7 Types of Home Decor and Their Suitable Lighting Options

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What makes a house a home is the well-curated interior decoration that one picks up according to taste and preference. An individual puts their heart and soul into creating a space that is entirely their own. There are several types of home decor that suit one’s creative flair and when they are decorating their home, they inadvertently gravitate towards that style. So when it comes to lighting this festive season, even a small tealight should reflect the aura of the house and one’s bespoke style should be further enhanced. Here are some home decor types and the lighting options that will work best with them. 

A country perched in North Africa with a large magnitude of history that reflects its deep cultural, historical and religious value, the vibrant colours of Morocco is ingrained in its decor. Geometric patterns, bold and beautiful colour combinations, floral patterns and of course intricate rugs are a few features of this decor style. People who are artistic at heart and want to reminisce a piece of history in their home usually choose this style for its rich tapestry. When it comes to lighting, a strong Arabic and Persian influence can be seen which gives way to lamps and lights playing with the silhouettes of light. You can opt for delicate latticework in a lamp and choose a candle stand with geometric patterns.

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Source: Arabic Pendant Light on Arcedior Shop

2. Indian Elegance

India is a land of such diversity that choosing one art and design style would upstage the vastness and complexity of each district. With a humongous historical richness at its disposal and a jumble of various religions, cultures and people, Indian interior design is an absolute success. The many types of handspun fabrics with beautiful handwork along with the rich heritage of traditional methods of designing be it cloth, metal or wood. The dominating colours are yellow, orange, green, blue and pink along with animal and bird motifs that hold the centre stage. At Arcedior Shop, we pride ourselves on presenting a platform for brands that are Indian and also use local artisans to make unique handmade decor products. For candle holder, diya decoration which are a part of the Indian subcontinent is the right choice for this interior decor.

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Source: Temple Bells on Arcedior

3. Spanish Splendor

Spain is the gateway from Europe to Africa and is influenced by its neighbouring country Morocco. It is also the cornerstone of Mediterranean design and is the best of both worlds. The luxurious and sophisticated design concept that reminds of a plush villa where summer never ends is at its heart while simplicity is at its soul. The usage of summer colours like yellow, red and orange along with deep stained woods form the crux of this type of decor. The large windows, open verandahs, rounded plants and stucco walls are some of its characteristics. To make your Spanish interior-designed home come more alive during this festive season, choose medieval lanterns and a simple candle stand.

Source: Yates Wooden Lantern on Arcedior Shop

4. Hollywood Glam

‘All that glitters is not gold’ but this style of interiors is definitely pure gold not only in its colour composition but also paying homage to the Golden era of Hollywood. In this era, movies were of the highest standard of glamour, pizzaz and nuance and took a cue from the 1920s jazz age as it ushered in the 1930s with their own rules. The extravagance of decor, gilded mirrors, out-of-the-world sofas in the deepest colours, gold detailing and velvet carpets are some of its salient features. It merged the Art Deco tone with modern design ideas to merge to form a unique interior movement. For this type of decor gold accents are imperative so choose candle holders and lamps accordingly.

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Source: Cosette Candle Holder

5. Bohemian Bliss

Something about this interior decor exclaims adventure, free-spirit and love which is why artists, travelers and deep thinkers are fond of this style. It brews life and creativity in every corner with its lively patterns, fringes, crochet and serene colours. Born in Paris in the late nineteenth century it took inspiration from people who refused to live a life of conformity and wanted to make the world their own oyster. The colour pattern that follows this decor is royal purple, dull orange and shades of blue. The lighting pattern is calm and composed rather than on the face which makes the person at peace with their surroundings. Having different types of lanterns and multiple candles across the room is the way to go for this type of decor. 

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Source: Candle Hurricane Lantern Grey Woven Leather on Arcedior Shop

6. Japanese Minimalism

A country with the most centenarians has surely done some things right. Being the land of philosophies like Ikigai, Wabi-Sabi and Zen have had a domino effect on the world which has adopted many such philosophies. When it comes to their interior they follow the rule of Zen which calls for a decluttered space that leads to a clear mind which ultimately leads to tranquility. Minimal furniture, natural elements, open spaces and subtle colours are the key fundamentals of this type of decor. People who want to make a minimum effort for the maximum output and value clarity of mind above all else often call Japanese decor their haven. So when it comes to lighting this principle applies and choosing cleanly designed decorative lights and candle holders will suit this decor.

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Source: Metamorphosis Pendant Lamp on Arcedior Shop

7. Hygge Home

A design philosophy that has engulfed the world like wildfire in recent times is the Scandinavian Hygge. Originating from a league of one of the most advanced nations like Denmark, Sweden, Finland etc have demonstrated how the interior of one’s home is directly proportionate to the mental well-being of an individual. Perhaps this is one of the reasons these countries top the list of being the happiest in the world. Read as ‘hoo-guh’ this concept puts much emphasis on warmth, cosiness, and homeliness that resonates with the feeling of love and happiness. The basic concept of a Hygge Home is an influx of fresh plants, good lighting, neutral colours, candles and comfy cushions. For the appropriate lighting, you can choose a Tea light candle holder with the same ethos and for a lamp, a statement one would be perfect. 

Source: Frosted Glass Candles on Arcedior Shop
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