Beachy

Blue coastal area rugsSource: Sergey Makhno
Beachy Coastal Area Rugs

Coastal area rugs will give you the sense of splashing water and coarse beach sand in your home if you appreciate the beach and being on the water. These are the unique area rugs available in many different sizes and forms, and one of them is a waterproof rug. 

So, the location that is more likely to become wet, such as the bathroom door or entrance ways, is the best choice for placement. These rugs include a lovely pattern of beach-related elements, such as starfish, coral reef designs, swirls in the ocean, and dancing mermaids. Place In The Ocean and feel the magic underfoot.


  • Give the feel of being on the beach
  • Patterns of water splashes, fishes, coral reefs, and shells

Mid Century Modern Area Rugs

mid century modern area rugsSource: Gan Rugs
Mid Century Modern Area Rugs

Geometric patterns, clean lines, and elegant designs are the main features of mid century modern area rugs. Repeated geometrical shapes give these rugs their distinctive look while maintaining their simplicity and minimalism. With their crisp lines and geometrical motifs like circles, rectangles, and triangles, these unique area rugs resemble abstract art.

With its timeless quality, the mid-century modern style links the vintage and contemporary eras. Choose a rug with a bold geometric pattern if you want to give your room character, but if you want to highlight the intense nature of your furniture, go for a rug in solid color.


  • Pattern of repeated geometrical shapes
  • Clean lines and elegant designs

Rustic Area Rugs: Earthy and Natural

rustic area rugsSource: Memedesign
Rustic Area Rugs

Rustic area rugs will do the trick if you enjoy being natural and incorporating earthy tones into every nook and cranny of your home. It will spruce up the location where it is kept and give it a fashionable appearance. These unique area rugs offer a room and organic vibe.

The intricate designs on rustic area rugs have a touch of vintage with faded details to give a distressed look. They feature a muted color scheme mixed with vintage motifs that will go with the house decor in the western style. Place the rustic rugs in the living room with the furniture to create an authentic atmosphere and add texture.


  • Best for natural and earthy feel
  • Intricate designs with faded details

Contemporary Area Rugs

Contemporary Area RugsSource: Un Tapis A Paris
Contemporary Area Rugs

Contemporary area rugs are the ones that do not have a set pattern and appear in a freestyle manner. These unique area rugs frequently match the fashion, and their designs evolve with time. They are a piece of modern art with striking colors and patterns that go well with modern furnishings. The rugs’ designs, including colorful stripes, strong blocks, and floral motifs, will bring a stylish touch to your decor. You can go for Rue Saint Honore to give your room a contemporary look.


  • Do not have a fixed pattern
  • Striking colors with distinctive patterns


In conclusion, area rugs in a room give it a distinctive aesthetic and make it appear more spacious while also adding warmth and comfort. These unique area rugs are available in various sizes and styles. Area rugs in contemporary and modern styles would complement the contemporary home decor. Get a boho area rug if you enjoy experimenting with designs. To provide a vintage feel, farmhouse and rustic rugs are fantastic. Rugs will be a great addition to your home decor if you choose the styles wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular area rug styles for modern home decor?

The popular area rug styles for modern decor are contemporary area rugs, modern area rugs, and mid century area rugs.
Contemporary Area Rugs: These rugs go along with fashion and keep on changing with time.
Modern Area Rugs: These unique area rugs are the best for modern home decor as they complement the furniture of the room by maintaining minimalism.
Mid Century Modern Area Rugs: These rugs give a sophisticated design with bold and clean geometrical shapes and lines.

What are the latest trends in modern area rug styles?

The latest trends in modern area rug styles are:
Natural Fibers: Fibers play a vital role when it comes to selecting a rug. Natural fibers like wool, jute, and cotton are frequently used.
Layering Rugs: The layering of two rugs gives a fantastic look to your space.
Pile Length: High-piled rugs are much liked by people as they give a plush feel underfoot.

How can I incorporate a boho area rug into my existing decor?

You can incorporate a boho area rug into your existing decor with a mix of textures, patterns, and colors. If you have a very light shade of home decor, then you can contrast it with bold and colorful designs on the unique area rugs. If maintaining the simplicity of your room is your sole purpose, then you can go for a pale-colored, high-piled rug.

What are some farmhouse area rug designs that work well in a kitchen or dining area?

The farmhouse area rug designs that work well in a kitchen or dining area are: 
Jute Round Area Rugs: The handmade jute area rugs in round shape are best to place in the kitchen to give a chic look.
Vintage Area Rugs: The vintage area rug on a hardwood floor in your dining area will be perfect and flow smoothly under your feet.
Woven Ivory Rugs: The handmade ivory rug will give your home a farmhouse style and add an extra flair.

How do coastal area rugs add a beachy vibe to a living room or bedroom?

The coastal area rugs add a beachy vibe to a living room or bedroom with beach-inspired objects. The patterns of these unique area rugs have beautiful motifs of coral reefs, ocean tides and swirls, fishes flowing seamlessly into the ocean, and a mermaid, among others. These rugs are perfect for someone who enjoys being on the beachside.

Can rustic area rugs be washed?

Yes, rustic area rugs can be washed. The rural area rugs are machine washable and can also be washed easily by hand. After washing it, you can air dry it. Along with washing these unique area rugs, they can also be steam cleaned. The rustic rugs provide a visual treat by adding colors, texture, and patterns.

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