6 Interior Styles for 6 Different Personality Types

The place you call your home is an extension of your personality. The colors, the artifacts, the furniture, and the furnishing that you consciously or unconsciously choose for your home reflect who you are and what you feel.

But sometimes, it takes a little hard work to channelize your tastes to decorate your home, especially if you are not big on aesthetics. But, don’t fret! You have help.

Are you ready to take interior inspiration to decode the interior design style that bests suits your personality type? Read on…

Your mind runs wild with creativity. Your life is colorful with unique characters and stories. You don’t play by the book. You make your own rules in your own world.

Interior Design Style: Eclectic

Eclectic design is a delight to the designers. You can go completely wild with a bold mix of colors that perfectly represents your artistic soul.

Tips to Get the Look

  • Use bright, bold colors. Balance the look by having one focal piece (can be an artwork) in the room. Build your décor around this focal piece.
  • Use hues of greens, browns, and black.
  • Keep cooler lighting in the home.
CreativeType Look for your house

The Rugged Type

You are charismatic, tough, extrovert, artistic and rugged.

Interior Design Style: Industrial

Industrial spaces appeal to your mechanical side of your personality. An urban, creative look that’s grubby and raw, structured yet unfinished, but aesthetically appealing is the style for you.

Tips to Get the Look

  • Choose pieces like steel brackets, uneven rocks, and exposed bricks
  • Look for repurposed wood for furniture and flooring. Wine barrels can make excellent furniture.
  • Use concrete for your floors and walls. The uneven surfaces give an unfinished, raw look to the décor.
  • Use warm neutral colors, greys, and whites.
RuggedType home design idea

3. The Young Professional Type

You live a routine life; 9 to 5 working hours, and drinks at bars after hours.

Interior Design Style: Modern

Your metropolitan lifestyle should depict in your home. Sophisticated yet simple; ultra-modern spaces with refined accents and clean lines.

Tips to Get the Look

  • Keep it simple – clean lines, smooth surfaces and non-textured furniture.
  • Use more of monochrome colors (black, grey and white) in furniture, rugs, drapes, and walls.
Design ideas for YoungProfessional home

4. The Carefree Type

Life just happens to you. The best things come easily to you. You are unfussy and lead an easygoing, carefree life.

Interior Design Style: Scandinavian

The Scandinavian theme is unfussy just like you. It’s clean but no clinical; it’s decorated but not flashy.

Tips to Get the Look

  • Use wooden and white pieces to recreate a forest-like look.  
  • Paint wooden floor white.
  • Choose sheer drapes.
  • Pick up comfy furniture pieces.
  • Use white and silvery colors in the home.
Carefree look

5. The Fashionista Type

You are youthful, trendy, and stylish.

Interior Design Style: Contemporary

Infuse your personality traits with contemporary interiors to make your home look snazzy and stylish.

Tips to Get the Look

Contemporary style continuously evolves. So, keep up with the trends but always play around with things that do not fade with time. Neutral colors like grey and black, well-crafted metals and Scandi-inspired furniture – they mostly stay constant.

home design idea for fashionista person
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6. The Clean Freak Type

Uncluttered space means an uncluttered mind. You are positive, energetic, simple and organized.

Interior Design Style: Minimalist

It’s a no-brainer. Infuse your calm, positive traits in your interior design style.

Tips to Get the Look

  • Declutter your space.
  • Install proper shelving for your things.
  • Choose colors in white, pastel or natural hues for your upholstery.
  • Maintain structure in all the spaces by arranging the furniture in a defined ‘L’ or square shapes.
home design idea for clean freak person
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Got a style match? Simply get in touch with us and we can make it happen.

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