4 Chandeliers to Add Sparkle to Your Holidays

Chandeliers make a grand statement. This time around, they are all set to conquer the spirit of the holiday season.

These glorified lighting fixtures can easily fit in any style and make any space cozier while adding a little bit of drama to it.

The glamour and sheer exuberance of a chandelier can transform any space – from the entryway to the living room, from the foyer to the dining room, there’s a place for a chandelier in every space of your home.

Check out our best designers picks for your favorite spaces; Get interior inspiration from these chandelier ideas.

A chandelier makes a grand statement and what better place for it to be than at the entry. A large-scale chandelier put up on a tall ceiling signals the guests to expect major drama ahead.

Real by Prearo is a perfect chandelier for the entryway. It adds the right amount of drama to make the entryway look grand.

Entryway Chandeliers by Prearo

About Real by Prearo

Prearo Collezione Luce’s Real is a perfect amalgamation of the prestige of metals intertwined with the accuracy of the old Venetian art with an emphasis on innovation and design.

2. The Living Room

It doesn’t need to be all glamour and glitz to make a style statement in the living room. A subtle chandelier works well too.

The moody elegance of Flower Power Physalis by VG projects, with its silhouette of leaves is perfect for the holiday season.

About Flower Power Physalis by VG

VG’s Flower Power Physalis makes an authentic and unique chandelier. It consists of VG artificial flowers. The pipes are in Muranese glass.

3. The Foyer

A foyer with a tall ceiling is an ideal space for a chandelier. The tastefully lit staircase not only looks fabulous but also offers a well-lit space for guests.

Haara Metsa by Cameron Design House is designed to look like a weeping willow branch. It is beautifully assembled to create a dramatic effect worthy of appreciation.

About Haara Metsa by Cameron Design House

The cylindrically-shaped lanterns are made of hand-drawn glass and polished brass. The design creates a beautiful light effect as it acts as a light diffuser.

4. The Dining Room

The dining room is one place in the home where a chandelier is most expected. An offbeat design of Alavus by Cameron Design House is what will set the mood for conversations at every meal.

Alvalus by Cameron Design House

The Alavus is all about shapes and symmetry. This symmetrical arrangement of triangles concept is taken from an ongoing study of mathematical symmetry of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome.

A showstopping chandelier is a sure way to up the luxe factor and it beautifully blends in with your Christmas décor. Go ahead, get interior inspiration, and discover the perfect chandelier to set the mood for the holiday celebrations.

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